The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

a letter I wrote to a few people in the media and the Government

for the attention of Gerry Finn
Legal advisor
Good morning.
My name is Miriam Moriarty Owens and a survivor of institutional abuse. But as the years have past my past and so many more
 innocent victims of crimes against humanity have left us with nothing only nightmares  
Our past's have come back to haunt us  No one cares 
But how can we move on The way the redress board treated us and now the so called statutory fund.
 We were gagged, abused ,not believed, and humiliated all over again. 
The only people who gained anything out of our redress was our so called solicitors and barristers who represented us. for financial gain for themselves  
The motion below was passed in Dublin City Council at the Monthly Meeting (Feb 2012) 
I have a criminal record and thousands of victims have also.  We never received a personal apology that we were innocent  our names to be cleared.  We were babies. The people who did these horrific things to all of us never had and never will.  Where is the justice there Redress means making right the wrong's that was done. 

 Dublin City Council calls on the government to begin the process to expunge the criminal records of all individuals convicted and detained as minors within residential institutions as defined by the commission to inquire into child abuse in residential institutions and further, that it calls on the present
government to fast track the legislative framework. Thousands of children were criminalised by courts throughout the Republic of Ireland. In many cases these children had no legal representation and never received due process and were subsequently incarcerated for many years in what’s now known as Irelands Residential Institutions. In keeping with righting these grave injustices, I believe it is now time to begin the process of removing these child criminal records. This act would be a far more fitting tribute of acknowledgement of the wrongs and damage done to tens of thousands of Irish citizens than the proposed monument to ‘victims’ of residential institutional abuse as proposed by the present Government
I have attached for your attention what the Redress has paid out. Not to victims but the greedy representatives we asked and trusted to fight for justice for us  FROM 2002 to 2010 
Included are all the names of them and what they 
earned. MILLIONS
the money that was handed over by the religious orders was not shared to us The victims
The survivors of abuse at the hands of the church in State run schools are being silenced by the Redress Act. They were bullied into taking a pittance in compensation by greedy solicitors who earned millions while the survivors were required to sign away their right to any further action against the institutions in which they were held or against the State. Under the Constitution, Article 40.3 guarantees that the State by its laws will defend and vindicate the rights of the citizen. They have failed to do so and I believe this Act should be amended to allow survivors take further action and receive appropriate compensation. Failing this the Act itself should be challenged on the grounds that it is unconstitutional under Article 40.3 
In 2010, the then Government considered a range of demands for the Redress Scheme to be extended and for awards to be reviewed and decided not to revise the arrangements..
 By the end of May 2011, the Board had processed 14,592 of the 15,135 applications received. It had made 13,669 awards with an overall average award of €62,875. ............ An insult 
The Board had 543 applications to finalise and 567 late applications to consider accepting. The overall cost of the Redress Scheme is expected to be some €1.1 billion of the €1.36 billion total cost of the response to residential institutional child abuse and actual expenditure exceeded €1 billion at the end of 2010. I don't know where they are getting this information from . as that is what some solicitors received for some cases .

We have rights and I am willing to go all the way with this. 
Please give the above your urgent attention 
Your's Sincerely
Miriam Owens

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Comment by Mary quinn on August 30, 2012 at 14:11

This is certainly worth pursuing as it is incomprehensible to think that a "record" of an offence that was never committed in the first place could ever exist.   I always found this to be one of the most significant violations of the rights of these" Victims". I agree with the point of view that it would be a far better tribute to the victims to forget the "statue" and just get busy and get the records of criminal behaviour for any of these individuals done away with as soon as possible.

Comment by Miriam Moriarty owens on August 30, 2012 at 16:06

I think so too Mary. I am will to go on a hunger strike if i don;t hear back from Mr. Quinn in the next few days no problem something has to be done and time we had a voice 

Comment by pauline jackson on August 30, 2012 at 16:24

No hunger strikes. its about abuse. our bodies and spirits have been abused enough as it is . And these invisable people wont worry in the least about honour. We wouldnt have to fight every step of the way if honour really mattered. Stay strong with all of us. We can only do things together as its like being stonewalled all the way.Its true that we started life off as criminals. Some entered the courtroom in a police womens arms to be condemed with no one to defend them. The nuns and priests confirmed this at every occasion during the time in those places.its a big shadow to carry througout our lives.Now we are promised a memoriel. But we are not dead yet or rehabilitated.

Comment by john mc carthy on August 30, 2012 at 22:30

I agree with all you have said as reguards to the REDRESS BOARD attitude to survivors of industrial abuse. I am 75 years old and when I had to sit in front of that board I just went to pieces and could not talk about what I went through as a child, I actually had to leave the room. How can you explain to perfect strangers what happened to you as a child when I could not even tell my wife, She only found out after 50 years it was something I NEVER WANTED TO TALK ABOUT.  Now it is in the open it has taken alode of my mind. We all have to keep on to the goverment and get them to do what is wright for all survivors what ever it takes.

Comment by jack colleton on August 30, 2012 at 22:43

just talking off the top of my head and hopefully relating. i have long considered myself to be a political (state) prisoner (abducted and detained and tortured etc) but never shown the charge sheet and sentence details. if i escaped at anytime in that period of years (16 plus) i would have been returned to my abusers (torturers) by the gardai. why?  because not a free citizen. detained (held) against my will. subject to all manner of abuse (human rights violations) with the complicity of the Irish state (government). the detention places were each liable to inspection by state employees  and the tax payer paid a sum of money for each child detainee. if the 'care' was "private" because BRIT ORGANIZATION then it was "private" child abuse and these crimes endorsed by the state (government). yes the church was involved. i was abducted by the 'Irish' church aged 23 days old and held in one of their holds for 3 bloody years without hope of ever being adopted. much made of getting the roman catholic baby baptised protestant. children needed to medically experiment on?  all lined up for the UCD (university college Dublin) professors to assault us with their weapons. our arms were swollen and sore and bleeding and there was other stuff coming out of the 3 holes which were black and green in colour (pus) and toxic (waste) .down we went with what was in their poison. measles. mumps. chicken pox. 60 kids all in domitorys like in Nazi Germany. one visiting doctor. a "private" doctor from a "private" hospital. one lump or two?  the sugar lumps (polio) also. no schooling (outside) the prison walls. when did eventually go to school we 'orphans' (i was not an orphan) were marked and continued to be over the years between primary and secondary school. violence (beatings) was routine in the "homes" and punishment (even for "talking"). suicide option  aged (around) 11 gave some relief. feared for future. already very badly damaged and just knew things would continue to get worse not least with the prospect of being sent to a secondary school not of my choice nor suitable to my aptitude. gave it a go and being a nice student can spell trouble. ofcourse eventually i would nolonger try and grades suffer and not attend. eventually got to secondary school of choice too bloody late but hey it was all by design (max the screw up). i had found mother side family without paedophile organization's assistance or knowledge and it all hell had broke out (the gloves were off). 16 - 18 year old was pushed from pillar to post (all by design). last year in Ireland lived in 7 different places but expected to succeed at school?

the paedophile organization social worker conned me as to search for father. i had met mother side of family and father side from same area. that (EHB employed?) social worker tricked me into agreeing to stand back and let her do the work (seach and find). i was more than capable myself but wiser now. years later i read in my 'care' file her notes as to (at least twice) meeting my father. he had "told his wife about the meetings". "has a son". "curious about Jackie". "striking resemblance to Jackie".  a final note says "Jackie must not be told". 

why is that woman breathing?  why is the 'aftercare' worker who went with her to those meetings breathing?  the former has since resigned from social work. the latter is a Dublin solictor. he denies ever meeting my father. and psychiatrist was "private" too. i see him twice and he tells the paedophile organization what it wants to hear. example being i should go to the school i do not want to go to. no interest nor aptitude. bound to fail as i knew i would and guess who got the blame?  as for the 7 different addresses in last year in Ireland while still a student i was to blame for being kicked out of 'care' (aged 17). no no no .. the paedophile organization was (as always) doing it's worse to silence (control) their CHILD abuse victim  ..

Comment by jack colleton on August 30, 2012 at 23:44
Comment by jack colleton on August 30, 2012 at 23:57

Reference Above: Quote

"One of the functions of the Human Rights Commission is to conduct enquiries. ... Caseworker, Gerry Finn, and by the Administrator (Finance and Human ...... Governments promised its introduction, so much so that financial advisors to the self  ....."



Comment by jack colleton on August 31, 2012 at 0:05

The Irish Human Rights Commission
comprises 15 members, as follows
(from top, left to right):
Dr Maurice Manning (President)
Professor William Binchy
Ms Olive Braiden
Dr Rosemary Byrne
Professor Robert Daly
Ms Suzanne Egan
Mr Michael Farrell
Ms Alice Leahy
Ms Lia O’Hegarty
Mr Tom O’Higgins
Professor Helen O’Neill
Professor Gerard Quinn
Mr Roger Sweetman
Mr Mervyn Taylor
Dr Katherine Zappone

Comment by jack colleton on September 10, 2012 at 15:31

Gerry Finn has not bothered to reply?

Comment by Geraldine Jackson on September 20, 2012 at 1:11

Well Jack I am afraid to say BUT this  is Their MOTTO >NO REPLY. /p>

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