The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

Firstly you discriminate against me, why i wonder, is it because i have a mental health issue, you know discrimination is against the law. You take years to provide me with some token help, heres me telling people that there are some good guys in caranua guess you fooled me David, to refuse a survivor dental work that is so badly needed is a scandal which you guys will have to answer for, you by virtue of your payment process regard us as subhuman again breaching our human rghts, your policy of misinformation will be your downfall. I guess you really dont care its just a nice high paying job for you. Well sooner or later some one will care, someone who can take you to task. Can you imagine how i felt this morning receiving your email, refused with no explaination just refused, i am heartbroken, heart broken to see whats behind the mask, my first toughts were to just go and end it because i cant keep living like this, but im going to stay and see you get your just rewards. You really dont care do you, well caranua the gloves are coming off. You have failed to engage with me despite me giving you every chance on the dicrimination and unequal treatment we survivors who pay for caranua receive at your hands. How do you sleep at night knowing that the food in your fridge, your car in the drive, your morgage payments comes from monies belonging to abuse victims, what is it you tell people you do, im sure its not the truth, we milk survivors fund for every thing we can, one way or another justice will be served, you see you cant get away with stuff like this anymore, you cant abuse people anymore. Michael

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Comment by micheal on May 17, 2016 at 15:40

Also sent in this today as complaint,

David Duffy

Remember when we had a phone conversation for over an hour and i said to you was it good works because thats what you belive in or good works for cash, like the certain survivor groups who use us as a cash machine, well i guess in your case its the latter, you told me caranua discriminated against me, agreee with me on the abuse of my human rights, accepted that misleading my appeals officer was wrong, who will fight for me in caranua you pretended to be that guy but are not, you and mary higgins had the chance to make things right and you refuse me what your legally obliged to provide for me, you have taken the side of people who would discriminate against me, abuse my human rights, refuse my right to privacy and dignity as a person, damage my health and mental well being, torture me with endless delays and refusals for two and a half years and counting,, its abuse 2.0 plain and simple to which you are now a party to. Michael

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