The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

Those Group's who  have Claimed for Funding  in the past  and those who still claim Funding 2017 in survivors names say they have got lists of all the Industrial Schools Well That's not very difficul…

Those Group's who  have Claimed for Funding  in the past  and those who still claim Funding 2017 in survivors names say they have got lists of all the Industrial Schools Well That's not very difficult  and does  not  need Brain power as everyone knows that all they had to do was go to get that information from the Dept Of Education who were responsible for Records they were in partnership with the Roman Catholic Church Running those Child Prisons But none of them could possibly Know every child's ' Name who was Detained in Industrial Reformatory Child Prisons as the Children were all known by a Number most who were just babies when sentenced would not know their own name Nor their Birthdays as Birthdays were never celebrated ,A Child could Die and noone would know (>except the other children of course) as a Number is easy to replace as all the children were Traumatised and Terrified 24 hours a day Even at Night time Little Children to frightened to go to sleep  listening for the heavy Footsteps and rustling of Habits and  waiting for the Stick to rain down on their already Hurt Bodies The Fear again of  The Huge Cold Hand of the Christian Brother finding its way under the one thin Blanket grabbing the Child's Genitals  going from bed to bed until the Evil Monster decided which Child he and the other  Evil Partners in  Horrible Crimes against Children  Night time was just total Fear  the worst Nightmare anyone can suffer and this was happening to Children already ,Hungry and , Freezing Cold, and in Pain from been Beaten Pain from very Painful Boils and Scabs , from lack of a good Diet ,Tooth aches ,From Neglect again , Headaches, Ear Problems  caused from been Hit hard Often around the Head or been lifted up by the Ears , This very Welcome Site is called The Shame Of Ireland  Shame is a To Kind a word for the Government , Dept of Education, The Roman Catholic Church who destroyed  Many Thousands of Irish Babies and Children's Lives , Those Groups who used the Survivors for Big Funding  for Themselves , All have No Shame , NONE, 

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Comment by Geraldine Jackson on July 5, 2017 at 21:57

Our Jewish Brothers and Sisters didn't allow the Brutality of the Monstrous Evil  Mass Murder  of the Holocaust to be forgotten  And Neither should we , Ireland does not belong to the Roman Catholic Church, Nor the Politicians  many thousands of Ex Industrial Reformatory Children's  live's are very much effected into Adulthood ,Many got  out of Ireland , those that survived and made it to 16 many of them left Their own Country out of that Fear that was and still is very much present in Survivors Lives ,   How can the Politicians want this Buried under the carpet like it never Happened Air Brushed from History which is what they and the Roman Catholic Church Want. 

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