The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

A question about the "Christian" Brothers leather strap....

Does anyone out there have one of these "Christian" Brothers leather straps that we could purchase?

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Comment by robin ohn on June 8, 2012 at 23:58

they use  to kill me with da leather strap the basters if they having got that it would be a bunch of keys around the head bloody basters let them all rot in limbo

Comment by james moy on June 10, 2012 at 14:16

Hi Kobutsu, I would be very interested to know why you would want to purchase one of these  this instruments   of torture? 

These leather straps were plentiful in all the Gulags throughout the world, and especially in so called Holy Ireland.

At the industrial school where i suffered many beatings and trashings from these straps, i do remember very clearly, that in the principles office , four were on display, hanging from a rack, each of different lenghts and thicknesses, and designed to inflict much injury and blood.

In the Tailors dept, one day, we managed to get hold of one of these straps, while the Brother had gone out , and later ,in the woods, we decided to investigate the contents of this strap. It was made of two lenghts of thick black leather strips, sewn together, and when we opened it up, found it was lined with old irish pennies, and a few washers.

To this day i still wonder just what sort of person could design and produce this sick and disgusting piece of history, in the name of Religion, and so called tender loving care! Indeed the mind boggles, especially when i think of the the Religious that walked about ,prayer book in hand, and under their long dark garbs, they carried these straps, and many loved to use them to cause serious damage, and did not restrict it to just the hands when dishing out their cruel punishments!

One boy i will never forget at that school, his crime was in running away, and on being caught, was brought back, had his head shaved bald, and was subjected , while stripped naked, to very severe trashing , all over his body, and was dumped back into his bed in the dorm, in the early hours of the morning. His body was covered with the colours of the rainbow from this hiding, and he was confined to his bed for nearly two weeks, the only medical treatment he was given was by another Brother, and this was just some type of lotion. When healed ,after the two weeks, he was then taken to the Brothers own room, which was off the end of the dorm, and sexually abused, raped by this Brother. There was no nurse at that Gulag, in fact no females, apart from the local farmers wife.

In my time at that school, many of us received trashings at one time or another from Brothers using these straps, but that boy was the worst i ever saw, he was within inchs of his life, and very lucky to survive, yet the entire matter was hushed up, Doctors or Police were never seen at this Gulag , but it is common knowledge in Ireland,  that the graveyards of many of these Irish Gulags, contain the plots of many boys that are buried , with question marks over their deaths, still to this day unanswered!

With regard to all of that, i would doubt that you would ever find anywhere that these straps could be purchased, they would not be classed as relics of war, but instruments of torture!





Comment by Rev. Kobutsu Malone on June 10, 2012 at 14:28

We are seeking tangible evidence to be used in potential litigation. I'm sorry I can't be more specific at this point.

Comment by james moy on June 10, 2012 at 14:35

Perhaps you cold approach the Vatican, they may have some in stock.

Comment by james moy on June 13, 2012 at 7:36

Rev Kobutsu, thank you for your anwser to my question. As i am sure you are aware, anyone still living ,  that passed through the Gulags of  the Religious througout the world,( in my case Ireland), will still ,even in our elder years, suffer the knock on effects of our experiences, and alongside PTSD,there are also very bad memories, flashbacks and nightmares, which at the age of 69 i still encounter from time to time. Quite often, these are activated by what i term as"TRIGGERS" , for example,  your inquiry about where you might purchase a leather strap.

That was a trigger for me, and had me wondering about why anyone would want to buy this item, and then wondering if in fact there were people out in this world that would seek to profit from selling this item? Further thought on the subject revived many memories for me, and no doubt others.

I was also wondering about the person that designed and produced these weapons of torture, and whether they were Religious or not, and just how many were in fact manufactured?

Thinking about it all, i also remember that various other types of weapons of torture were frequently used by the Religious, Canes, Cat of nine tails, Sticks, Hurleys, Pointers, Fists, Feet, just about anything that came to hand , when delivering Religious loving tender care! 

Good luck in your Litigation case, but if you fail to obtain or purchase a leather strap, it would not be to much trouble for to have one made up , couple of long strips of leather, some coins/ washers and wax thread.

Regards Jimmy

Comment by james moy on June 14, 2012 at 15:57

ps ,also a needle, or rosminion sewing machine

Comment by Oliver Whelan on June 28, 2012 at 0:24
Kobutsu, in Artane, these leather straps were made in the bootmakers shop, the slaves were supervised by a lay bootlicker. Up 12 inches long, layered with shaped handle, up to 1inch thick, with pieces of lead and Keys placed between the layers of leather, towards the end of the end of the strap, for maximum effect upon the Victim. These straps were sown in the bootmakers shop. I suffered three very severe punishments with these devices . One at under ten years of age and two beatings at over 12 years of age. Both beatings at 12 years of age,
caused me a total of six weeks in the infirmary, by Bros McCrutton & Monaghan.T. Unable to walk due to extreme bruising to legs, coxic and spinal area of my back. My body covered in alterations and bruises. The fear at witnessing these brutal beatings caused so much distress especially the youngest inmates to turn pale, shake, and just urinate themselves with fear. Kobutsu , just one of my many recollections and will always remind you all, that we have to talk about these things. All about the ugly truths of our kind in slavery and the Terrible Shame Of Ireland. Thank you for asking Kobutsu Malone. Oliver.
Comment by Oliver Whelan on June 28, 2012 at 0:25
Kobutsu, sorry, lacerations.
Comment by Oliver Whelan on June 28, 2012 at 0:31
Kobutsu, just thinking back a long time ago. Some of these heavy duty sowing machine, war Industrial Singers, of American manufacture. And not very safe to use. Oliver.
Comment by james moy on June 28, 2012 at 12:13

Hi Oliver, In the Gulag i served time, i was working in the tailor shop, and trying to operat a sewing machine, i managed to get the needle go tru my index finger, and my scream i let out  brought the Brother to my side, he pushed my finger off the neddle, and battered me with his leather belt for being so careless ! I never did become a tailor after that, was removed to the garden party. Well stitched up !


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