The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

Irish Church and State still Traffiking Women for Pharma illegal trials..2015

Pharmageddon - the illegal killing of patients - to cover up medical and Pharma harm and adverse reactions -
Novartis drugs/Amgen acids test/BioActive Glass experiments - all done on one patient - twisting and turning bones, removing cartilages and replacing them with industrial patches - a Dr Feargal O'Brien Engineer has been paid one million Euro from the EU to do the industrial patch studies - these trials are ongoing in Tullamore Hospital and done on innocent trusting patients under anaesthetic of scheduled minor surgeries - The patients are selected by Government - forced into hospital by "accidents" and then drugged or told they fainted - this is the genocide of human life in Ireland today - Pharma got impatient waiting for volunteers - there are no volunteers for Pharma or trials of bio-engineering - Pharma then move in burn down kidneys with electronic weapons to force patient back into hospital - Pharma shows no mercy and the Irish government are now stalking communities in Irish parishes for bait for pharma - several women in West Dublin have committed suicide - Novartis specifically have "bought" hundreds, perhaps thousands of post menopausal studies - the women are forced into psychiatry for question why they have so many scars on their bodies - they are hunted down and killed - several "suicide" set ups have been set up for me - from throwing rocks at my car on Mother's Day to poisoning my food - Dr Agron Hasani - Medical Doctor of Novartis Ireland stated to me in 2012 that he would both etchically and morally do what he can to find out what is happening - but he was obviously told "not to interfere" in the global pharmageddon game and instead actively took part by sponsoring Tullamore Hospital to shred the evidence -
Even after all that suffering, torture, mutilation of my body - Novartis does not stop - Shame on an Irish Government of today traffiking women for such torture - Shame on Dr Hasani and Lorretto Callaghan and Dr Eoin Sheehan of Tullamore Hospital and his team - Shame on the Management of that hospital who have "killed" off so many women - Let them explain why they are still using morcellators when the FDA have issued a Black Box warning on them - Read up on the testimory of Dr Amy Reed and her husband Dr Hooman Noorchasm - Why are so many citizens in Ireland being forced to suicide - mostly after medical/doctor care - Last few weeks/month there were so many deaths - either from cancer or by "suicide", This morning another one - a woman post menopausal - and the list goes on - what are pharma/medical cartel and the Irish Church and State doing to women (last week also a 61 year old man by "suicide") Dr Hasani you lied to me when you stated you would do what you could both ethically and morally - I have prayed for men like you to step outside the lying role and speak up for those of us who suffer Novartis drugs - but you remain silent - do you tell your family - this is not directed at you Dr Hasani it is to Doctors/all pharma Church and State do all of you tell your family of the blood, suffering and brokeness of familieis that you "kill" how you all feed and clothe them - do you explain how many you all have driven to suicide because others won't believe them - do you sit at the gravesides - do you not truly realise that we who have suffered because of your greed are human beings too - Your cartel is built on lies, your drugs are poison and God love anyone who trusts a sponsored doctor of pharma again - Shame on you Dr Michael Barry who started all of this with the Drug Aliskiren - Shame on Dr Paul McKernon of Connolly Hospital and shame on Dr Tom Walsh of Connolly Hospital who has many trophies on his wall and desk from Novartis - how many graves have you all filled - and I wonder of the mass graves and the one I raised concerns on in Clonoghill Cemetary - I speak to grown children now who still suffer the experiments that were done on them whilst they were enslaved in Industrial Schools all over Ireland - What kind of people are you all -
What kind of a Government do we have as the Industrial Schools and the Launderies are closed Bounty hunters for pharma are snooping around our neighborhoods - in my case Pharma mafia actually came to my door - throwing cardboard at my windows with the words "le Mans" on - Mr Greg Hays of Novartis said he did not know that Novartis had a lab in Le Mans in France that was doing clinical trials on Post Menopausal women - Liars the lot of them and yet so many deaths of women around that age - so many experiments done on them - sure how could they live - with snoops at every turn watching and listening who they were talking to - Shame on Sr Stanislaus Kennedy who did not evey bother to reply to my request on coming together for peace and safety for all under the National Medical Malpractice Advocacy Association. I recall reading back some years ago that Sr Stan Kennedy when asked why she did not help a young lad in the Kilkenny Industrial School when he told her that he was being physically, sexually abused - That Nun stated "I thought he was looking for attention" where in any such enslavement of children can a child "look for attention" - It is absolutely unacceptable to know that the Catholic Church and Sr Stan Kennedy (who has her own website and calls herself a Visionary) are still carrying on as they always did - silence is not an option -
Well Sr Stan I can tell you that I AM looking for attention - plenty of it - for the Irish people to speak up, to question the records of their loved ones who have died - to check for procedures done to them or if they are still lucky to be alive - check their abdomens, their hips and start asking questions because Church and State are still supplying women for Pharma funds of Judas... is now a worldwide campaign and appealing for everyone including doctors and hospitals and governments to join in this Peaceful Movement for Hope, Healing and Honour - from Ireland to Texas and beyond - Stop the Silence ...I find it of concern that most Big Pharma came to Ireland in 1947 - Pharma experimented on thousands of children. women and men in the concentration camps where many mass graves were found following the end of the war. I stress to all people worldwide please listen to this - Children and Women were literally pulled off the streets in Ireland for decades - there are over 140 Industrial schools/mother and baby homes mentioned in the Ryan Report on the abuse, both physically and sexually to both children and women - most if not all of those children and women were used for testing of pharma drugs and trials - The Symphsiotomy women were used in Clinical Trials...The Irish Government was told by the International Courts in Geneva last July 2014 to hold accountable the doctors who did such torture to those women - many now have died - With regard to the children in industrial schools how many died - there have been mass graves found - one in Tuam with 800 babies - Castlepollard 500 dead babies - Birr - St John's Orphans - another mass grave - Now I should not have to point out the similarities of mass unmarked graves found after World War II - to the many unamrked graves being discovered in Ireland over the last year - The World had the Nuremberg Trials - Ireland did not convict one Nun, Clergy, Government official, or Pharma company - and now the same collusion and torture of citizens for Pharma is ongoing - What another Legacy of bribery and corruption in our sad and broken Ireland - Whilst many are preparing to remember our brave men of 1916 - I ask you also to remember the first whistleblower of Church and State abuse was a young chap named Peter Tyrell who was born in 1916 - remember how he wrote that he had spent some time in a concentration camp when he joined the Britsh Army - Peter said the Industrial School Letterfrack was worse than the concentration camp - when he left the army Peter tried to get help for other children still enslaved - he knew what they were suffering - he was ignored and took his own life in London -
Will anyone try to stop the pharmageddon crime of abductions of lives for pharma - we may not have mass graves but we have many dotted across the country from medical/pharma malpractice - and not one good doctor, priest, Nun or government official will raise concerns or say STOP - What a Legacy from this Government and Irish Church of today and what an Exposé of Pharma corruption and bribery - which many knew of but women like me could only believe it is true when we suffer it...Teri B Keane Director of the Irish Chapter of The National Medical Malpractice Advocacy Association, Blueball, Tullamore, Co -
I may be back on here in a while - hopefully I will, sadly as a pharmageddon patient (bait) that decision is not mine - too many bruising from shopping this week - too many bruising and burning of organs coming through - I appeal to Pharma/Novartis and the Medical Cartel of Malpractice doctors and Church and State to Stop - to do good and stop the blood crimes for pharma in Ireland and beyond..."I did not know I was a slave until I could not do the things I wanted to" Frederick Douglass

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