The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

Letter 17th January 2019 to Commissioner Garda Siochana Drew Harris

Dear Commissioner Drew Harris,

I write to you again.  I refer to your email to me by your office some months ago, where I was informed that the case has been directed by you to Mullingar Station who in turn directed it to Chief Supt Scanlan at Portlaoise District HQ.
I ask you today why you as the New Commissioner of An Garda Síochána are slow to look to check what is happening in this case which is going on now for many years.  As your office told me this week you cannot deal with everything.  I know that but please note you are the THIRD Commissioner dragging his heals on crimes against me.
Your office did state to me earlier this week that if I have new evidence to write in.
You know that two Commissioners & two Gardai covered up injuries to me by doctors who purposely damaged me.  But to clarify I do not think Commissioner Martin Callinan was involved as he was gone before Sgt Oliver Baker did any investigation and as you will know Ollie Baker closed the file and was promoted to Inspector in Portlaoise Station despite assuring me he was looking into Doctors who harmed me specifally where Dr Eoin Sheehan had accused me of accusing him of Sexual Assault under Anaesthetic.  Sgt Baker never even tried to clear my name even with evidence of an unexplained Xray on my abdomen and so mjuch more of medical assault on me under anaesthetic.
I do not apologise for using their names as this is my life my body that has been tortured by corrupt medical doctors on behalf of Novartis Amgen & the criminal cartel in Universities who experiment on Human Subjects, i.e. Trinity College. University College under Professor Michael Keane and Royal College of Surgeons under Professor Fergal O'Brien.
You know that I wrote to you setting out details of my journey to Monaco where I have evidence of damage to my spine - where in the Princess Grace Hospital Monaco I was informed that on my return to Ireland I was to ask for an MRI and that my spine needs looking at otherwise it will get worse.
I confirm to you as I have done earlier that my GP Dr Frank Fahey Tullamore dragged out making an MRI Letter for me - I subsequently did get notification that he sent the letter but because I could not explain many cuts to under my heart etc., the girl in Alliance Medical Clane Hospital told me that I need to ask for verification of what was done to me by Tullamore Hospital in 2013 - From my own research and covert follow ups since of scans on my Aortic Arch without explanation to me I knew Novartis had had doctors insert a Patch into my Aortic Arch.   I remind you that I had suffered adverse reactions to Novartis blood pressure drug in 2011 and every doctor since goes to criminal levels to harm me further.
My GP continued that he would get information from Tullamore Hospital.  He did not.
I asked Dr Fahey Tullamore if I needed to have an Ultrasound - He said on my request that he would send me to a Consultant Gynaecologist and he picked a Lady doctor at Clane - However I was informed by Clane Hospital that she was booked out until after November 2018 - I had already informed Dr Fahey of this and suggested I would go the Male Gynaecologhist despite this Fahey referred me to the Lady doctor - Clane Hospital itself is fantastic, professional and all about patient safety but seemingly they have given Alliance Medical all of their Xrays, Ultrasounds and MRIs.  I beleive this to be the case in many Hospitals throughout Ireland including the North.
The MRI was held up because I had the mocking phase from my GP Frank Fahey - he kept fobbing me off - why are Tullamore hospital withholding crucial patient safety on what they did to me to ensure I could have safe MRI - even to Minister Simon Harris the corruption and cover up goes on.
The new evidence:
As I stated Dr Frank Fahey told me that he would NOT send me for an ultrasound as it would be the Consultant I was waiting to see who would recommend it.   The Consultant who I saw did not advise an Ultrasound but he did advise  to Dr Frank Fahey that I needed to see an Orthopaedic Surgeon and a Gastroenteroligst- to date Frank Fahey has not done either instead it was Dr Frank Fahey who referred me to a Dr Williams of Alliance Medical at Clane Hospital for an Ultrasound - I only knew this when Clane Hospital text me with stating they had received a referral letter for an ultrasound - On clarification from Clane I found out that it was Dr Fahey who had sent in the referral letter without any consultation or phonecall or request from me.   I state that Dr Fahey only did this when he knew I had had a Gnaechology Report coming to him.  Even his secretary was surprised when I checked to see if the Gynae report was in - she kept saying "You Have had your Gynae" 
Within days I got that text from Clane to inform me about an ultrasound request from my GP Dr Fahey.
The Ultrasound 27th September 2018
I met with Dr Charles Williams - I showed him the report from Monaco so that he knew what injuries I had - he dismissed them saying it is only wear and tear and like a good car salesman he said sure I at this age have the same.
I was asked recently was there a Nurse present or were you offered to have one present.
No I was not asked nor did i even think I need one - I recall back some years when a doctor who was examming me asked me would I like a Nurse present and I said Yes.  The doctor was not happy saying "Really".
So the Ultrasound of my abdomen began.
To confirm to you Commissioner the following was sent to Dr Williams within a short while - within 24 hours I was sitting in Dr Frank Faheys surgery in Tullamore with tears down my face. 
I could hardly walk
An Ultrasound as described on Alliance Medical own website does not hurt as even my GP stated to me - On their website Alliance Medical says the probe goes across the abdomen or whatever part of the body and if it hits a bone it bounces back.
My ultrasound by Dr Charles Williams of Alliance Medial
Dr Williams did rub gel on my abdomen and he started with a probe that resemble the old type microphone - he did not glide across my abdomen he forced that probe into every soft tissue - I told him again and again that he was hurting me - He said nothing - he got me to ly on my sides and he went up an down my hips as if he was planing wood - I told him again he was hurting me but he would not stop
Since then I have had FOUR UTIs - I cannot remember back over 30 years having a UTI - I have had bruising on my abdomen and vomiting - this my GP Dr Frank Fahey has just grinned at.
Why are you Commissioner Drew Harris ignoring such criminality - the Medical Council is corrupt with Novartis and the Pharna Industry as are Gardai.
Remember for the last 5 years I have been labelled as Paranoid for believing such criminality by doctors and Gardai are complicit with that cover up.
Note Commissioner Dr Charles Williams was noted in Tallaght Hospital as one of the Medical Team who ignored a clot in a 27 year old woman who DIED.
Note this is Publicly accessible.
Teresa Byrne

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