The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

Catholic Bishop: Children Want to Be Sexually Abused

Im fuming after reading this, I want to see him defrocked.-------->

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Comment by pauline jackson on January 21, 2012 at 22:31

Thay are still trying to convince people that abuse isint unusual that its only when tempted that the priests give in to the temptation. well all adults know that children want attention but not sexual attention from an adult. that many were younger than that is avoided.First it was fashion then thay dident nderstand the consequences. what a bunch of liers.Dont forget that the legal side of things is dealt with by opus die lawyers. buisness men many married with children.thay protect the church and thay have been in ireland since 1953.

Comment by Patrick Rice on January 22, 2012 at 9:31

Sadly it has gone on long before 1953 as someone who found themselves in State custody from early 1934 to Oct 1947 I know only too well what went on. I witnessed children die and accepted it as part of life, I knew no different. As children: from babies to ten year old we learned to growl and bark when nuns attempted to beat us. Is it any wonder that after my transfer to Artane to complete the final six years of my 14 years sentence I should live in denial for almost the remainder of my life.

Though I never learned my correct first name until my release it proved useful to take on my correct name in the strange new world and leave the 'other boy locked behind' for ever. Many of to-day's generation may well ask: Why did we not speak out? To anyone who asks such a question it displays an ignorance of the effects of the system had on children.

There are a number of reasons for people of my generation to take their secrets to the grave.

a) We were uneducated and not articulate enough to express ourselves verbally or in writing.

b) We are ashamed of our ignorance of conventional society. I was well over 16 before I discovered there was a physical difference between boys and girls! I had never spoken to a girl except for a nun during my years locked away from the outside world. Celebrating birthdays, giving and receiving Christmas presents was something new to learn. How could I admit to such ignorance?

c) As for sexual abuse that is something I can't or wont speak of. Physical abuse and starvation was all accepted as part of  every day life. Consider if you will during my 'stay' in Artane there were in excess of 800 boys with no more than 20 'Brothers'. Had they provided a proper education for that number of boys would it not be logical for the 'inmates' to easily take over the prison, thus resulting in it's early demise? It suited the system to keep us in fear and ignorance, thus maintain control.

d) For us to speak out it is not surprising that no one would believe us? Only those who have been through the system can understand and even then many can't. To grow up never to utter the words 'Mum or Dad', to never say:" I'm going home", to have your own bedroom, made us totally abnormal and such we keep at a distance from others.

  Amnesty International summed up the abuse system well last September with the title of its Report: 'In Plain Sight'.

Comment by lilibeth healy on January 22, 2012 at 16:29

Hello Mr Rice,I just want to say you sure are articulate now, thankyou so much for giving me and others an insight into your past,we speak out now and no stopping us Mr Rice, I see us as the ones who have the power now but unlike them we will use it wisely, best wishes Mr Rice and once again thankyou.

Comment by pauline jackson on January 22, 2012 at 22:01

Your confidences have moved me to tears. the fact that no future was forseen for us when we left these places was very differcult. as for the early years i believe every word you say.I have tried to learn more about the history of the Catholic church. Its a path of misery pain and ignorance.i mentioned the opus die buisnesses because thay hold the purse strings. what is all this money for. even the charitys in india are making a fortune out of contributions.  and in the past there has been so many tortured and killed. and yet thay feel respectable and look down on the people thay are supposed to care for.

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