The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

In Memory of Fiona Pender & Her Mother recently died, Josephine Pender...

This was my reply to a piece in the Journal on the passing of Josephine Pender, Fiona's mother...whilst I gave a short reply in the memories, my thoughts, the facts I write here...

This touches me I wonder what dark secrets are in these Midland Towns..Missing people...Many "Suicides" Concluded by Gardaí without investigations...Murders covered up by Gardaí Without Investigations...and so I once again write what I DO know - as many of you know I have been asked to meet with certain people who would help me or others...such as Minister Mulherrin in her "home" in Dublin 4...when such meeting was cancelled when she realised I was bringing a "friend"...This post is heartbreaking in that Josephine Pender Fiona Pender's Mother has died...the letter written by Josephine in 2011 tells it as it is from the Family View...
In my own Opinion and my Own Experience around the town of Tullamore...I have suffered many occult crimes against me here, in Kildare and in Dublin..drugged stripped and assaulted,possibly raped, indeed drugged again and again and God love me I kept coming round wakening up and seeing someone I knew very well shouting "she is coming round get her"  and I am here once again on the land where Niall Dillon 27 years old was found dead in the old Barn shed that still stands here with rusted doors and matter how frequent the locks change (which they have done in the last few years) the rocks go rusty...the Swallows don't gather as they used to - a few yes, but not the many who fleeted down over the house, shed and lands.  The hares in the field are hunted down for coursing...the cattle on the field at times take a wild gallop into the time breaking down fence and wire such was their "madness" or determination to get away...and what has all of this got to do with Fiona Pender...I recall in 2013 when I was only days down here...I took a walk in the 40 acre field behind the damp invested cottage I believed to be my new home...It was the last day I could walk freely in what became my prison.  I walked up to the end of the field - to the right of the Water House that is built on the land...and at the hedge dividing the next field I was taken aback by the multitude of dazzling lemon amount I had never seen before growing beautifully in barbed and thorned Hedgerow...From that night on I suffered untold crimes by an Establishment of Occult & Deamonry...The primroses were so amazing I keep them close to mind..I remember praying that evening..I felt something beautiful was around....
I have never written in such extent on this episode before...
About two years later after much suffering from the Occult that is in Tullamore Hospital and community...I was contacted by Joe Blake through my DM on Twitter @MarionWomen  he was asking to meet with me for coffee in Tullamore town - he mentioned at one of the he wanted to talk to me about Fiona Pender.  I was surprised and a lot weary...I told him that I am in Tullamore just a few years and I did not know Fiona only what I had read in Papers.  He said he was looking for Fiona and had promised her mother that he would bring Fiona home.  I looked up who Joe Blake was and there sure enough was the same phone number on Trace Ireland for Missing Women.
I mentioned to Tom here and asked could Joe Blake bring his dogs to search this land here.  I asked without knowing why...That look from Tom said it all...when will he be here...I told him that Joe is in Cork but said he would be in Tullamore in Three weeks or so.
I phoned Joe Blake back and told him that I would not meet him in Tullamore but I would like him to meet with Tom here in Blueball and that Tom has given permission for him to bring his dogs to search this field of 40 acres.  I do not know really why I suggested him and his dogs searching this field then...Fiona's name triggered a memory, or an emotion and all I could recall were beautiful Angelic primroses growing in a barbed and wired hedge...
As true as God is my Witness...a few nights later I woke to sounds of machinery...I looked out on the field and saw what looked like a forklift digger digging down in a spot on the was between 3 and 4 a.m. Without thinking I flashed on the outside lights...on and off I kept flashing as I thought we were in danger and I wanted those outside to know they have been seen.  Instantly the digger & co...moved quickly through the hedges on the right to the next field.
I called Tom...he came out and looked and he said that that is work going on in the waterhouse...I reminded him that the machinery was on the right between the waterhouse and the hedge on the right...He calmly said he would walk down...I said you could be attacked and asked him to ring Gardaí...he said it is just men working what would Gardaí do?  he was the only one at that time that knew Joe Blake was to come down to investigate the field with his what was moved from the field where thousands park their cars every year for the Tullamore Show?  Tom made a point of telling me the next day that the farmer in the back field worked into the night and that was what I saw.  I said nothing...I know that that machinery was this side of the Primroses..I had seen growing in this field...I rang Joe Blake and asked him would he be able to see the digging - he ...confirmed he would be able to confirm if soil had been touched...I wrote a detailed email like this to the Chief Supt of this area and the local Gardaí....Nothing was done by Joe Blake or Gardaí...
Joe Blake stated to me that he knew 99% where Fiona was buried...I asked why then are you not stating that to Gardaí...he answered that Gardaí would not give him the Warrant to search the land..he mentioned Thompson's Land..
I do not know why Gardaí or Joe Blake did not investigate the digging on this field in 2015....which was done when Tom mentioned it to others...
I know that this property and field were unlived in and unused in 1996 when there was a death in Dublin from this household and then a death from the same family the next day in another part of Tullamore.  This property has a darkened lane to the side of the property...
With all we are finding out about Gardaí cover ups, targeting Whistleblowers etc., I wonder why now retired Garda Commissioner Noirin O'Sullivan did nothing on this information she had for over two years.
Rest in Peace Mrs Josephine Pender, now with Fiona & Family...Sympathies to John.

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