The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

The Secret Redress Board was indeed Run by The  GASTAPO  the purpose was to Scare and Insult the already Traumatised  Victims who managed to survive their Horrific Brutal Childhoods it was a form of punishment to warn them to SHUT UP Go Away and Die somewhere to avoid the Sheer scale of the Abuse  that was inflicted on Irish Children ever coming out into the World wide Media , all those Money grabbing Black Heart'd  people who sat around Judging the survivors at the Redress ?as they threw a few euros at the survivor with a demand to Keep their mouths shut or end up in prison (THAT in itself was a Criminal Offence ) Nice People Eh I hope  all those on the  Board suffer in some horrible Way What goes around Comes around and worse than any HELL is waiting for them all,  I have Met 3 Ex Industrial school people who since have all Died having never been contacted by any of the so called services  which is Odd because those who Run and Ran those so called services for survivors say they Know all the Children's Names of all those who in Industrial Child prisons and have their names  for the Huge Funding and  large expenses Bills they have been claiming > That is such a nasty LIE The last Survivor I knew Died with only a few Local English people at his Funeral he or the others never heard from anyone , I told them which was my mistake for they did not want to remember their Nightmare Brutal childhoods one had a Heart attack not long afte which makes me feel Guilty ,Those so called services must have Lists of all the Industrial Child Prisons >for that is what they were < All their Files should be checked out as all of them claim Funding using the survivors names This information must be Open to inspection  How much Funding they have received over The Years That must include the Aislinn in Dublin also , and Now this New Business they have set up in London they are getting I believe Huge funding For Doing WHAT?? Its all a Con  from the Start  when it finally came out The Roman Catholic Church was forced to sell property to pay the survivors Compensation But all their Property which is Vast was bought from the Many MILLIONS Earned on the Hard Labour of Irish Children while the Children were left to Starve and suffer from the freezing Cols in the Workshops and Factory's  Now The Powers that be are objection to the Survivors who have been trying to get some form of Justice for many years But the Government drag it on for years  hoping all the Survivors DIE so it becomes invisible History never to be heard of again. But it is very much part of Irish History and must never be allowed to be forgotten for the sake of all those Beautiful Babies and Children Left lying in Graves who never got Justice and all those Irish Babies who were Stolen from their Mother By The Roman Catholic Church and SOLD , Those who are judging the Survivors would not have survived ONE DAY in those Industrial Reformatory Child prisons, , What happened to the Baby found at the Gate with a note pinned on him saying Please call this Baby Anthony Edward. What happened to Him? and Tess Redding a Diabetic who really suffered the Cruel Nun's used to beat her with their sticks for crying she was only Tiny, and Little Lilly Ward my heart breaks thinking about her and all the Children many who survived  suffered Mentally from the Horrific Abuse's  All were left Emotionally Damaged  that effected them all their Lives ,the Nuns nor Christian Brothers didn't care about causing Brain Damage on Babies or the Children ,, Lives were Totally Ruined , It is Time Real Justice was Served. 

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Comment by micheal on July 4, 2017 at 13:12
That is it exactly
Comment by William Delahunty on July 4, 2017 at 21:27
This is it all in a nut shell needs putting on Facebook and Twitter
Comment by jack colleton on July 4, 2017 at 23:14

Yes Punishment Is The Word And Revenge Too.

Comment by jack colleton on July 4, 2017 at 23:18

No Justice = No Peace : -

This Applies Not Just To The "Survivors" Of  Church And State Abuse But To Everybody Else In Ireland .... There Has To Be More Than Taxes And Death People!

Comment by William Delahunty on July 4, 2017 at 23:40
Until the people of Ireland wake up to the brutality of the system they are living under there will be no change industrial school in there day were hailed as a great success while everyone whispered of the horror that was going on same for the Magdalene laundrys we are all guilty of allowing this to go on now there is a new fear among the population you can be murdered by police or by a member of a political party and everyone will turn away or your child can be kidnapping by Tusla and you c may never see them again. Caranua corruption by the state still protecting the paedophile church A reasent visit to Ireland shows the strain the people are under and violence is just under the surfed Ireland according to politicians is on the up my option nothing has changed corruption white collar crime is being enjoying a new prosperity while the poor the homeless are downtrodden sorry to say this is what the elected stand for an immigrant has a far better chance of survival only because he had no future in his own country and all ready lived under a corrupt system
Comment by jack colleton on July 4, 2017 at 23:44

Hello William. I Always Share On Twitter. I Am Sure Many People Can Relate To Your Spirited Message Above.

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