The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

All of the Property Owned  ?in Ireland by the Roman Catholic Church and many Politicians who willingly turned a Blind Eye to the Criminal abuses of Irish Children also to include all Property they have already Sold NEVER belonged to The Roman Catholic Church it was NOT theirs to sell they made a Fortune by using Irish Children as Slave Labour in Industrial Schools which were  Brutal Hard Labour Camps ,The Rathdrum Mansion  with lots of Land in Wicklow  was Bought by the RC Church  they bought it from the Millions they made using the Children to work all hours in the Rosary Bead  Factory in St Vincents Industrial Reformatory School ,Goldenbridge  In Dublin  where the young children were forced and Beaten to make Brown Paper Bags ,For shops, Sewing Blue Under ware for Africa ,Making oblong broaches ,Knitting Socks and Jumpers for Shops. and Convent's , All those SO Called services  supposed to be for those children who managed to stay alive although Damaged Mentally from the Brutality inflicted on them as Children by the Sadistic Cold Heart'd EVIL Nuns  and Staff ,and  then we have the Christian Brothers who were total Devils who did not care how they  damaged  the Children , Starve them, Rape Them─ Neglect Them , Mentally Abuse them─ Physically  Abuse Them, Torture Them , strip them of their Identity, Steal their Heritage, Steal their Siblings, Rob their Names,  Steal their Country, Try to Steal the Children's very SOULS , The Nun's Screaming into the  Terrified  shaking  children's  Face as they brought their big sticks down in full force on to the Children's  bodies weak already from hunger   small Bodies Shouting at the child >By the time I have finished Flogging you you will wish you were Never Born ,They Screamed into terrified Children's Faces  many were under 5 up to 16 years old  the Children used to tell each other to put their hands over their Heads to avoid  Brain damage from the force of the Sticks used by Evil Nun's and Staff. And Now The Politicians and the Roman Catholic Church are moaning  because the Children who by a Miracle managed to live and get out of those Child hard Labour Camps have been trying to get Justice None of Them Ever got Justice at all the Lawyers ,made themselves a Fortune mostly part of the Government or related to the Church in some way ─ The Businesses set up with huge funding by Criminal Heartless Money Grabbing they call themselves as Offering help and Services to the Survivor is all a Huge CON , Many Survivors Die alone abroad from damage caused when they were children in those Child Reformatory Prisons for Irish Children , You Lot in London who claim  huge Funding Shame and a CURSE on you all  it will all come back on you all or your families who benefited from the suffering of Irish Children, 

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Comment by jack colleton on June 28, 2017 at 23:09

" Many Survivors Die alone abroad from damage caused when they were children in those Child Reformatory Prisons for Irish Children"

Comment by pauline jackson on June 29, 2017 at 18:05

And we left without an education . No one outside could give us a job making rosary beads or knitting socks. there was so much to learn about life and we knew Nothing usefull at all. i was told again and again that i was wierd.

Comment by jack colleton on June 29, 2017 at 18:16

Wow So Much Said Of Great Truth And Meaning As Well As Value In Just Three Lines!

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