The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

Letter for Help for SAFETY to Prime Minister Tsipras of Greece

Dear Prime Minister Tsipras,
This has also be sent direct by Email
I write to you direct to request that you expose the crimes of Novartis torture to women.
In Ireland the CEO of Irish Healthcare CEO has been forced to step down because of cover up of wrong diagnosis to women - resulting in 17 so far dead, some more racing against time with chemotherapy and up to 200 still waiting to hear their correct results.
In Ireland also women are trafficked to Novartis trials of torture with NO CONSENT and used in Bio Engineering trials for Novartis & other Pharma Profit Margins.  The secret "police" of Government in Ireland & UK then Label such women down as Liars and force them into Psychiatry just so the Mad men of Science can continue to abuse & take organs glands and Cartilage bones from their bodies to replace them with the Mad Men of Science's synthetic Devices.  This is all done on once healthy women for what Novartis & Government call "Science".
I t is the Famine of Life.  It is abuse of Human Rights.  It is Medical Pharma Torture.
I note that you have spoken out against bribery & corruption from Novartis.  The Irish Government and Healthcare & all Agencies in Ireland are in corruption with Novartis and once a woman - Human Subject - is picked there is no way back - It is a nightmare - it is torture in this day and age.
I know that I have sent you details before.
As I write this I know that your Universities are doing Bio Engineering also and I pray that no woman in Greece is being treated as I have been in Ireland.
My injuries and missing parts are real - the evidence of which has been covered up in Ireland to a criminal level.
I already have written to the International Criminal Courts advised to me by Sir Nigel Ridley - in Geneva - sadly he is now deceased - He advised me that my case has to go to the International Criminal Courts against Torture.
This is my second time in Greece and I ask for the Greek Government to please help me take a case to the International Courts against the Irish Government.  I know that there are Targeted people for no reason at all throughout the world.  I have been targeted and blacklisted just because I know exactly what Medics Novartis HSE & Government have done to me.
I came here for a break away from all the cover up and I would like my injuries missing parts documented by a Honest Doctor - sadly as far as Ireland is concerned Novartis own the Universities Healthcare & Government.  To know that Gardaí edited my Statement and removed evidence from my file before sending it to DPP says it all and how dangerous Ireland is for me - I know that I am not the only one.  Perhaps it is the same here - Perhaps it is something agreed under EU Law. Whatever it is it is totally wrong in the eyes of God and all that is True - If it is something agreed under EU it makes a mockery of their Human Rights.
I have gone the full circle in Ireland at least twice - one criminal Lawyer told me that no solicitor will come up against HSE & Novartis.
My country is at fault as they were with the Symphysiotomy tortured women.  This case went before Sir Nigel Rodley in 2014 where our then Justice Minister Frances Fitzgerald nodded away as the Chairman Sir Nigel stated:
"I had difficulty sleeping when I read the torture those women went through..we have had it with Ireland -
First there was the suffering of the Industrial Schools children
Then the Magdalene Women, the Mother & Baby Homes, and now we have the Symphysiotomy Women"
As he told Minister Fitzgerald that doctors have to be held Accountable, she kept nodding - yet she had all my information and evidence in her office at that time - and I suffered so much more since because of the cover up.
In the Nuremberg Trials after World War II no Pharmaceutical Company were held accountable for their torture of so many in Auschwitz.  Ciba-Geigy came to Ireland in 1947. After some time they changed their name to Novartis.  They are involved in every part of Society.  I do not know how it is here in Greece but I do know that you Prime Minister Tsipras has spoken out about Novartis corruption - as in US and many other countries Novartis pays their fines and carry on with their crimes.
I ask you please for help, support and justice against Novartis and Irish Government in their torture to women.  During a foot operation doctors violated my body under anaesthetic removed cartiliages bones from my neck (which are evident to see even by a Non Medical person) glands etc.
If you cannot give help or exposure to these crimes well what can I do.
I owe it to myself and my family to look for safety as long as I can.
I hope you understand my request.
Mao Angelou said "No one is more human than another, They might be Richer, They might be Powerful, but No one is more Human than Another"  it would seem under Pharmaceutical Law many women are looked on as lesser human beings with no rights..
Thank you for your time in reading this.  Back many years ago in Germany a young Greek man and his sister came to my aid when I was assaulted by a Sister who I had gone over to help out in her restaurant, they drove me to the airport and helped me get away.  I was always grateful - I had offers to come over to them, sadly I did not.  I went on to suffer 40 years of abuse from that sister and another one.  I am from a large family - so I guess I was easy prey for doctors to use and abuse me in many ways.  My darling Mother also suffered not at the hands of doctors or government but at the hands of those same sisters - I was threatened many times what would happen to me if I "told".  Torturing human beings for Judas Funds, I believe, is the worse crime against God and Humanity.
Yours sincerely in Hope for Safety and Justice,
Teri (Teresa)
Ireland but at moment in Greece

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