The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

Dear Micheal,


Ms McGuinness wrote to Minister Bruton on your behalf. Please find the response attached.


Kind regards,

Attachment was the standard response from minister we have all seen many many times, my reply back,

Hi Katie, just so you understand, caranuas internal complaints procedure is merely window dressing, i have tried to engage with caranua along with many others on our issues for years now, the complaints have never been resolved in fact we get threatened with banishment from caranua services for over use of the complaint form. I have tried to contact board members directly which barring one extremely rude email exchange with one board member has come to nothing. Take this example as a tiny window into dealing with caranua, in jan 2014 i applied to caranua for home help, i was refused this because i live in private rented housing despite the fact that the bulk of the fund and some survivors were getting amounts in the 100k range from caranua, was being spent on housing, this was complete discrimination, couple this with the fact that despite the rules being changed in june of this year to allow survivors in private rented to apply for home help caranua refuse to enter any discussion on my needs home or otherwise as the ceo has taken my efforts on behalf of my self and others as a personal attack on her, the ombudsman is of no use in fact the current caranua appeals officer is the previous ombudsman who said when he held that office that the office of the ombudsman is where facts go to get quietly strangled. i have spent nearly a full year just in the caranua appeals process. What you have here is a legacy from minister quinn who fully believed that the church got a raw deal in this process these are his words in a meeting with the orders, i fully agree that most of the abuse was carried out by families and not the church, so he installed a ceo who has worked for the church in the past under the guise of the st stephens green trust, so little wonder she has funneled money back to the church via payments to towards healing which is a ltd company owned by the church or the complete contempt she directs towards survivors. I have seen the same response as you have got from the minister many many times and Katie don't get me wrong here i am very thankful for your efforts on our behalf, but consider this final point, caranua refused point blank to help a homeless survivor with a mental health issue, just left him there right on the street while at the same time spending 20k on a luxury hotel jaunt in the bloomsbury in london for themselves now if that does not stink to high heaven well...., there are 100s of other issues like this and everything i say here i have proof of. I first applied to caranua back in jan 2014 and i can tell you first hand that it has done serious damage to my mental well being, do you know the ceo has now granted herself the power to full on audit survivors, if ever there was a case of mad with power then this is so, imagine she will take home about half a million in wages from the fund over the life of caranua and she has the cheek to claim to date 6k expenses on top of that, i could go on and on Katie but this would become a book. Thank you for your support with this,
Your friend Michael

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