The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

Church & State Abductions of Women for Satanic Cult of Wealthcare - Novartis HSE & Amgen

There is a Satanic cult of evil seeping out of Government Healthcare & Gardai in coverup of Medical & Pharmaceutical Criminals.

When Garda Commissioner Noirín O'Sullivan states "Just because you cannot see Gardai, does not mean they are not around" - what does she mean? - Are they Hiding in the Attic, the Dustbin - the Boot of the car -

One Retired Secretary from the Department of Justice confirmed to me that the Government use electronic & Satellite Torture to some people - She stated "to teach them a lesson". Therefore, we know that Satellite Stations are popping up all over the country. The Government bought many in the last few years. I confirm that such electronic weapons are being used through telephones (microwave radiation) - with many causing a person to change personality instantly - some causing what appears as psychotic rages - all controlled from your local Garda Satellite Station, Government Department, Health Department, Doctor's Surgery & Pharmaceutical Offices.

What a shame to Ireland 2016 by President & our Armed Forces.

Government are sending rapists, drug informers, into people's lives to direct them to look up to the skies etc., where Satellite attacks happen. Many of those Rapists/Criminals are on State employment whilst still drawing Social Welfare and working on thee "QT".  The Government ignores their sideline jobs and still fund their housing benefits etc.

This evil force is spread through Communities & Parishes throughout Ireland mostly through the Catholic Church and Healthcare.

This is Enda Kenny's War of evil - Michell Mulherrin writes about such evil and taunts victims by writing to them "you are burning away like cinders in chaos & turmoil" - What an evil woman boasting about such torture.

Next time a doctor, a garda or Government person says to you there is no such thing as Radiation torture - You can call them a Liar because there is - some people are suffering this 24/7 - Look at how many Satellite Towers throughout the country - Look at chemtrail poisoning - The skies by day will show you the aluminium poisoning - the Skies at night will show you the moving drones & Satellites - how many triangle shaped "Stars" have you noted? How man Red "Stars" have you seen?  They are everywhere I go - There were no stars visible in the sky last night but for one Red "Star" swishing around.

WWIII is here and the Satanic Cult are out to destroy anyone who sees through their Lies of Human Rights, Patient Safety and Freedom...

However, we all know the Irish Church & State never needed a War to torture Women and Children - But now they slither behind the Satanic Evils of Pharmaceutical Companies and a Healthcare that is flooded with Medical Killers & Torturers,...Innocent Blood Dripping from their Hands...

The Retired Secretary has actually opened up a Therapy Clinic in her home treating "Electromagnetic Sensitivity" - Cashing in on what she knows is happening.

Gardai keep you talking in your own home as they do their signals, Taizers & Beams - They even have some pocket size zappers that can weaken your muscles as they "talk" to you - I believe this such weapons cause Glandolinium Toxicty to tissue and muscles.  

The Cult of Evil.

Gardai then mess up your statments - Edit them and when you realise the deletions they have done to protect Novartis HSE Medical Terrorists - They say "You can always go to GSOC" - Then state they will take Statements again - and the Circle of Abuse & Torture continues....

Perhaps Oliver Callan could do a sketch on this...perhaps the reality then might drip through.

Clare Duggan was a young Irish woman - detested by Church and State for her Free Spirit - this is what I remember what was written about her.  Up to 2015 her story was all over internet - you just had to google "Missing Women" "Tortured women in Ireland" usually got it for me - Clare Duggan's name and story has been deleted from Google's Search engine..

Imelda O'Connor has done so much to raise awareness about Electromagnetic Torture since early 2000''s - I pray she is well today - Imelda lives in Cork and is well know to The Green Party and Amnesty for her crusade against such weapons - that was back in 2002/2004 - they both ignore her today - Can you imagine what Weapons Gardai/Army are using today in 2016!

Omega-News: Irish Green Party protests at less-lethal weapons ...
Oct 19, 2004 - ( ) denouncing the use of weapons of torture your concluding sentence ... Electromagnetic Weapons ... Imelda O'Connor
Gretta Fahey is in Mayo - also tortured - Gretta goes in more deeply than I can understand right now.
Keith Harrison is a Garda Informer - he is being victimised like Sgt Maurice McCabe was for speaking out - Keith is suffering some of the usual rituals of such a Cult of Evil - Financial Hardship, Post Missing...everything to break down a Human Spirit...
Stephen O'Neill is a young man from Sligo..
Myself - why am I so targeted - so brutalised by Gardai - Medical Cartel - HSE - Church & State - Who am I?
I wrote letters of prose on every day life, capturing at times the corruption in Politics and Church, the suffering of The People, My Love for The People in a Regime of Oppression.
I had my first showing of "Breaking the Silence" in Lucan Library in 2008 - shortly after the Life I knew and lived and loved, changed forever. To date of such Medical Mutilation - Novartis Drugs of Poison for Blood Pressure - Rape - Medically & Sexually -
Garda Ridicule and deletion of crucial evidence from my Statement to the DPP - Vandalism to my home that was - forcing me to sell for safety for myself and family with Auctioneer Perp of Cult of Evil telling me I would not get another buyer - She undersold my Home - Church interrogation by Archbishop's house on what I am writing - Gardai concerned I am writing "that Book", Medical Crimes - Government crimes because I wrote a letter against the Lisbon Treaty which was published in Lucan Newsletter - the constituency office of Justice Minister Frances Fitzgerald.
Joanna Tuffy personally started stalking me. Joanna Tuffy questioned me about my children where they went to University etc..I have suffered countless food poisoning and Medical Mutilation by Novartis experiments in attempts to experiment with the Human Brain - also their illegal and unethical No Consent Trials on Post Menopausal Women - removing Organs and Glands including the Pitutiary Gland.
I suffered it so I know it is indeed a Cult of Evil and Nazism by Enda Kenny's Government and Diarmaid Martin's Satanic Church.

Politicians who are active in such crimes, from my own personal experience and suffering at their hands are:

Joanna Tuffy, Eoin O'Broin, Luke Ming Flanagan, Michelle Mulherrin, John Crown, Richard Boyd Barrett, Finian McGrath, Barry Cowen -

People do not be taken in by their outspokeness for "The People" Their Masks of Participation in the Satanic Cult of Evil is well hidden....

This is what the Good Friday Agreement was about - to get IRA and Sinn Féin involved - Just as Government and Church have hired Rapists & Paedophiles to infiltrate into people's lives to control them or to attempt to Brainwash them into believing "No such thing" as they sneak around their food & drinks to poison them. 

Experiments are ongoing just as they were On the Symphysiotomy Women, The Magdalene Women, Mother & Baby Homes and The Industrial School Children - Rapes just like back then of women and little children are being done Today on Human Subjects for Novartis, Amgen by HSE selected rapists...

It is time that the Greater Society in Ireland started to question - GAA and their Many Followers, supporters and Management are involved in such crimes...even if it only be the Stalking, the Nudging, the Whispering - whilst GAA take "sponsoring" from the most Criminal Pharma of all time - Novartis crimes are known and penalised on CRIMINAL CHARGES all over the world except EU, UK & Ireland - South Korea, Turkey - this year have charged them as have Japan, China and 27 States in the UK in the last year - Wake Up Ireland - Do your own Research. Whilst Novartis are protected by the Evils of Wealth in the EU Parliament - Italy and France in the last two years have raided their offices...Why?  Do your Research Now, Please.

Irish Nazism is here.

How many of you have noticed the Cult of Evil's symbols -

Scratching the head, scratching the face, finger pointing, finger pointing to their eye, twitching the side of their jacket, cardigan, shirt, Tea-Shirt, Scratching their back, scratching their arms, wrists, Twitches.

The phone stalkers, doing rude actions, one hand in pocket, one hand in back pocket - as I said no matter who they are doctor, priest, neighbour, friend if they are part of the evil cult and do any or many of those things in front of you, you can be sure you are targeted in every way -

Many rapists, Paedophiles and drug mules have been hired by Enda Kenny's Satanic Government to do all of this to women who have suffered Pharma & Medical & Garda Brutality....Also the dog walkers - and dog barking. Earlier this year I stopped listening to Joe Duffy - Several times you could hear dogs barking in the background - too many times 

Yes Joe Duffy & RTE are part of the Satanic Evil Cult - I don't listen to his "controlled" and "screened" topics anymore.

In the Midlands where a lot of the satellite tortue is going on Farmers have stated they have seen drones flying around at night - they assume it is gangs from Dublin checking out their farms to steal from them -

Wake up Farmers? Check out are you questioning or raising concerns about some topics - Have you annoyed local politicians - have you questioned Gardai or Government? The Gangland Teams are too busy killing their own - They do not use drones - only Government Agencies are using Drones - Start questioning who is targeting your property.

Take a drive from Belfast to Derry and you will note many Satanic heads bound in wood - This WW111 - of Satanic Evil is a 32 County Ireland against their own citizens.

I continue to pray for Peace in Ireland - for we are not free...

Mrs Sabina Higgins' Speech at Easter Rising 2016 - stated that the Empires we are under today are far worse than the Empire we were under in 1916 and she called for people to Rise up in 2016 - She advised us all to take strenth and inspiration from the brave men and women of 1916 against such Capitalism & Corporate Greed.

I pray that will happen. I was born and reared a Catholic.  I had deep faith for God through the Catholic Church until it's Satanic Head arose within that Church - It is no Church of God - 2 years ago at a Christmas Day Mass - the priest, who was a likeable Soul and in all ways good living - As he began Christmas Day Mass - He started "Firstly let us Salute the Lord" I am not sure if he did say "the Lord" or "the King" but I was shocked when he raised his arm up and out in what was definitly a Hitler Salute! Who was he saluting - I have never witnessed such a demonstration of "Salute" before except in pictures and films of what was then Nazi Germany.

Perhaps it is a Global Cult movement - I know it is a European one - as I drove through four countries in Europe last year - I witnessed enough to know that Novartis Pharmaceutical Company of Evil controls EU, UK & Ireland - in their corruption and jargon of convincing Irish Pharmaceutical Association that it is all about "science" - Hitler fell for that "Emperor's New Clothes" "fairytale" - as does Enda Kenny today - the Hitler of our times.

I continue to pray to my God of Love both within me and in the Outer Universe of Love - Just Like the words of Frederick Douglass: "I did not know I was a slave until I could not do the things I wanted to do".  Frederick Douglass's words on Society, Corruption, Collusion with the Hypocrisy of Church & State rings through today. Thank you to Frederick Douglass - a Slave who got his Freedom - Will Pharma Slaves ever get their's?  

This is Ireland 2016.

Teri/Éire mo Chroí

6th June 2016

Thank you to all who visit this site, who Read my Posts and other Posts here The Shame of Ireland WebPage...We need your support to view, share or open conversation about Ireland 2016...God Bless you all...


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Comment by jack colleton on June 13, 2016 at 1:35

I Know More People Read Than Write In Forums. So There May Well Be More Interest Than Can Appear To Be The Case!

Comment by jack colleton on June 13, 2016 at 2:10

It Is Not Nice To Feel Alone!  I Am Very Sure Most If Not All  "Survivors"  Can Indeed Relate In Some Way!  It Can Be Really Something To Respond And Share Own Experience No Matter How Hard Or Reservations May Have As To Judgement Etc. Who Cares? Even When We Recognize Things Somebody Is Saying We Might Be Still Reluctant To Respond. We Might Fear Making Things Seem More Real Or Worse?  Teri I Am Curious As To Your Claim:  -

The Retired Secretary has actually opened up a Therapy Clinic in her home treating "Electromagnetic Sensitivity" - Cashing in on what she knows is happening.

And?  Is That Really Such A Bad Thing? 

Comment by jack colleton on June 13, 2016 at 2:26

The Greater Society In Ireland Teri?!   Never Is There A Crowd On The Leading edge!  Some People Simply Will / Can Not Follow!  But For Sure The Greater Society In Ireland Might Be So Affected As To Not Take A Stand .... Always The Few Have To Instead! Yes Indeed It Is All Highly Organized!  Compliance Is Seemly "Just The Ways Things Are" ..  (Life)! Anger Is Better Than Depression!  What If Though Teri Most People Are Aware On Some Level What Is Happening But Are Not Unbalanced?  ... Denial Or Distraction Helps Them To Cope?  If They Complain They Might Attract The Wrong Attention  ("Help"). 

Comment by jack colleton on June 13, 2016 at 2:40

But Teri Are Victims Not A Part Of The "Cult"?   I Recall A Very Long Thread About A Priest And A Child As Reported By The Mother. At Some Point Thick In Discussion I Happened To Post Something A Long The Lines:  -

Father Fall Down On Your Knees And Pray For Forgiveness Your Sins This Child ... Suddenly The Whole Thread (All Posts) Were Removed. On  enquiring As To Why The  Long And Deep (Thick) Thread Had Been Removed The Original Author Messaged To Effect That I Had Named The Priest And The Case Was Subject To Legal Action Pending. Naturally I Had No Idea His Name But It Seems My Short Verse Contained It!  Still I Did Wonder If A Ruse? 

Comment by jack colleton on June 13, 2016 at 2:52

Absolutely It Is No Church Of God But If Enough People Think / Believe It Is! We Are Experiencing An Inverted World. A World Of Opposites.


  1. put upside down or in the opposite position, order, or arrangement:

turn upside down, Upturn, Upend, turn around, turn about

Comment by Teri on June 13, 2016 at 12:41

Yes Jack, it is a World today where everything we hear from Government and Agencies of Law are fiction, everything is in reverse - Governments are cruel, Agencies of Law are protecting criminals, rapists and paedophiles. As for the Secretary, yes she is doing what she knows is needed for people suffering.  

The Pharma Industry charge high prices for their drugs, they sponsor Universities, doctors and hospitals...Pharma enslaves a Government, who in turn sells human life to them for Pharma jobs...the killing fields of Ireland are exposed in every healthcare unit and every Law Agency, psychiatry, Government are the Gestapo/Mafia sitting at one with paedophiles, rapists and drug mules to protect Pharma Profit Margins.  Pontias Pilate politicians rearing their families on blood money of the innocent.  Karma will answer the cry of the tortured innocent Human Subjects who dare to speak the truth...Ireland 2016 is not FREE.

Comment by jack colleton on June 13, 2016 at 15:46

I Can Relate. I Do Understand. Experience Counts ... Real Or Imagined!  There Are Of Course Different Levels Of Consciousness, Experience And Understanding! Soon As The Baby Is Born There Is Interest In Getting The Details About Him Or Her! Not A Private Matter Seemly!  If Having Any Post Birth Difficulties There May Well Be Interest From Strangers (Notably) In Relieving The New Parents Of Their Baby!  The 'Care' Industry Is Big Business And Then There Is Adoption!  The Likes Of The Medical And Education Industry Has A Ever Ready Supply Of New Blood From Cradle To Grave.  I Have Long Thought Of Ireland Of Having A Disproportionate Number Of People Disabled ... Mentally Or Physically. I Had No Doubt Drug Linked. I Mean Medical Drugs Linked And I Communicated As Much Here A Few Years Ago Though I Do Not Think My Comment Was Then Approved!  What I Observed Was A Very High Number Of Victims Of The Medical Industry (Irish Government Of The Day) Approved!  Approved By Politicians Hiding Under The Cover Of "Political Party". These Political Parties Still Operating Today! 

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