The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

Business is "Business" and Personal is "Personal"

It would be long before I was born that my Grandfather sat in a Pub in the Rhondda Valleys trying to have a quiet pint after a long hard shift at the Coal Face, for he like most of the working men of his village was a Collier.


The Pub was full of the hum of conversation about the long day underground, when my Grandfather said in his deep gruff voice “There’s lots of Coal being dug tonight Lads”


The Pub fell into an uneasy silence for one or two minutes and then the conversations started up, but not another word about work!


Where am I going with this?


Well Read on?


I have always said “This is your website!” Which it is!


I have always said “I would not moderate it”. Which I haven’t!


In all the time that the website has been here; only once have I ever sanctioned a member for bullying.


This was when a Member picked on another Member for being employed by “Right of Place”.


Which is where I am leading – “Business is Business and Personal is Personal”


Historically Members have had a go at Michael Walsh the Chairman of “Right of Place” these have always sailed close to the mark?

As Chair person of “Right of Place” you may disagree with what the organisation does or doesn’t do; and he may be addressed in this. Surely “Feedback” can only improve things?


Similarly any other Person who has a position within Government or an Organisation can be challenged about their role or their policies but please don’t attack the Person?


If you are feeling emotional when you start to post, please reread what you have written and think before you hit SEND!


Think of the impact on others?


I am not trying to water down the Website, but want it to remain a place where ALL feel comfortable?


I am not without my Critics


This was copied from a website by Screen capture

As you can see I am not without my Critics??

the original can be viewed  <HERE>



Why now?


Paddy Doyle!

Paddy ran a website that Survivor have relied on for years, not One not 2 but Twelve or more!

Paddy never promised anything, not as far as I can remember?

He applied to be on the Board of the Statutory Trust Fund and was accepted.

It is here in-spite of my best efforts. We Fought and We Lost!


Many of you may feel let down by him, and this has been expressed on “Social Media”; but I really do not feel this is the Place for “Name Calling”.


Recently his “Personal Life” was brought into Question on this website; and that is what it is “Personal”


Where as I am happy to leave all  the posts that have been posted to date stand!


PLEASE: By all means “Dig Coal!”

For this is the only place we have to air our Grievances in Private!

This is where we can Support each other!


BUT PLEASE Let’s Keep Business “Business” and Personal “Personal” i.e. Separate!


As usual I welcome your Thoughts and Comments


Thank You for taking the time to read this!


Take Care



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Comment by jack colleton on October 22, 2013 at 23:27

hello Gaye. please excuse my delay in responding to your message.  abuse is abuse.  abuse can lead to more abuse. abuse can lead to other sorts of abuse. anytime . years later. what you wrote would make a really interesting book!  all sounds very familar to me.  i was just commenting to somebody else minutes ago regards  justice being late that maybe for many of us if not all  of us it really is late  .. the political parties guilty involved keep going and get paid regardless whether in office or not at any time and the coverup of crimes against children continues  ... 

Comment by Gaye Dalton on October 26, 2013 at 13:26

It isn't just about the child me, you DO NOT WANT TO KNOW about the extent and depth of the corruption I have seen...

...the laundries and the Industrial schools didn't go away, they just diversified and rebranded...

Comment by Rob Northall on October 27, 2013 at 14:43

My this Blog has wandered, around and about; especially when the original Topic was Trying to Separate the Person From the Personal; and also Separating the Man/Woman from the job they do.

Sort of a Plea from me for objectivity?

But that is what happens when you have an unmoderated site ;-)

There is a lot in this thread that could be explored further in a separate blog?

Any Member can put up their own Blog and Share it with their Friends on the site.

If I am asked or I spot a Blog I usually share it with Members as a matter of Course.

There are Many Guides that I have written to help you with your website They Can be found by Clicking this Link

Check them Out?

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