The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

Almost 2 Year on and the Blind Rhetoric Resounds Like a Cracked Bell

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Friday June 12 2009

  • "What it (Ryan Report) has revealed must be a source of the deepest shame to all of us ... Children in the care of the state and in our care were physically, emotionally and, in many cases, sexually abused and our State and its systems failed to hear their cries or come to their help." --Taoiseach Brian Cowen


  • "Let us not hide behind euphemisms. This was not just failure to protect. This was torture, pure and simple."-- Fine Gael leader Enda Kenny


  • "It is fair to say that the sordid saga of the systematic abuse and neglect of children who were handed over by the State into the custody of religious institutions shocked Irish society to its very core." -- Labour Party leader Eamon Gilmore


  • "Religious orders, the Catholic Church hierarchy, successive Governments and the Department of Education stand indicted for the torture and murder of children and for conspiracy to pervert the course of justice." -- Sinn Fein's Caoimhghin O Caolain


  • "The content of the Ryan report. . . challenges our beliefs and our views of history. It forces us to rethink our relationship with the church and our relationship with the State. It should make us humble and it should remind us of our awesome responsibility to discharge duties to the children of the State." -- Green Party backbencher Ciaran Cuffe


  • "As a teacher of history, I taught about the reign of terror, the Holocaust and the killing fields of Cambodia. Now the history books will include chapters on our reign of terror which was the physical, emotional and sexual abuse of children." -- Independent TD Maureen O'Sullivan


  • "To read of a child thrown over a banister of a long stairs because she innocently ate a sweet before Holy Communion, of another dressed only in underwear sprayed down with a fire hose outside during the middle of winter and another little boy forced to eat his own excrement because he had soiled himself, is more than any person can bear." -- Fine Gael education spokesman Brian Hayes


  • "Either officials in the department are members of secret societies such as the Knights of St Columbanus and Opus Dei and have taken it upon themselves to protect the interests of these clerical orders. . . or, alternatively, the minister is politically incompetent and incapable of managing the Department of Education." -- Labour Party education spokesman Ruairi Quinn


  • "I recognise that religious congregations have done a great deal for the people of Ireland over the years, but this does not mean that their members have more rights than other citizens. It does not make criminals who cloak themselves in a religious mantle immune to justice." -- Fine Gael justice spokesman Charlie Flanagan
  • "It is also simply despicable to suggest that those who wish to go beyond the necessary apology, who seek redress, compensation or justice are, as former Taoiseach Bertie Ahern put it recently, indulging in activity that is anti-catholic." -- Labour TD Michael D Higgins


  • "For all, there is the dawning realisation that nobody came to the rescue of these children." -- junior Education Minister Sean Haughey


  • "It was an accepted belief in ordinary Catholic schools that children had to be punished. However, this reached its extremes in the institutions where children had nobody to protect them. . . the protectors became the persecutors." -- Fianna Fail backbencher Beverley Flynn

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Comment by pauline jackson on March 9, 2011 at 18:35
But what if these secret meetings between the government the church and the group leaders was that thay give the impression that we all take part in all these supposed ways of healing.the newspapers and the journalists all seem to play the same games as these groups. hase any newspapers contacted the man who went on hunger strike. just to ask him what the tea he drank in the middle of the night was like . after all he was served by an archbishop.
Comment by Geraldine Brocas-Jackson on March 9, 2011 at 23:16
I don't want my feet washed, I don't want the Statuary Trust Fund, I don't want Groups, I want to be compansated properly for all the suffering I went through and all the suffering of other children I had to see as a child which damaged my whole life. I want to be able to buy my own little home in  Athy near my new found large extended family found in 2010 with that compansation,then I would feel at least I have had some Justice .that is my dream.I don't ever want to hear of such and such a group in my lifetime for so far they have only looked after themselves and their bank accounts.get rid of the lot of them, I have spent a fortune staying in hotels while looking for my family and roots and travelling either hired cars or trains ,Taxis,the National Archives, Register of births and Death's + eating out ,we deserve to be compansated we made a fortune with our free hard labour for the Religious. Thank you Rob for this site and all your hard work on survivors behalf may it continue, For this site and Paddys site is the only help survivors have had.

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