The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

Charges initiated against Pope for crimes against humanity

PATSY McGARRY, Religious Affairs Correspondent

The Irish Times - Wednesday, February 23, 2011

TWO GERMAN lawyers have initiated charges against Pope Benedict XVI at the International Criminal Court, alleging crimes against humanity.

Christian Sailer and Gert-Joachim Hetzel, based at Marktheidenfeld in the Pope’s home state of Bavaria, last week submitted a 16,500-word document to the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court at the Hague, Dr Luis Moreno Ocampo.

Their charges concern “three worldwide crimes which until now have not been denounced . . . (as) the traditional reverence toward ‘ecclesiastical authority’ has clouded the sense of right and wrong”.

They claim the Pope “is responsible for the preservation and leadership of a worldwide totalitarian regime of coercion which subjugates its members with terrifying and health-endangering threats”.

They allege he is also responsible for “the adherence to a fatal forbiddance of the use of condoms, even when the danger of HIV-Aids infection exists” and for “the establishment and maintenance of a worldwide system of cover-up of the sexual crimes committed by Catholic priests and their preferential treatment, which aids and abets ever new crimes”.

They claim the Catholic Church “acquires its members through a compulsory act, namely, through the baptism of infants that do not yet have a will of their own”. This act was “irrevocable” and is buttressed by threats of excommunication and the fires of hell.

It was “a grave impairment of the personal freedom of development and of a person’s emotional and mental integrity”. The Pope was “responsible for its preservation and enforcement and, as Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith of his Church, he was jointly responsible” with Pope John Paul II.

Catholics “threatened by HIV-AIDS . . . are faced with a terrible alternative: If they protect themselves with condoms during sexual intercourse, they become grave sinners; if they do not protect themselves out of fear of the punishment of sin threatened by the church, they become candidates for death.”

There was also “strong suspicion that Dr Joseph Ratzinger, as prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith of his church and as Pope, has up to the present day systematically covered up the sexual abuse of children and youths and protected the perpetrators, thereby aiding and abetting further sexual violence toward young people”.

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Comment by Rob Northall on April 8, 2011 at 12:23
For Immediate Release April 6, 2011
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Criminal Charges Against The Pope: Help Bring Ratzinger to Trial
Support the Application at the International Criminal Court
Before May 15th
APRIL 6, 2011 - The Protect Your Children Foundation announces today its 100%
support of the current legal actions being taken against Pope Benedict XVI at the
International Criminal Court (ICC) for crimes against humanity. As such, we are making
a worldwide calling to our affiliates, supporters, survivors and friends, urging individuals
to have a direct impact in these historic proceedings by expressing your agreement with
the application submitted to the ICC to prosecute the Pope.
On May 15th, the Prosecutor - Dr. Luis Moreno Ocampo - will be reviewing the
application presented by German lawyers Christan Sailer and Gert Hetzel, and decide
whether there is sufficient evidence against Joseph Ratzinger (The Pope) to move
forward with criminal proceedings for covering up crimes around the world.
For this reason, the Protect Your Children Foundation invites everyone who is in
agreement with pursuing charges against Ratzinger to immediately write a letter to the
Prosecutor, expressing support of the Sailer-Hetzel application.
Urgent action is requested as Dr. Ocampo will make his decision on May 15th. The letter
can be written in English, Spanish, or German to:
The Prosecutor
The International Criminal Court
Dr. Luis Moreno Ocampo
Maanweg 174
NL-2516 AB Den Haag
The Hague, The Netherlands
You can also participate online by submitting your approval to the Lawyer’s website
The Protect Your Children Foundation has received first-hand evidence of crimes
committed against millions of children at the hands of priests, nuns, and orchestrated by
the Pope. This is the chance for anyone who has been a victim - or is in disagreement
with the repugnant genocides, human experiments, sexual abuse, torture, exploitation,
lobotomies, organ trafficking, money laundering crimes silenced by Joseph Ratzinger - to
speak out.
Enough is enough. Justice must be served.
ABOUT PROTECT YOUR CHILDREN FOUNDATION (Protect Your Children Foundation) was founded with the purpose
of investigating the atrocious crimes committed unto children around the world by men
and women who use God's name to gain trust and commit evil. The Foundation counts
with hundreds of collaborators in 30 nations committed to unmasking these criminals
who are often not brought to justice, conducting investigations, and publishing
information to alert communities and families to protect their children. For more info,
Spanish: Sonia Fox Tel. +1 (786) 228-8011
English: Axel Cooley Tel. +1 (305) 433.6966
# # #

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