The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

i wrote a statement for a government appointed lawyer

i wrote a statement for a government appointed lawyer (Paul Ward) and when i did not receive a reply from him i had to phone him to ask if he had received my 100 page plus statement? he said he did not understand it. he the educated man. i offered do it again (re -write my statement for the abuse commission) and when i eventually met with him at the abuse commission it was like he had not read either statements. all he was interested in was i abused "physically or sexually abused?". evidently the well paid goverrnment appointed lawyer could not be bothered to read my statement (s). like i verbally replied. "least of it" (meaning it was all abuse including being abducted days old by the church and detained with no chance of adoption (18 years in 'care') and being medically experimented on (tortured) and denied a decent education. robbed of my childhood and youth. life destroyed by paedophiles with the assistance of the state (government of the day). same political partys still disrespecting me ...

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Comment by jack colleton on September 21, 2012 at 22:40


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Comment by jack colleton on September 21, 2012 at 22:42

same political partys still disrespecting me

Comment by pauline jackson on March 7, 2013 at 22:00

Even these kind of people dont seem to treat victims as if on the same level.instead of each case being treated seriously thay just improvise. my family background as discribed by one of the lawyers dident fit my case at all.I am sure that many dident even see the tables before accepting. That meant that we could only understand if it was fair or not when it was too late to change our minds.In order to get it over with we had to come to an agreement  before leaving the office. it was a very disturbing experence. None of this was accidental. Thay knew many would accept. all overseas survivers had made travel arrangments with a was meant to manipulate all of us.

Comment by Doctor Rosaleen Rogers on September 21, 2014 at 17:43

No one needed a Degree to torture us victims - I feel sure that they (the government and Church) don`t need one now

It is too late to ask anything of the victims - a red carpet should be placed for us to walk on for surviving against all odds..we were most probably meant for Tuam...but we survived to tell our dreadful stories...Is anyone there listening? in Government or Church?

Rosaleen Chairperson of Templemore`s Forgotten Victims

Comment by Ken Doyle on September 21, 2014 at 17:58

They have no idea how victims of our kind of abuse live their lives.They do not want to hear what pain we suffer on a day to day basis No they use the statue of limitations to block us out from ever getting any form of justice and closure.They were ignorant back them and nothing has changed.They are using high priced solicitors to keep us out of courtrooms paid by the taxpayer.Shame on the lot of them.

Comment by Catherine on September 21, 2014 at 18:03

Jack. i have spent 20 years trying to understand the legal profession in Ireland.

The one thing I learned is to look at the movie The Devils Advocate and you are 75% there.

Law is not justice.

Justice must be SEEN, To be done.

Please allow me to share a few things I learned here from inside the legal profession.

Their training is same as the RC priest training and of course the RC church runs the just us system - right down to the annual Red Mass for the legal profession- asking the same invisible man in the sky to guide their judgments.

This is the ever loving god, who says suffering is good for women and children's souls.

The lawliars as they are called are trained that child sexual abuse does not really affect children and in fact most children like it.

All Kinsey BS- and that is another long writing.

Here is something from 1994 which explains why child rape- aka pedophilia was and is allowed .

. "The stories of children yanked into the child welfare system are unheard. The stories of those children placed under psychiatric surveillance, sometimes institutionalized, presumed according to mental health ideology to be at risk of emotional disturbance because their fathers raped them—are unheard. And yet we are everywhere told that we are, at last, listening to the children."

"Women are portrayed to us, in tones of great sympathy, as damaged, suffering from diminished capacity."

In 1971, we spoke of what caused child sexual abuse and its role in socializing women, and training them for sexual submission.

By now, you will hear few speak of what causes incest. Most speak only of what incest causes: sleeplessness, lack of trust, sexual acting-out, timidity, aggression, destiny itself. Children, raped by fathers and stepfathers, are said to be doomed—to become depressed, dissociated, drug-addicted, suicidal...

The issue of incest is now one of illness.

It is not social, but medical.

The response is not a call for change, but a call for "treatment."

Pictures in the media of children sexualized are signifiers of the licensed act. Images of women dressed as children, of children made up and photographed as little women, are signifiers, a warning of license.

However the best article on child abuse and its effects is from our own Dr Michael Corry.

Sexual abuse: eclipse of the soul

The trauma of childhood sexual abuse is almost incomprehensible. Here, Michael Corry and Aine Tubridy explain some of the consequences.

I've come to realise that sexual assault is an imposed death experience for the victim. That is, the victim experiences her life as having been taken by someone else.
— Evangeline Kane

Comment by Teri on September 22, 2014 at 11:09

Shame on Irish Church and State who are now using doctors to torture women - we see through their lies, their corruption and their cover up - that are no masks to hide behind anymore - 


Take care Jack - You have survived...

Comment by Catherine on September 22, 2014 at 11:34


Irish mothers and alien mothers are being blamed and labelled Munch Mums for giving their children spina bifida, for taking the children to the consultants appointments - because social workers/aka child snatchers claim to be gods and know all.

Comment by Teri on March 7, 2016 at 19:21

Jack reading back through this where Paul Ward stated he could not understand your submission - I have learnt it is the classic putting down of the victim - You write great Jack - and the fact that you put your case forward well is what unhinges the legal wafflers - I wrote to Senator John Crown of the Seanad Éire - with documents, xrays in my submission to him when he had askd for details- Several pages - diarised and documented - his reply to me was just as your;s Jack - "I cannot understand what you are on about could you please do it more clearly" - the Senator - doctor - went on to cover up and hide the it goes on Jack - it is not you we are all just cogs in the system of corruption - sadly it is all across Europe - 

Comment by jack colleton on March 7, 2016 at 23:31

Thank you For That Teri  ...  Much Appreciated! 

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