The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

The Education Board, The Statuary Trust Fund,, Group's,  Redress Board,,  Services for Survivors,,  Education Fund???.  all this is about TWO WORD'S ,  CONTROL, REPRESSION.  A THIRD WORD SPRINGS TO MIND> BULLYING. 

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Comment by Geraldine Jackson on January 1, 2012 at 13:25

What Services for Survivors ??????? WHERE?????,I havent seen any.

Comment by Catherine Roberts on February 3, 2012 at 15:43

I don't think there are any Services for survivors.

Comment by Geraldine Jackson on March 26, 2012 at 10:04

Catherine, there never has been any services for survivors ,( for the individual survivor)  as individuals,  all cases of abuse are totally different but  were never treated as such, like the Babies and young children sentenced in the crimonal court to detention into brutal industrial schools thus given a criminal record, not to mention the Brutal abuse they were forced to suffer 24 hours a day for the whole or most of their childhoods I canno't discribe in words as there are NO words to merit the extent of the suffering of children in those Industrial schools where  children suffered every form of abuse one can imagine.and I mean EVERY FORM OF ABUSE , then there were the Orphanages, Hospitals, and those who lived at home with their families who were sexually abused .but the catholic church and THE STATE shoved all victims of abuse into one box for the convienence of the cover up ,thats why they set up and FUNDED  so called (government run)???group leades?  to flurish with massive funding  ,have the Government checked the books of those groups??to check all the victims names they say They represent,??? or on what they spent all the huge funding on. ?? The Last Government under BERTIE allowed this to happen so it would appear to the general population that they were making amends to the REAL victims. The Industrial Reformatories resulted a large scale distruction of Irish children and any familys they had or go on to have ,

Comment by Catherine Roberts on March 26, 2012 at 13:17

Geraldine I agree with every word you say the Government and Religious Orders do not care about survivors or their familys as for this new fund no one will benefit from this expect the so called groups who look after themselves.No money on earth could ever make up for all the abuse children suffered the lack of education no confidence always feeling frightened and unsure of one self I could go on and on but who is listening no one. It has all been a cover up and this is how it will continue the Government will win in the end.

Comment by Geraldine Jackson on March 26, 2012 at 14:00

and we all know Who helped them . trying to sqeeze a euro out of the last lot on the so called Fund for Education and Skills board was like trying to have dinner with those on the board.  It is a total CON.

Comment by Geraldine Jackson on March 26, 2012 at 14:01

Shameofireland is now on Facebook.

Comment by Geraldine Jackson on July 1, 2012 at 17:05

We must not forget or be sidetracked it was the Irish State (Irish Government) it was is their Responsibility they are Morally accountable for the iron fisted control they handed over in association with the RC Church to run the Industrial Schools in as part knowing industrial schools were Dark Places of Brutality that were destroying the lives of Irish Free State citizens who were babies and young children who were so brutalized those that survived were left in a state of Distress emotional shock, caused by such a brutal traumatic experience that leaves long lasting damage for life , since the huge scale of the Abuse against children came out in the World's media thanks to Paddy Doyle The Cowardly Irish State have quickly caused a distraction for their own self Interest by dispatching themselves away from all blame by drawing away the attention on themselves (Government) and choosing and recklessly pumping millions without any obligation to the likes of C Buckley and N Barry, Irish Centres ,That House in Dublin supposed to be for returning survivors for a visit to try to trace family,or get records ,that didn't last long either, so called Outreach services for the Abused ,who for their part are under NO obligation to comply with anyone as to what and where they spent the millions nor indeed no obligation on their part as far as I can see to have their books (all books) checked as to what survivors (Names) they all say they represent .the likes of C Buckley ,Noel Barry both ex Industrial schools hardly qualified to deal with serious Trauma cases ,but it suited the Corrupt Government to make it look like to the Public and media they were doing something to put things right but all they did was divide the survivors and caused a lot of bickering and division among the Groups causing more stress to survivors many who live in many different parts of the World NOT IRELAND only but this was all part of the cover up by the STATE to draw attention away from themselves and the Religious Abusers their partners in crime's against innocent children ,We the Survivors have every right to be ANGRY now we hear the Politicians in Government have been secretly holding meetings with the chosen couple of so called group leaders who claim to represent survivors and run services for them to these secret meetings as to the setting up of THE STATUARY TRUST FUND with the many millions handed over by the religious Orders that is supposed to compensate the REAL SURVIVORS of Industrial Schools but now those millions will be kept in the government(The State's) Coffers run by the head Of Department Education Rauri Quinn himself who secretly pushed this Bill through Parliament in Dublin without informing the survivors nor giving survivors a say in it they did with the blessing of the so called Group Leaders who no doubt have already applied for more huge funding ,those who will run this Trust Fund will have Administrators ,Directors, Lawyers , Secretary's ,Office Staff, Irish Centre's in the UK , Group Leaders?,I heard their will be government chosen FOUR Group Leaders on the committee of the Statuary Trust Fund all these will claim expenses ,the real survivors as usual will NOT have any benefit at all nor the help they truly deserve ,the real survivors have AGAIN been Used , Abused, Neglected ,and CONNED, MR QUINN TD YOU SHOULD HANG YOUR HEAD IN SHAME. along with the rest of the greedy lot stated named ABOVE^ I have not met one survivor who has benefited over the years from those services,> many survivors have already died without ever getting or seeing JUSTICE ., I myself have rung up huge Phone bills talking to very sick Survivors suffering with Cancer ,and other Problems, so much for those groups helping survivors who they claim to help trace and bring families back together I myself am Related closely by marriage(NOT ME) to a Person who runs a Centre with two others this person knows who I am yet has not once tried to contact me nor inform members of my own blood family of me being on the same planet as them I have been totally Ignored by them >cut dead< I have also being told by a person who went to this Centre that the person who claims themselves to be The Group Leader that I am not welcome to that centre that if any of those who go to the centre see me they are to Ignore and not have anything to do with me as I am Trouble , I would love to know just what this person means by that seen as I don't have any communication at all with this centre in all the years they have received huge funding in survivors names I have never been able to find out just who and which Group is using my name on their list .that seems to be a closed shop excepted by the State.

Comment by Geraldine Jackson on July 1, 2012 at 17:09

Perhaps I remember to much ,yes that could be it.

Comment by Geraldine Jackson on July 1, 2012 at 17:18

if the last Education Fund is anything to go by we can all forget having any benefit whatsoever from the Statuary Trust Fund. It's just another big CON .

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