The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

An Open Letter to Standards in Public Office -

  • Dear Standards in Public Office,
  • I write  to you to inform your office of the very questionable involvement of Minister for Health, Mr Simon Harris in the cover up of Novartis criminal activity in the HSE.  Mr Tony O'Brien CEO of the HSE is also enabling this criminality to continue.  Dr Tony Holohan the Chief Medical Officer of the Department of Health is covering up the side effects of Novartis drug Rasilez Aliskiren.  Dr Michael Barry in his role as spokesperson for the Department of Health not only prescribes Rasilez Aliskiren to "at risk" Patients but also covers up the side effects of Aliskiren leaving patients suffering.
  • I confirm that all of the above mentioned individuals and Members of Government have gone to questionable lengths to cover up Novartis ongoing crimes in Ireland.
    My most recent Letter from the European Parliament informs me "The Organisation and Delivery of Health Services and Medical Care is primarily the responsibility of individual Member States" I have been denied Safe Medical Care in Ireland - I have been denied use of my Private Health Insurance in Ireland even though one Consultant sent an Invoice to my Health Care Company and got paid by them to his own Name despite him at that time working for the HSE.  I confirm I am an Irish Citizen yet to cover up Novartis crimes I have been "stripped" of all human rights and safe health care. Mr Martin Schultz of the EU on Health also received correspondence from me detailing my attempts to access safe healthcare in my own country - Mr Schultz did reply to me informing me of the Member States responsibility and advised me to write to my Government/Department of Health again which I did so many times.
I consulted with a Lawyer who deals with Criminal cases and he told me that I haven't got a Hope ever of taking a case once Novartis are involved, such is the cover up of Novartis crimes and their ownership of Government & Healthcare in Ireland.  Novartis are also on Data Protection Database as having access to Patient information.  Dr Agron Hasani of Novartis Ireland rang me directly in my home asking me to tell him names of doctors who tried to help me - at that time I did not know how corrupt Novartis was/is.  Why would a director of Novartis ring a patient in her own home - Following that call so many attacks to my home and to me through GPs were frightening.  Gardai just laughed at me telling me to go to a Doctor.  Doctors told me to go to Gardai.  I rang Novartis and asked another Director Dr Greg Hays to please stop the attacks on my Home and my family -  Hays then put it to me if I wanted everything to stop just go into A & E in Hospital.  He rang again a few days later and asked was I going into A & E - I asked him why is a Medical Director of Novartis asking me to go into hospital.  Of course, I know it so well now.  Rasilez Aliskiren is a drug used to break down Thyroid, create Muscoskeletal Disease and breakdown organs with acidosis burning through one's body.  I have detailed all of this in my Letter to Medical Council which I also use as an Open Letter. 
  • Novartis are doing Experiments/Trials on Post Menopausal Women and the drug Rasilez Aliskiren creates the breakdown of women's health for Novartis bribed doctors to carry out such experiments.The Drug side effects also unfold the Aortic Arch which I believe is an urgent Medical condition but my Aortic Arch started to unfold and was left for months, a year to completely unfold.
  • I confirm that David Epstein Novartis Switzerland is aware of the cover up of Novartis drugs in Ireland and beyond.
  • I confirm that the NHS in the UK are also involved in the cover up of Rasilez Aliskiren and Novartis crimes.
  • I confirm that Mr Anand Grover Lawyer with the UN did make application to the Irish Government in 2012 on my behalf but his team were told that the Irish Government will not engage with them.
  • I confirm that Sir Nigel Rodley of the UN (now deceased) informed me to take this case to the International Criminal Courts and to get a Legal Team.  I confirm that it is impossible to get a Legal Team in Ireland where Novartis is involved.
  • I confirm that several other countries throughout the World, Japan, South Korea, over 20 States in US, China and Turkey have charged Novartis on "criminal charges" for their cover up of Rasilez Aliskien - also known as Tekturna and Diovan also known as Valsartan - those two drugs are still being prescribed to patients in Ireland and both of those drugs I have suffered the side effects of - Novartis has been charged with covering up the data on those two drugs (and many other drugs) in several countries. 
  • In 2012 the EU Commissioner raised concerns on Novartis and their drug Aliskiren was stopped in trials causing Diabetes.
  • Justice Minister Charlie Flanagan is aware of this corruption and has done nothing about it just as he covers up crimes of Paedophiles, one known as Gerry Deehan of Dundrum, Minister Flanagan also covers up Novartis crimes.
  • I would ask you please to do an investigation.
  • In February 2018 the Greek Parliament have voted to start an investigation into Novartis bribery and corruption with Ministers in their Government.
  • I confirm that I suffered side effects of Novartis drug Rasilez Aliskiren and every doctor since has gone to criminal lengths to cover up Novartis drug - it is a domino effect of Medical Torture.
  • I confirm that I have written to Minister for Health Simon Harris for over a year now in relation to the above but whilst I initially got an acknowledgement I have heard nothing since.  Political Interference in covering up Novartis drugs and crimes should not be acceptable.
  • I confirm that I am writing to Government since Dr James Reilly was Minister for Health, Dr Leo Varadkar was Minister for Health - all did NOTHING.
  • Just as the Greek Government have now voted to investigate Novartis bribery and corruption in Greece I ask the Standards in Public Office Ireland to do the same and investigate Ministers of Government involvement in cover up of Novartis crimes in Ireland and Senior Department of Health Officers, namely Dr Tony Holohan and Dr Michael Barry and Mr Tony O'Brien CEO of HSE. 
  • It would seem that Ireland is a Pharma and Paedophile Haven.
  • The following is the reality of Human Subjects NO CONSENT for Novartis in Ireland
  • There is the case of little Mary Boyle - a 6 year old girl missing from Donegal for 41 years.  Gardai were stopped from continuing to interview a Suspect by a Phone call from a Fianna Fáil Councillor - Mary Boyle missing person has never been investigated properly and yet the Suspect is well known to many - that phone call is political interference.
  • There is the case of Cynthia Owen (also known as Sindy Murphy) raped as a child in South Dublin, at least three Gardai involved in her rapes - that case is well known to almost every politician - Alan Shatter Solicitor was acting for Cynthia for some years but when he became Justice Minister he stopped dealing with Cynthia and as Justice Minister only went on to cover up the crimes as much as he could - Political interference again.
  • This is an Open Letter.
  • Yours sincerely,

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