The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

Clarissa's Imagination with the Help of Angels...

This piece was first published in News Beacon Ireland...I think News Beacon Ireland has closed it's publications now and this piece has been removed...I copy it here as a Blog Post.

CLARISSA’S IMAGINATION - First Published 2014


Clarissa sat in the doctor’s surgery – she said “all I want is safe healthcare”  she knew he was not listening and if he was he could not comment anyway…on her way home with Bobby she thought “how many times is that I have said those words”.  Whatever was going on?  She knew there was no point in saying anything to Bobby – he was a sweetheart in so many ways – he called their relationship “companionship” .  Bobby was a good man she knew that and if he found it difficult to believe what has happened to her and what has been done to her then it must really be in her imagination, well what an imagination!


Clarissa lives in a small town in King’s County in Ireland.  A county rich with culture,  traditions and laws.  She grew up believing that all the just laws and human rights of her country were real.  When many things went wrong in the workplace or other areas of her life she believed she had the right to stand up for herself under the laws of the land.  


It was in 2010 that Clarissa was called up for investigation and torture – her government and police were concerned that she had some kind of power as she was able to see through corruption and cover ups going on in many State Agencies.  To do this, first her health had to be broken down.  She was in her mid-fifties had reared her children, now she believed it was her time to relax, sell her home, find a job she enjoyed as well as continue writing her poetry and prose…she had no idea that she had no rights now over her own life as she had been “sold” into Government Controlled Slavery by the very Government who should protect her.


The police were known as the Kettle Tops – Clarissa never knew how the police got that name – perhaps it is because when they boil up like a kettle they go over the top with their power.  Anyway the Kettle Tops were keeping a keen eye on Clarissa for some years.  She had reported several senior officers when they covered up two accounts of rape on her.  The anger she felt inside of her was meted out in her writings and letters.  She should have really learnt by then that there was an evil force at play but continually believing that her country was a “free State” she continued to speak up and out.  If only she could take it all back, if only she never complained, if only she were worthy enough to be treated like a human being – so many “if onlys” but time does not go back and Clarissa now knew that she was a “captured slave” of the very country she loved and believed in – she was now Specimen No. 6.9.54 to be used and abused by every mad Technician in the land.  They had the full protection of silence enforced by the Kettle Tops.


In early 2011 Clarissa noticed that the shrubbery at the side of her house was sprayed with some kind of chemical.  It looked like petrol to her.  This was confirmed by a landscape gardiner who stated that it could have come from a neighbour’s van.  But to Clarissa it was clear that it had to be sprayed as it was not at the roots of the shrubbery.  Thinking back now hindsight keeps plaguing her at the same time giving her a full playback of what actually happened.  Her house had been stalked by helicopters for months.  Some of them coming right down over the house as if it were going to land.  It was clear that the helicopters were police helicopters.  Her health started to fail.  Here was this 50 plus woman, in her prime, a fighting spirit who had survived two violent rapes and many beatings now a subject of play for the establishment to torture and ridicule.  Ridicule is acceptable Clarissa cried to herself many times but torture…why torture?


Following three A & E emergencies via ambulance Technicians failed to diagnose Clarissa’s “condition” – all appeared to be baffled despite by now the very obvious burning of her skin and elevated blood pressure. Her own doctor advised a referral to a consultant in a city hospital.  When Clarissa went for the appointment the nurse who had “Research Nurse” on her uniform told Clarissa that she was not going to see the consultant until three weeks later as there were tests to be done first.  Clarissa dutifully went along with everything – giving all information on her medical history and had blood and urine tests done also.


“I will never forget that appointment –  hindsight plays it like a film” Clarissa remembers.   


“Hello Clarissa I am a Senior Technician here but you don’t need to know more that”.  “Okay” “Now Clarissa I want you to take these tablets and I will see you back here in a few months”  “Are there any side effects with these tablets” Clarissa asked….”There are very few side effects, but in your case there is nothing to worry about”….”Thank you Doctor”….


Clarissa remembers well “When I took their medicine…they smiled at me, when I suffered their medicine, they shouted at me, when I appealed for help….they tortured me”…..Specimen No.6.9.54 suffers on.


Around this time Clarissa noticed white feathers in many places she went – but on the day of her appointment with the Senior Technician the white feathers were everywhere.  They were outside the hospital and when she got off her bus at the end of her road white feathers were in a line both sides of her road.  When she reached her front door there was one stuck on her door.  She believed Angels were all around her.  Her dreams also were strange – she would dream of some saint urging her to pray.  Clarissa failed to grasp the signs from the Angels as danger until it was too late.  She now knows that white feathers are signs of danger – she found them even in a Technician’s surgery where one particular chap lied to her about blood test results.  Also in an optician’s – there was no safe place in the healthworld now for her.  Hospitals were now laboratories using her body as they wished.  If she questioned any procedure she was told that she was paranoid.  There were good doctors who did their best for her and tried to help her but her trust was dwindling fast.


The Angels gave her a gift.  Clarissa could now see through every lie and every word any Laboratory Technician or Kettle Top told her but there was nothing she could do.  Everywhere she went she was monitored – the Angels let her “see” where she had been tortured whilst undergoing some medical procedure – the Technician told her she had fainted but she knew he had “put her to sleep” to do their illegal experiments, the Angels confirmed this to her and described in detail what that Lab Technician had inserted into her body.  She tried to speak out but her home was surrounded with Kettle Tops and Community Technicians.  Her electricity meter was vandalised and the Kettle Tops would do nothing for her – they laughed at her and told her to see a doc – the docs advised her to go to the police – her home became a furnace of heat.  She had spoken out about the abuse to her body and her home and the Kettle Tops then joined in further torture to her – this time doing it openly and shooting their taizer guns at her anytime she went outside.  The Angels let her see through all the torture but there was nothing she nor anyone else could do.  After all this was only in Clarissa’s “mad imagination”.


The Angels guided Clarissa through the internet where she discovered other tortured “slaves” all over the world.  They too were labelled as paranoid when they spoke about such torture – “how could so many of us have these crazy imaginations” thought Clarissa.


The Kettle Tops were getting anxious now as Clarissa had written too many letters about what was being done to her.  “We have to shut her up someway” said the super Kettle Top.  Clarissa felt weary and drawn.  They knew that she knew every criminal act that was being done to her.  Clarissa’s letters were now of appeals for safety, appeals for safe healthcare, safe community – her world was one of torture and danger and the people whom she should have been able to trust and feel safe with were now the Dr Mengeles of her body.  Human subjects for experiments are suffering all over the world and Governments stand by and do nothing and the world of psychiatry call it “paranoia”.  “Me and my wild imagination” sighs Clarissa…”where will it lead me next”.  The Kettle Tops and the Technicians could not understand why Clarissa believed she had any kind of human rights as in their eyes she was merely Specimen No. 6.9.54 and a slave of the Government.


Clarissa knew that she was under 24 hour surveillance, her phone was listened into – how silly they are sometimes.. she thought…when they would fail to hang up when she did or delay in giving her a dial tone…She prayed and prayed until she could pray no more…she cried a river of tears…she longed for the torture to stop…she stayed away from healthcare as long as she could until following a break to her leg she was forced to seek medical assistance.


In the hospital the Technicians took advantage of their “prize” once again – here was Specimen No. 6.9.54 for use and they were not letting her get away too easily this time after all there were trials to be done and they were short of Specimens.  Clarissa was told that she needed an urgent operation on her leg…there was no time now for her imagination and she put her trust and belief in the hospital.  Her Angels sighed and wept openly for Clarissa  they knew that she had no choice…if she refused the operation she would be labelled paranoid and fearful again.  A giddy Technician got her to sign some forms…the Angels told her this was the Lab’s cover up…that she had not signed a form for an operation…she had actually signed a consent form for a clinical trial…the Technicians were lying to her but they needed to protect themselves as all Clinical Trials are subject to “informed consent”.  The Angels told her it was illegal what they were doing but that the Government knew what was happening…they held her hand and told her that there will always be at least one Angel with her…to guide her.. they joked with her about how crazy the Technicians are because no one would sign up for a Clinical Trial to have acid put into their bones and body.  Clarissa knew now that the Technicians were professional criminals protected by the Kettle Tops.


Many Angels were around her when she came around from the operation.  They helped her see the danger and the criminal acts that had been done again to her body…after all to the hospital she was merely Specimen No. 6.9.54.  Angels whispered in her ears and showed her the clamp being lifted off her head as she woke up…then they played back the video in hindsight for her to see what had been done…her tears mingled with the Angels’ tears and her sobs wretched from her broken body.  They showed her the laughing giddy Technicians feeling elated at what they had done…they pointed out one very sad young Technician who was hurting in his heart for having had to lie to her…Clarissa and the Angels said a silent prayer for him and forgave him instantly.


When Clarissa was home from the hospital her Guardian Angel sat beside her and told her again what had been done to her…the Dr Mengele brigade had given her ECT also..”that clarifies why I had a burning swollen area on the top of my head” Clarissa told her Guardian Angel…they had used keyhole surgery and inserted infections into her bones and her pelvic area…when she examined herself she saw all the bruising and some days later saw the scar from where the keyhole surgery was done…the torture, the humiliation of it all broke Clarissa’s heart…the Angels could only watch and gently wipe away her tears….


When she saw the cut to her body which was proof to her what had been done to her she contacted the hospital….but she did not realise that these Laboratory Technicians do not explain or communicate with Specimens…they leave that to the Kettle Tops to keep the Specimens in order.


The Kettle Tops and the Specimen Technicians were now worried…Clarissa had too  much evidence to reveal…Two Specimen Technicians and two Kettle Tops went to Clarissa’s home and asked for her co-operation in talking to a Senior Mind Technician.  Clarissa agreed to but that was not enough for the now worried Technicians.  The next day they sent their Specimen Bus to Clarissa’s home and four Technicians forced her into the bus and sped away with her.  By now Clarissa’s imagination was completely out of control and she did not know where it would lead her next.  She fell into a trance and lay down just like a torn and broken rag doll…she was afraid to feel any feelings now and her trust was shattered.  Her Angels never left her side and kept their firm hands on her aching shoulders at all times.  Clarissa longed to “wake up” from this nightmare but knew she was trapped.


Clarissa was brought to a Mind Laboratory where she was forced on to a bed.  She was held down by three Techncians whilst a fourth injected her with drugs…she knew now that she was a prisoner of her own country…but prisoners in prisons have rights, Clarissa had no rights, had no privacy not even in her own mind.  “Oh what monsters, what monsters” she wept.


Clarissa had been brought to the Mind Lab for reconditioning…here she was drugged daily, despite several side effects she was told to take the drugs or they would be injected into her body…she knew this would mean being forced down and held again…she was now under “Women Control Policy” and she was to “obey” the Senior Technician in the Mind Lab.


Here there were many women who accepted what was being done to them and were grateful to be “looked after” so well…Clarissa gradually accepted her fate and accepted that her imagination had got out of control…She accepted that these Technicians were only helping her to “adjust” back into Society.


After many weeks Clarissa was told she could go home…but there were conditions.. She was now completely under the Mind Laboratory and was to take their drugs every day.  A Mind Technician was to visit her in her home every week to check that her “thoughts” are in order.  If only that was the end of it but the Angels had told her that the torture to her body and mind will not stop, even now.  They told her that the Kettle Tops and Community Technicians will be following her and watching everything she does and says.  The Angels and Clarissa prayed together…She thanked the Angels for helping her and for their love.…The Angels assured her that they are praying to God for a miracle for her and so many others and for her to always remember that those who suffer on this earth have a very special place in God’s heart.


The Angels told Clarissa that she must pray also for the good Technicians who are “forced” to carry out this type of torture to her and others…The Angels confirmed that change is coming as there are many good Technicians praying for the torture to human life to stop.

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