The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

Dear Minister for Justice Frances Fitzgerald

Dear Minister Frances Fitzgerald,

I have still not heard back from your office re investigations into Tullamore Hospital - you have the copy Xray - which is evidence together with the visible keyhole surgery marks to my body.
I have received some of my medical records now from Tullamore Hospital whereby the consultant concerned has stated that I accused him of sexually assaulting me.  Yet there are notes written by a Nurse  who confirms in her notes that I am raising concerns.  When I asked for another doctor to examine me on the 29th October 2013 the consultant did not allow this.
My companion, was with me and he confirms that it was the consultant who asked me if I was accusing him of sexually assaulting me - and I denied straight away that I would not even think such a thing and was only asking why I have internal injuries and surgery scars to my body.  We do not understand why a consultant would accuse a patient of stating such.  He has also written to previous doctors and stated this.  Why would a consultant ask such a question when a patient asks why she has internal injuries?
It is evident that the doctor immediately contacted psychiatric services to have me silenced - yet it is clear from a Psychiatrist in 2012 that he stated in writing that I did not have a psychiatric illness - 
It is also evident that the Mental Health Act is being abused by hospitals who want to cover up a patient's injuries - What has the Mental Health Act got to do with noticeable bruising and injuries to a woman's body.  I note that the same method of control and cover up was used in many of the Magdalene Laundries and Mother & Baby homes.
I am asking the Justice Department for almost one year now to please investigate this matter - surely several other marks to a woman's body following a foot operation needs to be investigated under the Criminal Health Act 2012.  As far as I can I did seek support  from the HSE and their Area Director has stated he can do nothing else as the doctors deny.  We are all aware of deny deny deny by HSE in all cases.  
I ask the Justice Department now to please investigate.  The Justice Department & the Minister of Health is already aware what happens to patients who raises questions about injuries received in hospitals.
Despite almost two years of general medicine drug breakdown to my body I went into Tullamore Hospital in trust, as a patient, - that trust was violated as was my body and I ask you, Minister, to please vindicate me in this.  Isn't that what Justice is suppose to be about!
We also have in this country consultants giving dangerous drugs to patients in order to break down their health and create diseases - There was mention in February of this year that the Minister for Health and Justice Minister were bringing in a type of Robbie's Law so that doctors are compelled to admit mistakes or wrongs - I would ask you to move on with this Law on Duty of Candour.  It would seem however, that even with Health Laws already in place that doctors are still doing what they want and attracting bigger investments from the Pharma Industry instead of investing in safety for patients.  Within that "Industrial Relationship" between Hospitals and Industry - the patient is the one who suffers - Medical Torture is ongoing in Ireland and is being covered up by the Irish Medical Council and the Health Department.
It is clear that Irish citizens are being used and abused in clinical trials for decades - the Tuam babies, the Industrial Schools' children and the Mother and Baby homes were all areas where vaccines and other medicines were tested on the most vulnerable in Irish Society - then we had the symphysiotomies despite being confirmed as clinical trials - Doctors still deny - and now Minister look at this Xray again - who in today's much publicised Laws and Safety Mission Statements in Hospitals and in the UN on human rights and dignity for the patient actually care about "the patient" - Remember Minister for Justice for almost seven weeks I was asking Tullamore Hospital why do I have so much pain throughout my whole body following a foot operation BEFORE I saw the xray - the Xray only confirms my injuries that were there immediately following the operation.
Minister, with respect, you sat beside Sir Nigel Rodley in Geneva listening to his round up of the situation here in Ireland - the symphysiotomy women tortured, the Magdalene abduction and enslavement of women - Minister I am just one woman speaking out - but how many have suffered, are suffering - how many have been labelled "paranoid" for asking questions - how many are being abused in clinical trials and how many once marked as Human subjects have any rights to safety, dignity and privacy in a safe healthcare system?  I speak on behalf of myself and all of those who have been denied safe healthcare, dignity and privacy in this our country.
Many in Governments of the last ten years have stated that they never knew of the atrocities - yet we know they did - like dear Mary Herrity stated to Minister Kathleen Lynch on Irish Television that she, Mary, had been writing to the Irish Government for 30 years.  Since August 2011 I reacted in shock when a consultant prescribed to me a blood pressure drug - I was told there were very few side effects - yet that was not true - yet the cover up that has gone on since on that drug with no side effects listed in Ireland - Yet the Irish Medicines Board directed me to warnings that were already in place to all medical professionals since 2009 - for three weeks following the break down of my immune system I was denied access to medical care by several Irish hospitals, I was shouted at and ridiculed until then given cocktails of drugs that landed me in another hospital for five days - where again I was denied safe honest healthcare.  Sadly Minister Fitzgerald that is the reality of Irish Healthcare today.
Taoiseach Kenny and Minister Reilly with Alan Shatter had the opportunity many times in three years to bring about safety but they did nothing absolutely nothing - and the medical profession continued to "protect" the adverse side effects of that drug by doing their best to encourage me to take further dangerous drugs, at times shouting at me, that I need to take difene and solpadene and Kyflam whereby pharmacists warned me against them - my body was already suffering fluid and acidosis from the drug - another GP's nurse was placing a blood pressure monitor onto my arm - under the cuffe she placed a tight elasticated bandage -and told me to keep it on for 24 hours - I woke up in agony with pressuRe and pains in my head and stomach - when I made a call to the Irish Heart Foundation and asked them a general question of what if - I was told by more than one Healthcare Nurse and by the makers of the monitor that I must never do that - that that would just cut off blood supply to my brain!  
The foregoing is the reality of the questionable healthcare in this country and I ask you, please to take steps to investigate this as the Irish Medical Council whilst stating they protect the patients clearly do not!  Whilst Patients like me may be looked on as "whistleblowers" to be silenced - all we are doing are seeking to have safety and honesty in healthcare - 
Thank you for your time.
I appeal to Mr Anand Grover through this correspondence to please look into the abuse of medical care in Ireland.
Yours sincerely,
 I would ask the UK & Irish Healthcare to STOP lying to patients, STOP labelling them to cover up the dangers of prescription drugs, to STOP using patients in clinical trials, to STOP abusing the Mental Health Acts, to STOP using Human Life in barbaric clinical Trials.
Please Note there are several Healthcare Professionals who walked away from me rather than hurt me - Thank You! - I appeal to all good honest people who happen to be involved in the cruelty of abuse of patients' dignity, safety and human rights - to not just walk away anymore - SPEAK UP - SPEAK OUT - BE A PARTICIPATOR IN SAFETY AND NOT A SILENT WITNESS TO BARBARIC CLINICAL TRIALS AND ABUSE TO PATIENTS!!

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