The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

Last Day To Support Voices of Irish Survivors!

It's the last day for people to sign their names and show their support for this application that's going into the Abbey Theatre this Friday! It's called "Voices of Irish Survivors" - it aims to bring the voices and experiences of survivors of Institutional Abuse onto the stage, by recording the voices and the life story of those who want to tell their stories now.... Please spread the word!

You can sign the letter and find out more here:

Or on Facebook:

Any questions? Just ask...

This project could shine a spotlight on the plight of survivors now and really let them have their say. This is not only about the past, but the present - and the future. Are we going to listen to survivors now - or allow them to be silenced and legally gagged? Is their future going to be any brighter than they dark past they had to endure?

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Comment by robert on December 17, 2017 at 12:16

I have been reported to Facebook yet again I am silenced by the Right of Place fan club who never lifted a finger to help me in serious situations as a survivor this Group have had abused my ;ife here in ireland i hoped for better things when the New Right of place started but i was to find this New Right ofPlace was even far worse as i had reported to them of welfare struggles health struggles medical struggles on how i was being cheated out of my redress that i had to pay using redress to pay for exceptional needs it has been a horrenduious abuse of my rights as a survivor of industrial schools i suffered five industrial schools and Right of Place caused me to try and commit suicide in Cork City my experience with the Right of Place had caused me to rebel against the whole set up of State  Bills to deal with their own abuse of my life. Twisting words like  yes my redress can be meanstested with community welfare officers as exceptional needs are down to the decision of the Community welfare officers who by the way never once tried to understand i have had suffered serious health problems and this department failed me as well as the Right of Place who removed the REPRESENTING SURVIVORS from their title that they are more an advice center like nova or citizens avice center they npw brong out a report after the spotlight with all the needs they say we all need but as perusual they have no evidence as they failed for years to listen to Survivors not living on their door step. TheRight of Place abused my rights to represenation and support Mr Walsh never lifted a finger to help thus my anger towards the Right ofPlace. I was suffering many areas in my life and i was always neglected by their staff. i had it withthese Groups who without real truth of any professional skills without experience in working woth people who suffer serious abuses this Group has only proven to be abusive if i could afford soliciotrs i would have sued them fortheur misleading information to the Irish Nation and how they supported theState and Religous ratherthan the survivors. I was seriously bullied by the Right of Place regarding Heath Housing and welfare needs especially my redress and caranua. they have now had me bullied out of the only voice i had on Facebook as i was very very angery that they write up REPORTS AFTER the HORSE HAD BOLTED for YEARS they Knew we were to Suffer the Caranua fund they even deny they were behind the caranua fund yet they were funded by Mary higgins ceo of the St Stephens Trust fund where she and Right ofPlace were even on personal terms they evern did the public ice bucket challenge with each other I am sure when this gets out the survivors will as usually do see that they were all hudwinked. I nly wanted Funding for my little Girl they failed my little girl i contacted them on this funding stating that she was benn blocked by the education Minister and now the caranua they never lifted a finger to help us my little girl faces life alobe when i pass away  I point the finger right to mr Walsh and the Right of Place who could have done what they claim now to do as a Survivor support Group sadly i could not even afford the ten euros they charge survivors NOYT ONCE did the RIGHT OF PLACE Mr Walsh contact me he left it to a member of staff sho stated that she was not getting the support i needed from him I would love to challenge the Right of Place in Court as i would the Caranud fund what was the Problem? we were left without a Professional Legal Body as the Right ofplace even had a Barrister who was working for them alone to fend off us survivors. this Barrister is workng for Caranua and Right of Place who have left us with out any leagl support WHY. Marc thank you for your support Robert 

Comment by William Delahunty on January 1, 2018 at 2:19

Happy New Year to all 

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