The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

Another questionable incident in My Irish Life..In an Ireland 2017 that is not FREE,,Martin Rush who is he?

Just posted this comment short while ago on PSNI Ballymena FB Page...
Scam Alert on Roads between Cavan & Enniskillen..
The name - A coincidence - or just a well planned Scam...
To all my FB Friends and Supporters..we all know that anything is possible in Corrupt Govt, Medical Cartel, Pharma & Gardai Crimes...Please Note PSNI are not involved..I - Do simply after many attempts through phone etc have tried to alert them to this Scam..I was directed to Crime Stoppers Republic of Ireland who do not answer their comment/ to PSNI Ballymena follows:

Just wondered do your Station know of a Martin Rush around Enniskillen to Cavan area - hitchhiking & telling a story of woe that Enniskillen Station are holding his Mercedes and he does not have money to retrieve it - he is taking money from good hearted strangers who gave him a lift along the way..He says he is Martin Rush and was only home in Donegal for his father's funeral...he drove the sister Bernadette to Dublin the rush he forgot his wallet and could not pay for £60 of petrol at a petrol station around Derrylin - he says garage rang PSNI Enniskillen to say they were suspicious of the Merc...Martin Rush has conned good people out of money and said Enniskillen Station only deal in cash as they were ripped off by someone before on a credit card payment...He also stated that Enniskillen would return his Merc to him last Friday morning..The couple who gave the poor unfortunate Martin Rush money for a hotel for the night in Enniskillen as he alleged PSNI Enniskillen rang him at 8.15 p.m. to say the Station was closing and the section on car recovery had closed at 8.00pm. and he would have to wait until 9.00 a.m. next morning..The couple, the man had already met Rush earlier in week and he declined help...since then he rang as he had slept 2 nights in sheds and was desperate to get back to Malin Head in Donegal... he had just buried his Dad and had come home from Manchester ...and so many stories of woe came from his mouth...Mercedes car keys with two yale keys and another what looked like an inside door key are on the Merc Keys with a keyring from Ballymena Car Sales( I don't mention the dealership here)...

Martin Rush rang the good hearted man on Saturday to say he was coming down Southon Sunday to pay back every penny and to take family for meal as they were so good and kind to him. Later Saturday evening the Merc keys were found in their car. Martin Rush did not appear or telephone..We have since phoned him to tell him that keys were found...he said they are spare...What pockets this Martin Rush has to carry a bottle of heart pills, a shaver, telephone charger, insulin injections & medicines, and of course two sets of Merc keys...We phoned him today to say disappointed in his story...and trust...he answered Aye Aye to every remark...I asked him to contact the good man he had so swindled and lied to tomorrow and pay him back and we would like to return Merc keys as we do not want them here...I said good man will meet him halfway up - When I said that his keys have a Garage name from Ballymena on them and the only Martin Rush I could find on internet is a Martin Rush Det. Constable in Ballymena - this Marin Rush who is the laugh, the crime, the lies, the set up on? Just to confirm this is a positive way of telling of a crime via social media...Perhaps it was the female passenger who was bullied into using her car to do the journey to Enniskillen? Is there a man named Martin Rush with a link via his car keys to Ballymena? Note in hindsight and confirmed Enniskillen Station only opens between 11.00 a.m and 7 pm so who was phoning this Martin Rush just after 8.00 p.m. last Thursday to say he could only get his car back with full payment to PSNI at 9.00 the next morning and to be early as would be charged a further £30 for day if late?

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