The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

There‘s a Very famous Joke/ Tale about over-thinking and it goes Something like this:


Bill and Peter have been friends for over 20 years;


One morning Bill wakes up to find out he has a flat tire, he opens the boot to get out the Jack but it’s not there; he frantically rummages through the Garage but can’t find it.


However he found a Drill he borrowed from Peter 6 months ago; he carries on searching to no avail.


Goes into the house, and rings Pete

The Phone is engaged

 So he starts quickly walking the 5 minute walk to Pete’s

before the Pete goes out.!


On the Walk over he reflect on the time he borrowed Pete’s Chop Saw

And had it for a year!

Pete rang on 3 separate occasions to say he needed it but each time it was an Answering Machine message he found on his return.

When he finally returned it Pete had said Flippantly “you really should invest in your own tools if your not going bring them round when I need them back”.



He reflected on the Garden Strimmer he borrowed for 3 weeks in the hight of the Summer and the sight of Pete’s Garden when he returned it!


Then there was Pete’s Favourite Planer the one that gave the perfect finish (the other one would take a chunk off at the and of the stroke so it was a real knack to use it properly) Pete wasn’t proud of the door he shortened using “THAT!” because Bill had his “BEST” one!


As he gets to Pete’s Gate and Walks up the Driveway he realises Pete’s Drill is still in the Garage!

He walks up the Driveway wondering what Pete will say when he asks to borrow the Jack know full well he still has his Drill!


Takes a deep breath and knocks on the Door!


As he’s turns around to walk away the the door opens wide there Pete a big grin on his face!


“Hello Mate! Great to see You “ Pete says Cheerfully!


Bill Turned Quickly and Shouts at Pete


“Keep You Fecking Jack!”


And Storms Off!


My Mother told me she used to be quite cross with my Dad when he got home from work because she would be playing conversations in her mind about what she would like to do, and thinking of his possible negative responses, even though he wasn't there nor did he open his mouth on the subject.


My father still doesn’t know what he did wrong to this day and he’s 84, my Mother Passed away without Telling him of the times she spent "Over-Thinking"!


So Please Don’t Ever Over-Think!

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Comment by John Thompson on April 25, 2017 at 20:06

Every day I tell my wife that she is beautiful and every day me wife tells me I'm a lying bastard.

Comment by Rob Northall on April 26, 2017 at 9:03

Can't see herself through your eye can she??

Comment by micheal on April 26, 2017 at 13:14
Rob is there a post on here re legal advice on the new caranua guidelines thought I saw one on the site before can you post a link if there is cheers pal
Comment by Rob Northall on April 26, 2017 at 13:45

Apr 8

Sound Legal Advice about the New Guidlines

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