The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

A Letter of Dispair to Housing Ministers September 2021

Dear Minister Darragh O'Brien,
& Minister Peter Burke,
I write to you both today having heard 'your news' on the wonderful things you have prepared to do for homelessness, for young people struggling to get affordable housing etc.  Are the elderly/Aged/Disability mentioned there?
I am well known to Mr O'Brien's staff who have always been courteous and helpful but as we all know it is  Ministers who write the policies and agendas for local Government.
I had thought I had moved on from the 'attacks' of hopelessness at the hands of staff in the Homeless Unit at South Dublin Co Council but have I?
One of the members of that unit has verbally threatened me with one night hostels if I open my mouth. (his actual words)
Another this week by showing empathy and courtesy has questioned my medical records by asking 'When you had vertigo were you able to still drive' 
Jesus Jesus give me patience.
As I spoke to a member of your staff who has known of my pleadings for safe housing through three County Councils I despair.  I despair at Ministers putting forward agenda after policy after policy and I am tired tired of listening to such propaganda as County Councils have their own agenda and do what they want to the Human Soul!
'Rosa Parkes' I am tired of giving in...'
The facts remain the same - I am nearing 67 years old.  I have diseased discs at the end of my spine which means because I have not received that UR|GENT Orthopaedic care first sought in 2018 I am now at the stage that despite having a walking stick I have literally collapsed, sometimes with further severe injurings like bruising, cuts etc.,  I 'fall' without warning.  The latest hospital Connolly Hospital know all of this but since 2nd February 2021 every booked appointment has been cancelled dispite my worsening condition.
I first came to South Dublin's attention on the 13th March 2020,  I am one of those women/men who are told repeatedly 'if you are in danger with a partner to get out - walk away - and you will have all the necessary help to safety.  Another propaganda story to the most vulnerable and already abused sexually, mentally emotionally etc.  And told repeatedly by that evil man to do suicide as it would be easier for me as doctors or NOBODY will do anything to help me.
Minister O'Brien did give funding to all County Councils in 2020 to get out and buy one bedroomed units - who got those units?  I recall a Galway Council using all the affordable houses for themselves and nothing was done about that.
I was on Offaly County Council for 6 years to try and get away from my partner whom I had moved with in Tullamore - I suffered untold pain at the hands of that man - all known to Offaly Co Council where I was told that I would have a place within a year - all lies.  Two diffferent Voluntary housing schemes offered me places but needed nominations from Offaly County Council.  I was told by the Co Council that yes my name had been put forward.  Twice they were all lies.
South Dublin CC told me there ae no numbers despite Social Workers confirming to me that I need to know your number.
DCC officials on housing came to me in December 21st 2020.  Angie Wallace said to me that she brought Paul Travers with her as he deals with Alone etc,  Paul Travers offered me an Alone home.   Angie confirmed by saying 'this is not another placement and offered me a choice of estates.  Paul Travers denied he ever offered me anything by January 2021.  What Liars do County Councils have?
Since that time Alone have requested a nomination for me from Dublin City who have REFUSED to do so.  There are several empty apartments (one ground floor) in Charrlemount Court in the Dublin M district.
County Councils persecute the homeless people whilst SDCC have taken on my now abusive/rapist partner as a HAP Landlord for his grandaughter and his greatgrandchildren.  There is even another house that he has never revealed to anyone.  He told me that my name was on the house in Tullamore - it was not as I checked the housing registeration in Dublin and there I noted that Tom is owner of three houses.  Only two have been mentioned for Property Tax.
His ex wife has also being housed by SDCC whereby Tom told her not to mention the 20,000 Irish Punts he gave her in early 1980's where she had left him to set up home with another working man but that was all hidden from SDCC or was it?
Ministers speak the truth as many of us suffer the truth of your County Councils sometimes on a daily basis.
This is the REALIY that neither of you Ministers for housing care about of want to know.  Shame on you both!
Sincerely in Hope,
Terri (-
3rd September 2021

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