The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

Gaslighting of Irish women....continues in Ireland 2014

Thank you June Gardner for you posts - and reaching out to people all over the world and to Danny Long North Caroline for sharing Shelly's story, his beloved wife...Here in Ireland there seems to be a stigma on any patient who speaks up against doctors who harm...we are not only stigmatised we are abducted and forced into compliance and accepting that "we" are the wrong ones...One year ago today...I was taken from this house, Tom's home,which I had only moved to in September 2013 after a nightmare and "forced" to sell my home in West Dublin - I was hounded there for speaking out against the side effects of Novartis drug Aliskiren - Novartis did not give me the drug but when I suffered the side effects - how the doctors in Ireland harmed me further again and again - Thank you American Attorney Generals in over 20 States in the US and others in Japan and China who have spoken of the bribery in Novartis - and Aliskiren and Diovan (Valsartan) are both drugs mentioned - both within weeks of each other that were prescribed to me...As I wrote before I only was forced back to A & E when I suffered a broken foot here in my partner's home - it was an accident - I will not repeat all the horrid story again - I write today to say it is one year ago today that I was dragged from this house in a wheelchair which I was forced into following my "operation" in Tullamore Hospital - over the last weeks I have been reading through the files I have received under the FOI Act from two hospitals -

On reading through Portlaoise Hospital notes...the common thread throughout is positive - but with the same words stating "still delusional on medical staff specifically Tullamore Hospital"...and how they broke me down with drugs...In the opening pages - many sentences tippexed out...stating I am not being co-operative and there were observations even of what I ate - from forced admission - they state I would not co-operate - silly me - The admission doctor states her lies that on paper sound very good on that I was displaying my first awful of me - I recall very clearly - a nice lady who appeared caring to my situation - and as I was in shock and could not understand why why why - I had simply told the truth - she asked me would I like to rest for a while and she would continue her assessment later - I said yes and thanked her - was shown to a bed - where I was then forced down on to my side - and held by three nurses whilst the fourth injected me with psychotropic drugs - that was my assessment in Portlaoise hospital...and then that kind Lady Psychiatrist wrote such harsh notes on me...I was kept there for FIVE weeks where now reading back through the notes I can see clearly the "gaslighting" of my life - and how I was "brought" around to believing the creative madness that Irish Psychiatry fabricates one into believing....I felt remorseful...but right throughout I still stated what Tullamore surgeon and his team had done to my body - the truth does not change -

Then the manipulation of the staff to convince me was to go back to see the same surgeon - straight away I stated how could I go back to him when he won't explain the xray - even with the evidence before them in Portlaoise Hospital, even with the evidence on my body - these medical psychiatrists said it was best to go back - I didn't go to the first appointment - so they in Portlaoise hospital made another appointment for me and stated I was to go back...As Dr David Healy writes that what is going on in medicine today is the same dynamics of abuse that went on in the Clergy abuse...Why would Psychiatry force a patient to go back to the same Surgeon who would not explain why she had internal injuries and injuries to her neck - they had the evidence - they did xrays of my pelvic area - I never said anything - how could I - when the radiographer got me to lie down on the bed in Portlaoise Hospital where he placed xray plates underneath my pelvic area - as well as my feet -

On one of the radiology reports from Portlaoise hospital...states "the Aortic Arch is unfolded...There is streaky shadowing in the left base
suggesting chronic interestitial changes..."

I recall three years ago Tallaght Hospital doing a scan of same area of throat and results stated "unfolding of Aortic" Arch...Nothing was ever explained to me - this was all following Aliskiren adverse reactions that was left untreated...and the medics are still looking at how much damage a patient's body can suffer instead of treating "the patient".

The abductors of women for gaslighting even with the evidence before them continue to break down the "patient"...The report from Tullamore Hospital states a Larynsgotomy and the scars on my neck are very obvious - but the patient is still labelled deluisional...

Also this file states that "family" members stated that I thought planes were following me and I was being stalked....when I saw the jets with their chemtrails I would say "There's the perps" or "Enda's cloud making machines are in the sky today"...many of you will note that I wrote on this...if saying that is delusional then why were there Marches in Birr and Athlone over the last months over the poisoning of our land through chemtrails....why did an Irish woman, Breda Murphy, chain herself to the railings of Leinster House in 2010 and 2011 asking "What are they spraying" as she could not breathe easily with what was being sprayed in Co Kildare - she is on Youtube...

The saddest part of all of this is to know now and confirmed here in this file - where, of course, further gaslighting tactics - the page confirming the following is on the file three times "Gardai in Tullamore contacted the Psychiatric services to have me sectioned" Yes Tullamore Hospital rang the gardai for assistance to protect the reputation of "the doctor" - yet Tullamore Gardai who had the copy of the pelvic xray (remember I was told I only had a foot operation - which even their own file now proves otherwise) told me here in this house that they are investigating the xray which clearly shows female mutilation under guise of a foot operation. The Garda Commissioner and Medical Council also had a letter of concern from me.

As I have seen in the Tullamore file the surgeon states that I accused him of sexually assaulting him - I did not - why did the Gardai not act on my behalf - why was there no investigation and why would a psychiatrist insist I go back to see the same doctor who alleges I accused him of sexual assault? I did go back to see that surgeon in January 2014 - I was compelled to do so by the Psychiatrists from Portlaoise hospital - I sat in front of him and asked him what was the xray about - he did not answer he snapped at me in a bullying manner "The last time you were here you were here for 5 hours" - I did not go back to him...I was sickened to my stomach - I told the psychiatry that I could not go back to him and they kept and keep on labelling me as paranoid - even with the evidence before them - with evidence of a procedure even done to my bowel - Why is Tullamore and Portlaoise Hospitals allowed to do this to women...It is not acceptable that Gardai are complicit in this cover up as is Mr Kenny and the Ministers for Health and Minister for Justice..When one reflects everything that has happened to me at the hands of doctors in hospitals and surgeries over the last 4 years - it takes no Judge or Jury to note that human subjects are being used in Irish hospitals for barbaric clinical trials..Yes they all should be ashamed of themself as Novartis employs so many people in Ireland - how many patients have suffered...and then the gaslight brigade comes in.

We all saw 150,000 people take to the streets throughout Ireland last week - In 2010 in one year alone 150,000 incidents were reported in Irish hospitals - that is 150,000 patients - some were left with terrible injuries, many died, none were investigated - €80 million euro was paid out by the HSE for medical "errors" in 2011 - It is not about the money - what about Patient Safety - it is clear patient safety does not exist in Ireland today.

The Irish Medical Council and Legal Professionals are aware of what is going on in Irish Medicine and Hospitals today and they are complicit in their just another abduction of women story!

The aortic arches or pharyngeal arch arteries (once referred to as branchial arches in human embryos) are a series of six paired embryological vascular structures which give rise to several major arteries. They are ventral to the dorsal aorta and arise from the aortic sac.
Aortic arches - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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too long for twitter. shared on facebook.

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