The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

Mainstream Media rewriting History for 600,000 Abused Children!

Can't Believe how Outraged I was when I read the Following! Read it and See if YOU Feel the Same?

Call for exhumation of ‘Little Nellie’ to allow faithful to pray

Bishop of Cork wants remains of Ellen Organ to be moved from convent grounds

Little Nellie, seen in this illustration, suffered from TB and was placed in the care of the nuns at the Good Shepherd Convent in 1907

by Louise Roseingrave

First published: Wed, Aug 19, 2015, 08:11

The Bishop of Cork hopes the body of a five-year-old girl who died more than 100 years ago can be exhumed to allow people to pray at her graveside.

Bishop John Buckley has called for the remains of “Little Nellie” (Ellen Organ – depicted in the illustration above) to be moved from the grounds of a convent bought by developers in 2005.

The now-derelict Good Shepherd Convent at Sunday’s Well became the property of Ulster Bank and KPMG in 2010. Gaining graveside access required permission from the owners, Dr Buckley said. “They would be reluctant from a security point of view,” he said.

Little Nellie was born in 1903 and became known for a spiritual awareness deemed extraordinary for a young child. She suffered from TB and was placed in the care of the nuns at the Good Shepherd Convent in 1907. She died in 1908 but received Holy Communion before her death, prompting Pope St Pius X to lower the age for communicants from 12 to seven.

“She was buried in St Joseph’s Cemetery but was exhumed and reburied within the convent grounds at the nuns’ request,” Dr Buckley said.

At the time of the exhumation, a year after Nellie’s death, her remains were found to be intact.
“There were four people present at that first exhumation, including two nurses, and they witnessed her body was intact. After her reburial, many favours were recorded,” Dr Buckley said.


My First Response was surely this is St Finbarr's Industrial School, so why were they rewriting History by stating "she was in the Care of the Nuns"

Had the Irish Times Never Heard of Industrial Schools or Read the Commission into Child Abuse? A.K.A. as the "Ryan Report"

I Tweeted the Author and got this Reply

So the Bishop supplied the Copy which was Printed Verbatim?

I did a little Digging and found this very Biased Account of the Good Shepherd Nuns

"The death of her mother
In 1905 the family moved to Spike, an island fort situated in Cork Harbor. The mother's health, which had never been robust, now visibly deteriorated.

Pious and devout, Mrs. Organ turned in her last months entirely to God, and her rosary was never out of her hands. Toward the end she clung to Nellie with such transports of affection that the child had to be torn, almost rudely, from her dying embrace. She died of consumption (tuberculosis) in January, 1907.

The eldest of the Organ children was only nine at the time and her father was engaged throughout the day in his military duties, so initially a charitable neighbor gave occasional help in the Organ household. However since the children were so young and couldn't help much with all the necessary household duties, it was soon realized that this makeshift arrangement was a poor one, and in addition it was discovered that Nellie was painfully delicate and was requiring special care, for it was soon discovered that she had a crooked spine, though this was not recognized completely until she came into the care of the Good Shepherd Sisters. Sitting upright in a chair was painful for her and in fact holding her body still for any length of time pained her a great deal. Her hip and her twisted back were out of joint. She cried, but there was no loving mother to soothe and comfort her. Nellie's father at length realized that he could not carryon any longer in a motherless family, so he asked a kind priest friend to find a home in some convent for his forlorn orphans.

Nellie and her sister is sent to the Good Shepherd Sisters
The priest friend came to his assistance, and with his kind help each of the little ones was provided with a home in the charitable institutions of the diocese. Thomas was sent to the School of the Brothers of Charity at Upton; David, the younger brother, to the convent school of the Sisters of Mercy, Passage West; and it was arranged that Mary and Nellie should be sent to live at St. Finbarr's Industrial School conducted by the Sisters of the Good Shepherd at Sunday's Well, in the city of Cork, Ireland.

Nellie and her sister arrived on May 11th, 1907. It was with truly maternal care that Mary and Nellie were surrounded there by the kind Good Shepherd Sister and Nellie was truly happy there, and she called all the Sisters "Mothers." Upon her arrival Nellie was three years and nine months old; she would live the remaining eight months of her life with the Sisters."

Source MysticsOfTheChurch.Com

The Names Of "Upton" "Passage West" & St Finbarr's will strike a chord of Terror with anyone who has ever set foot there! AND How can the Catholic Church Continue to Ignore the Findings of the Commission into Child Abuse?

The very tone of the Bishops Request and Explanation, along the account from MysticsOfTheChurch.Com is a Whitewash and Fabrication Denying the Holocaust of the Industrial Schools and the 600,000 Children who were damaged by them!

A few days later the the issued was Discussed on Cork FM click the Link bellow and Skip to 22 Minutes and 20 Seconds
To Hear Discussion on Cork FM Opinion Line click this Link?

This Really Does beg the Question "How Many Children are Buried in the Cemetery at St Finbarr's Industrial School?"

Bellow is a Letter written by a Facebook Friend of Mine, I was so touched with the Humanity of it; I have Reproduced it with her Permission

Rose Brien Harrington's Letter to Bishop Buckley about Little Nellie
20 August at 18:07 ·

This is the letter I sent to John Buckley, RC bishop of Cork and Ross, ie. the man who wants to dig up the body of a dead child, yet again, and move her somewhere more convenient than the grounds of the Magdalene laundry in Sundays Well. It's nothing but religious tourism.

Dear Mr Buckley

I am writing to express my anger and disgust at your proposal to reinter, for the second time, the remains of Ellen Organ. Firstly there are no good reasons to exhume and reinter her body other than commercial ones, ie. she made money for the Good Shepherd nuns in the years after her death. Is there not there a line in Scripture which goes “remember, man, that thou art dust and unto dust thou shalt return”? Surely the needless disturbance of Ellen Organ’s remains contravene this teaching?
Secondly, and this is probably of even more import, Ellen Organ is interred in the grounds of Sundays Well convent which operated as a Magdalene laundry for many years. My great aunt, Esther Harrington, spent 70 years of her life, from age 14 to her death in 1987 at age 84, incarcerated in that awful place. The nuns would not let her out because she was an excellent seamstress and was financially valuable to them, although she was never paid a penny for the work she did. I recall her working well into her 70s when she could surely have expected to be allowed to retire. In fact, when my grandparents attempted to “claim her out” in the 1930s they were threatened with financial ruin by a local priest here in Cobh. My grandmother had been housekeeper to Bishop Brown and was married from his house, by him. She thought she was well respected in the Roman Catholic Church but apparently she was not. With three young children they could not afford to lose their sweetshop, coal round and their home. Incidentally, the “registers” held by the Good Shepherd order are erroneous in their record of Esther’s life. I know the true story because my relatives, ie grandmother, father, great aunts and aunts all knew what had happened and when. Sadly they are all deceased now and cannot bear witness.
After Esther’s death she was put into a mass grave in St Joseph’s cemetery in Ballyphehane. I was ill with cancer at the time and hence was not able to attend her funeral. When I traced her grave in 2013 I discovered that the nuns had failed to put her name on the headstone of the grave. Indeed on the other Good Shepherd grave in St Josephs there are no fewer than four discrepancies which were discovered by Conall O Fatharta of the Irish Examiner and were admitted by the nuns. They still overlooked Esther though. When I contacted them I was told by a Brid Mullins of the Good Shepherd Order that it was an oversight and she was sure I understood. Yes, I understood only too well. Esther was no longer of any benefit to the nuns and they saw no reason to accord her the dignity of her name on the headstone of her grave. 70 years of service were simply forgotten about.
Back to the present and there is a grave containing the bodies of approximately thirty women, although history would suggest that there are more than thirty women buried in the grounds of Sundays Well. The official grave, that is to say the one with the headstone and inscriptions, is now behind a locked gate, surrounded by an 8ft wall and is derelict, having been vandalised and neglected. The relatives of the women cannot visit their grave, it is completely inaccessible.
If you are so anxious that people should be able to visit Ellen Organ’s grave (although it is unlikely that there are many still alive who knew her and she obviously had no children of her own) then why are you not anxious that the relatives of the Magdalene women should be able to visit THAT grave? Are these women still of no human importance to the Roman Catholic Church? Of course, Ellen Organ’s grave draws “religious tourists” who will, no doubt, leave “offerings” and I am of the belief that that is your first concern. Otherwise, surely you would not be disturbing the body of a dead child for the second time?
If you are so concerned with the graves in Sundays Well why do you not arrange to have the Magdalene grave refurbished and repaired in order to allow relatives to visit? Better still, why do you not force the Good Shepherd order to compensate the survivors of the Magdalene laundries they ran with slave labour? It is too late for Esther but there are many women whose lives have been adversely affected by their incarceration in these institutions. I have yet to meet one, and I have met many, who will say that it was in any way a positive experience. The survivors speak of beatings, neglect, starvation, long hard working hours for no payment, constant belittling of them and erosion of their self respect and, indeed, their very humanity at times. Many of them speak of sexual abuse in these places also. Can you not see what an insult, following injury, your idea of reinterring Ellen Organ, for the second time, is to these women? They never asked for the treatment they got and they certainly did not deserve it for no one deserves to be treated in an inhumane fashion.
I must tell you, Mr Buckley, that the days of the Roman Catholic Church’s ability to ride roughshod over society, and over women and children in particular, are well and truly over. There are large groups of us, some victims, some family members like myself and some people who just support the victims because they feel, quite rightly, that the Roman Catholic Church has treated women and children appallingly for far too long. We have no intention of allowing you to spit on the memories of these women any longer and you will find a massive amount of resistance to your rather disgusting plan.
I do not expect to receive any kind of reply to this letter as, in my experience, Roman Catholic clergy take a lofty and superior approach to anyone who points out their shortcomings and who does not buckle under their self assumed authority. I am proud to say that your organisation has never had any kind of authority over me because I had the strength of character to get away from it at a very young age. I thank God that he did give me that strength and I thank God for the ability to fight against a regime that uses the name of Jesus in order to commit evil deeds.

If There is Ever a Reply I shall let you know?

Thank You for Reading!
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Comment by jack colleton on September 26, 2015 at 12:11
Comment by pauline jackson on September 27, 2015 at 18:33

A five year old child isint a saint. Religion is taught its not something that just happens. Kids have always been a money spinner. Living off kids and misery.Thats the true religion of these so called nuns and priests . Bunch of parasites.

Comment by jack colleton on September 28, 2015 at 3:54

Fair Comment Pauline  .... Excellent Infact!

Comment by Catherine on September 28, 2015 at 9:14

Looking back at the 1980s we can now see the coming Empire as a $30 Billion clinical trials industry run by a new breed of satellite companies (CROs) took shape, as a process was put in place that rapidly led to over 90% of academic articles about on-patent drugs being ghostwritten, as the US patent system was extended globally in the form of TRIPs, and how in 100% of cases the data from controlled trials, that had previously been readily available in the Republic of Science, was sequestered.

The new Empire swallowed the Medical Republic. And values turned inside out.

Comment by Catherine on September 28, 2015 at 9:21

I agree Pauline and even today children are the commodity for the "care business"

In fact importing the failed British system under the failed Gordon Jeyes and the 400% increase of children in corporate care is right there for all to see.

Care is the one place where you can legally abuse/rape  a child and get paid for it.

The state does not prosecute itself as one barrister reminded me in court.

Inquisition Ireland 21st century- this journalist has worked it out , met people on the ground etc.

Ireland beware!

On Monday, 23 August 2010, BBC’s Panorama screened ‘Please don’t take our child’. ( It was the story of a travesty in which a good couple were wrongfully accused of hurting their child. After the parents were cleared, Gordon Jeyes, representing the system which had almost destroyed them, defended it saying,

“It’s the social workers job to think the unthinkable.”

Gordon Jeyes was the director of children's services at Cambridgeshire County Council, which fought hard to criminalize the innocent Ward couple and take their child.

It may be a coincidence that he was then given the top child protection job in Ireland, in a state industry currently managing a staff of 4,000 and a budget of £600 million.

It may also be a coincidence that he has moved from the country from which parents and children are fleeing to the country they are mainly fleeing to – Ireland.

Comment by Catherine on September 28, 2015 at 9:24

The saint hood business is a scam.

Mortals judging mortals for profit.

When the truth re mother Teresa came out , she was no saint- but she bought the title by feeding the Vatican peoples money - that they believed was going to build 15 hospitals.

Comment by Teri on September 29, 2015 at 20:28

"Lord what fools those mortals be" Wm Shakespeare

Comment by jack colleton on September 29, 2015 at 23:55


Comment by Rob Northall on October 4, 2015 at 16:03

The Photograph bellow is of the Mass Grave of Magdalene Laundry Women who died in the "Care" of the Nuns

I took down the photo as I used it without Permission will put it back when use has been approved

Little Nellie of Holy God was an orphan girl aged just four years when she died in 1908. She is buried in the grounds of the former Good Shepherd Convent in Sunday’s Well in Cork. Her body was exhumed once already, and now calls for her body to be exhumed again have angered some in Cork. Our reporter Brian O’Connell reports.

To Listen to this  <CLICK HERE>

Comment by pauline jackson on October 5, 2015 at 15:42

Its also called body snatching. Leave the little girl alone. She has brought in enough money as it is.

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