The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

My Letters to the Medical Council on Medical Torture in Portlaoise & Tullamore Hospitals

Medical Council Ireland are continuing to cover up Medical & Novartis crimes in Ireland

I have pleaded for safety in Healthcare but with the Biomedical & BioEthics of UCD, TCD & RCSI - I have learnt there are no ethics - these mad men of Medicine & Science are doing covert biongineering trials on women.  Minister Simon Harris should hang his head low, very low at his involvement in trafficking women to the most painstaking trials not known since Auschwitz.  Irish Government & Healthcare are using Human Subjects, discarding their human rights and safety for the Pharma Industry of corruption.  I have been threatened too many times.  I have been injured too many times.

I take courage from the Memory of Dr Amy Reed who died last May from Morcellation injuries.  Dr Amy Reed was 42 years old, a doctor, wife and mother to 6 children.  Her husband Dr Hooman Noorchasm has written extensively about Morcellators and their dangers.   Yet in Ireland Morcellators are still used freely in HSE Hospitals.

I take courage also from the Memory of Marcie Shea Jacobs who was injured by Gadolinium Poisoning which happens when Contrast is used in MRI's.  Marcie wrote extensively to alert many to the dangers of MRI's with contrast. On the day Marcie was was to lodge Court Documents on Gadolinium Poisoning she suffered a Massive Heart Attack and died.  Marcie Shea Jacobs was 61 years old.

I publish here my recent letters to the Medical Council which I trust all will find to be self-explanatory of the corruption in Healthcare & Government in Ireland.


Dear Medical Council,
Complaint on Dr James Joseph Daly Medical Council Reg No.001553
I have been advised by the DPP's office to write to you re Doctors who have Harmed me.
Dr James Daly is a Psychiatrist in Portlaoise Hospital.
When I was forcibly sectioned in 2013 I was under this psychiatrist.
I was forcibly injected and kept on psychotropic drugs. I complained of pelvic pain and discomfort which was ongoing following my foot operation in Tullamore Hospital 7 - 8 weeks beforehand.. I was not given any gynae examination.  I had Private Health Insurance and was not offered to take that up even though we are told every day that the HSE Mental Health services are overstretched and there are no beds. At that time The nurses could only give me Ponsten for the pain.  Several times I tried to bring up about Dr Eoin Sheehan alleging that I had accused him of Sexual Assault.  It was never discussed. However, Dr Daly insisted that I go back to Sheehan for the follow up on my feet - I was only recently out of casts but still needed to use wheelchair and crutches.  I said several times that I could not go back to Sheehan - I was told that an appointment will be made with Dr Sheehan - that first appointment I could not attend as I was so traumatised by the thoughts of seeing that doctor again.  Another appointment was set up for me by Dr Daly's team.
At that appointment when I asked again about the Xray of the Curviture of my Spine - Sheehan shouted at me - I never went back to him again. I should not have been forced back to him but I was. Note that I was sectioned because Dr Eoin Sheehan had alleged to Gardai that I had accused him of Sexual Assault under Anaesthetic.  This was never discussed in Portlaoise Hospital - I did not accuse Sheehan of anything but Sheehan told Gardai he was worried about his reputation.  Doctors who lie are doing so to cover up their own medical harm to patients.
Before Tribunals the usual - I was told if I withdrew the automatic Tribunal any mental health patient is given - I would be placed as Voluntary - which is what I did.  I was also given a Solicitor and an "Independent Psychiatrist" - the Solicitor arrived one evening around 8.00pm.  After our lengthy meeting I was just back in the ward when I was called again to say that my independent Psychiatrist had arrived.  I went to see her - it was almost 10.00p.m. - I was exhausted from the drugs and also the meeting I had just finished with my appointed Solicitor - I asked the Psychiatrist if I could meet with her another day/evening and explained that I was exhausted - she retorted that she had driven all the way down from Dublin and this meeting is to ahead now. Her tone was very harsh and I looked at her and recognised her from many times on television and I have heard her several times on Marian Finucane and other Radio Shows - her voice is very distinctive.  I did not know that she was a Psychiatrist as I knew of her as a Psychologist but I was told that she was a Psychiatrist and she confirmed that to me stating that she was "my" independent psychiatrist.  I was so exhausted that evening. She started off saying "you go by several different names - I told her that my name is Teresa Byrne nee Keane and that I am also known for over 30 years by Teri Byrne and that my children know me as Teri - For the last five years I had started to use my maiden name "Keane".
This a link to the Psychiatrist who did a report on me that night and she was completely rushed, snappy and upsetting to me but I felt I had no option.  I did not say to her that I recognised her because at that time I was terrified to question anything in Portlaoise Hospital and I thought well maybe she is a Psychiatrist also.
I was upset to note that Dr Daly was insisting I go back to Dr Eoin Sheehan who had alleged that I accused him of Sexual Assault and there was still no one explaining to me the Xray from Tullamore Hospital.
I thought that a victim is NOT sent back to the abuser.  I was just drugged.  Nurses in front of my solicitor said to me that I didn't need to take the drugs if I didn't want to - I was pleased to hear this but as soon as my solicitor went I was told by the same Nurses that if I refuse the drugs I will be held down and forcibly drugged.  I could not believe what was going on and was very upset at my freedom been taken over by the HSE's Dr Jim Daly.
He organised everything for me to do or take. He consulted with Medical doctors on what Blood pressure drugs I was to take. I never got an opportunity to tell such doctors my allergic reactions to many blood pressure drugs, including Rasilez Aliskiren & Diovan (Valsartan).  I was to take one beta blocker and the other blood pressure drug was one that raced my heart - to me as a non-medical person I would deem that to be a contradiction. At this stage I was taking up to 8 drugs a day.  Any attempts at me being assertive were shot down.  We queued up for our drugs and for our food - we were like prisoners but we had no prisoners' rights.
Dr Daly organised some Xrays for me - he told me that they were of my feet to see how they are healing.  This is NOT true - I have learnt since that Xrays were also done of my neck which confirmed that Aortic Arch was unfolded.  This is an adverse reaction the the drug Rasilez Aliskiren but whilst Dr Daly knew this he did nothing to take action to support me in such suffering.
He labelled me Paranoid, even with the evidence of Xrays which he organised and had seen.
The evidence of my injuries from 4 doctors is very clear and many detailed in my letters to you already.
I was not given freedom of choice to pick another doctor to go to instead of Dr Eoin Sheehan.  Why?
Why is a woman labelled paranoid when she knows what doctors have done to her body.
In 2016 a Statement that I had done with Gardai for the DPP's office was edited by HSE? & Gardai.  I wrote to CEO of HSE Tony O'Brien for accountability on why none of my injuries were being investigated.  I stated about assaults of 2 sisters on me - one whom has harrassed me and assaulted me for over 40 years.  Tony O'Brien who is a not a medical doctor passed my letter on to mental health services and had me forcibly sectioned. I had been advised for a few years by Department of Health and Taoiseach that the CEO of the HSE is responsible to ensure I receive SAFE healthcare. Yet there are many people pleading for help and feeling suicidal and HSE refuse them appointments and beds.
Dr Daly questioned me about the internet and what am I writing about doctors and Gardai and my letters to GSOC.  Here again I was forcibly drugged and injected. Yet again I was having monitoring done of my Aortic Arch.  Again Dr Daly declared me Paranoid.  I have the physical injuries that Dr Daly had again monitored - is the Aortic Arch unfolding a Mental Illness?  Dr Daly never discussed or told me the results of that last scan of my Aortic Arch.
Under Dr Daly I was refused a transfer to St Patrick's Hospital to use my Health Insurance.  With Mental Health services stretched why was I not allowed to use my Private Insurance - again I was forcibly kept in Portlaoise Hospital against my will for 4 weeks.  The dynamics of abuse does not change and it is clear to me that both the HSE CEO Tony O'Brien and Dr Daly forcibly labelled me even when I have so many physical injuries and I was still not given a general medical examination for such injuries.
Dr Daly listened to my abusive sister threatening me on a voice mail - he told me that I can be protected from her - I told him that I had been in touch with HSE Elder Abuse and had told them.  Nothing was done even though Gardai had lodged the incident on the PULSE System. HSE Elder Abuse section felt that I was well able to deal with matters myself as I had gone to Gardai and was awaiting to do a statement - which never happened.  The action by Tony O'Brien was to discredit me.  I,therefore ask that Dr Daly withdraw his labelling of me as Paranoid.  I feel upset at his questioning of what I write.  I have always written in any job I had - I was the one/Administrator/Secretary who put matters together for employers I worked for over the years.  I did work for friends and family over the years FREE - if they needed a Report or letter written and they could not, themselves manage to put it together.  I do write what happens to people, reflections etc., on my own life too.  I have many friends worldwide of like minded people and I feel it is wrong to tell me to stop writing even if it is about what has and is happening to me.  That abusive Sister has physically, emotionally harrassed me for nearly 40 years and threatened me as Dr Daly heard and in 2016 rang me screaming at me that if I want to stay alive I had better stay off the internet.  The truth does seem to be a problem to the HSE and the Medical Cartel in the interests of Vested interests. 
Why is there no investigations on the doctors from Tullamore Hospital?
Why is the HSE & Dr Daly ignoring the breakdown of my Thryoid which is obvious to see - also the Larnygotomy which is obvious to see and the many surgical  scars on my body.
There is no doubt that I have been labelled paranoid to cover up the crimes of Novartis trials and breakdown of my health due to adverse Reactions to Rasilez Aliskiren.
The pattern in Portlaoise Hospital is to Gaslight the patient.  
I am disappointed in Dr Daly - he knows I was dealing with a lot - with Dr Sheehan alleging I had accused him of sexual assault - I know that I was medically assaulted yet three years later in 2016 I was still not given a gynae or general examination.  At one stage my right foot swelled up and a doctor from the general hospital came to see me and saw the swelling.  Nothing was done after that.
I pleaded not to have the injection but was forcibly given it. At all times I did not resist physically but kept saying that "I am not in agreement to this"  Some days later I had a booster of the injection - Later that night a nurse could not get a reading of my blood pressure - it had gone very high and was as far as I know of scale and I had such a pressured pain in my heart.  The nurse had to get a doctor from the General Hospital - he did an ECG on me and told the Nurse to give me 75mg Aspirin by 4 - 300mg Aspirin - I was then kept on Oxygen for the night. I felt very weak and I still have a pressure feeling in my heart.  Another Doctor was called from the General Hospital - I had 2 doctors monitoring me. This was not followed up either.
I was denied again and again my right to move to St Pat's who were waiting for a letter from Dr Daly but he refused to give me one.
Other matters:
In 2013 I woke to find another person in my bed sleeping - She had her back to me and all I could see was grey short hair - I screamed for help.  The poor woman had got up to use the bathroom and had went into the wrong ward - I know it was a mistake but yet the corridors are monitored by cameras.
In 2016  I woke to find a woman sitting on my bed - I did not scream but asked her to go back to her room - she did - I got out of bed and went and told the nurses.  Later I woke again to find clothes that were not mine on the floor beside my bed. I brought these down to the Nurses again - there was no explanations, no talk, no assurance that I was safe.
I was stalked by one of my sisters even to the hospital - the husband of  one sister rang the hospital and asked a nurse for information on me - the nurse came and asked for my permission to give information - she said it was my brother Paul - as Paul is in the US I said can I speak to him and the nurse said of course. When I took the phone and said Hello Paul - the Coolock accent of sister's husband was very distinctive - he mumbled something when she my sister took the phone and started taunting me - I dropped the phone and told the Nurse that it is a hoax call. From then on there were two other calls - the nurse told me that one was an american accent but the other one was definitely Dublin. That was at least three phone calls to me.
Yet none of the above information is on my file and so much more is on the file that simply is not true.
Why have xrays/scans of my Aortic Arch in Portlaoise Hospital kept off my file from 2016. Why was there no explanation to me of the Aortic Arch scans.
Not only was my freedom forcibly taken from me again but also my dignity, my rights to Free Speech -
I have raised three children to University level with one son having a Masters and I know that the HSE and Medical/Psychiatric Doctors are in cover up of Rasilez Aliskiren and covert trials which have physically harmed me and psychiatry is being used as a weapon to cover up Novartis drugs and trials.
I may not have a Degree but I have done a lot of research on the dark side of medicine and it is NOT a mental illness to do or know that. .
I also told Dr Daly that I am shakey from the drugs even back as far as 2013 - I asked him do the drugs cause Parkinsons - and he confirmed to me that they cause "symptoms like Parkinsons". I told him that my teeth moved a lot in 2013 after the drugs and are again moving - He told me "I don't believe you".  It is sad to note that women are being broken down by medicines and suicide ideation drugs to cover up what they have experienced because of vested interests and medical crimes.
The pattern is with every part of Irish Society who have fallen victim to HSE vaccine campaigns and soldiers such as
HPV Vaccine
Cannabis Oil
Paul Hoey of Director General's Office had confirmed to me by telephone that my letter to the CEO was received and that it was a good letter and he thanked me for not being abusive in my writing...I asked him why he would say such a thing - when I was in Portlaoise Hospital I was told that I could use the phone to ring anyone as my mobile at this stage had been taken off me - I rang Paul Hoey and confirmed to him that he had thanked me for the letter yet how did I get sectioned under the Order of Tony O'Brien - he said well it is your perception of things - Yet we have a CEO who calls and labels parents concerned about their 450 injured HPV Vaccine children as Emotional Terrorists - a CEO who had to be called back several times to the Public Accounts Committee to explain the abuse and cover up of #Grace a child/young woman with a disability who was sexually and physically assaulted in care of the HSE and then Tulsa - and Mr O'Brien answered "he was mislead"!!
It is sad to note that the Mental Health Act is being abused to cover up Medical Harm to anyone including children in care.
I was advised in 2014 by Sir Nigel Rodley to take my case on all of the foregoing including Tullamore Hospital to the International Criminal Courts.  I know that Sir Nigel is now deceased.  I would remind the Medical Council, with respect, that on Syphysiotomy cases which were Clinical trials done with NO CONSENT on many women, Sir Nigel Rodley told Minister for Justice Francis Fitzgerald that Doctors Have to be held accountable - Report of which is Public - Minister Fitzgerald at that time kept nodding her head - yet not one has since been held accountable.
Yours in Hope for Safety,
Teri  Byrne
Dr Peter Kearney
Dear Medical Council,
I have been advised to write to you by the DPP's office on doctors who have harmed me.
Dr Peter Kearney was my GP here in Tullamore for under two years.
He saw my spine starting to turn in 2014.  He sent me for a lower back Xray in early 2014.
He confirmed to me that I had incisions into my bowel area - and asked me when did I have a Bowel Operation.  I confirmed to him the details of Tullamore Hospital and that I only had pain and discomfort in that area since my foot operation,  He never sent me for any investigations and this area of my body has deteriorated. I completely trusted 
Dr Kearney and found him to be a caring doctor to all of his patients. 
I told him that my feet were still not right but he said the Hospital were not going to do anything further so they too have suffered.
In 2016 he came to this house here with a Mental Health Nurse.  I asked him at that time was the unfolding of the Aortic Arch serious and he nodded yes.
He questioned me about what am I saying about Flynns in Tullamore, a Bakers.  I told him that I had had food poisoning from one of their pastries - a recipe of which Carmel Flynn told me that they were never going to do again.  I told him that I had rang the Environmental Section of the HSE but that I did nothing further.  Carmel Flynn had apologised to me and I only reported to the Enviromental area as I had been very ill for three weeks and I was concerned for other customers. I found a younger man in Flynn's to be very arrogant and I had to walk away from him. 
The only one that knew of that episode was one of my abusive sisters who had bullied and harrassed me for nearly 40 years.  I asked Dr Kearney where was he getting his information from.  The Nurse was sent here following a letter I wrote to Tony O'Brien of the HSE asking for accountability on why was I not getting safe healthcare since I suffered the breakdown of Thyroid from Rasilez Aliskiren in July 2011 and every doctor since has done everything to me except provide safe healthcare.  I know this pattern to be to cover up for Novartis drug much to my suffering.
The Nurse was very rude - I pleaded with both Dr Kearney and the Nurse to please not do this to me as my statement was being reviewed by the DPP.  I know that this was done to me to discredit me.  
I am disappointed in Dr Peter Kearney in his involvement in this.  I asked them both to please just allow me to avail of out patient services but they both refused.  Nurse Goode stated later that she had offered me to go to outpatient services in Tullamore and that I had refused any option.  She said that Dr Kearney will back her up on that.  If he does he too will be lying but that seems to be the pattern.  Nurse Goode eventually did make a Statement to an inquiry and stated that she did not wish it to be forwarded to me - Why Lie?  Why indeed.  There I had all of those physical injuries, scars etc., which Dr Kearney could see - he called the markings on my neck from the evident Larnygotomy "a wrinkle".
I pleaded with him again but he went with what Nurse Goode wanted.  She put it to me to go Voluntary or she would move to have me sectioned.  Dr Kearney went along with that -it is not so much unbelievable to me now because I know extremes Doctors have gone to to cover up Tullamore and Portlaoise crimes against me.
Dr Kearney in the early days of me being his patient asked me to let him see the discs from Tullamore Hospital - I did, therefore, I know that he knows very well what had been done to my body and my life.  Shame on him...
Flynns Bakers in Tullamore is an eatery where I have seen Dr Kearney have his lunch.
Later that day 7th September 2016 I rang Dr Kearney's surgery - I was told that he was off that afternoon.  I left a message with the receptionist to please ask Dr Kearney to do a letter for me for St Patrick's Private Hospital and I would collect the next morning - she was to ring me when the letter was ready.  I had decided that if I was going to be sectioned that I would go voluntary into St Patrick's Psychiatric Hospital to have time to talk out why was I not receiving safe healthcare etc., as I have private health insurance.  I had rang St Patrick's and they told me to get a letter from Dr Kearney.
I never received such a letter and the next day Thursday 8th September 2016 both Dr Kearney and Nurse Goode had me sectioned - Forcibly drugged Forcibly removed from my home.  It was after nine at night that the nurses came for me from Portlaoise Hospital.
I was denied private Healthcare - Why? when the HSE is stretched to it's limits except for me even when I have Private Healthcare.  One patient in Dr Kearney's surgery told me that Dr Kearney had been on to Tullamore Hospital telling them that she his patient - (who started speaking to me) had cancer and he was trying to get her a bed but was told again and again that there are no beds -.  That lady was only in her early 40's - 
We hear of the people waiting for Mental Health Services for over a year or so and cannot get a bed but who am I that even with my own Private Health Insurance HSE has doctors etc and beds for me?
Shame on Dr Kearney - Shame on him.  He abused my trust and my safety.  Why did he not do a letter for St. Pat's for me.
Yours in Hope for Truth & Transparency,
Teri  Byrne
Co Offaly
Dear Professional Standards of Medical Council,
I have been advised by The Director of Pubic Prosecutions Office to write to you about the harm done to me by Doctors.
Dr Eoin Sheehan Tullamore Hospital.
& his Team
Dr Dermot Hehir
Dr Peter Coffey
Dr Ali (from Iraq)
This was my reference No. in 2013 Ref. No. C353/13
You already have a Report from me since November 2013 on Dr Eoin Sheehan on a foot operation - I ask that you look back at the Complaint.
Further information - I have many scars on my body.  Dr Sheehan refused to explain the X Ray done on Curvature of my Spine.  The removal of a Thyroid Bone from my throat during a foot operation - He stated that there was only one foot operation yet my right foot is full of surgical scars.
I ask you to look into this information.  Also why was a skin graft done on my abdomen?
Why Was my Pitiutary Gland Removed - the indentation is on my forehead along with several surgical scars each side of my eyes.
It was to be one foot operation - yet my left foot was operated on and a pin and screw placed in it - my left foot was not broken until I was under anaesthetic.
Why did I have a Laranygotomy?
Why do I have surgical scars to my knees?
Why do I have surgical scars at the back of my knees and ankles?
Why was an Episiotomy done to me?
Why do I have incisions in my bowels
Why were my lymph nobes removed
Why was there no Medical Assistance to me for the unfolding of Aortic Arch.
Why did I have surgical marks around my breasts and under my breast?
Why was I injected into my bones that made the surrounding areas turn yellow?
Scars which I still have
Are covert trials being done on human subjects.
Why are doctors ignoring the side effects of Rasilez Aliskiren and covering up on Novartis drugs.
Why has the Medical Council ignored this for so long and allowed me to suffer the harm by the Medical Profession.
I have many photos of the above including photos of the tops of the insides of my legs where there are clear scars.
I have scars on my spine - what has been done to my spine that it is now indented?
I have no doubt that the Medical Council knows exactly what is going on and I ask you to please look into this without any further delays.
Why did Sheehan allege to Gardai that I had accused him and his team of Sexual Assault under anaesthetic I DID NOT - why was this never investigated by the Medical Council or Gardai?
Sheehan told Gardai that he was concerned for his reputation.
At that time I had a lot of bruising to my pelvic area and he would not tell me why?
Sheehan refused to allow another doctor examine me, he had me in a wheelchair as both my legs were in casts.  He had me forcibly dragged from this home in November 2013 - had me forced down onto a bed in Portlaoise Hospital, forcibly injected with psychotropic drugs and kept there for 5 weeks - had me forcibly labelled "Paranoid" even with the evidence of surgery marks across my body, evidence of a Laranygotomy and skin grafts from my abdomen.  I have Private Health Insurance which Dr Sheehan availed of when Laya Healthcare paid him directly over €700 for 1 foot operation.  Yet I was denied access to private healthcare by the HSE.  No beds for thousands but one for me even with Private Health Insurance.
This email is being copied to other parties who have received information on the above over the years.
Yours in Hope
First Do No Harm
Teri  Byrne
Co Offaly
Thank you to those who have taken the time to read this Blog Post
The above is ongoing Medical Torture in Ireland 2018 and the cover up thereof at Criminal Levels.

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Comment by jack colleton on January 25, 2018 at 14:07

Shared On Twitter.

Comment by Ash Banks on October 13, 2021 at 19:57

That psychiatrist  Daly is covering some kind of illegal drugs used on people, so he behaves in such a manner. A lot of people in Tullamore were injured by criminals and mental health services recruited to cover it.

Comment by jack colleton on October 14, 2021 at 0:20

Sounds familiar. So much  "treatment"  is no such thing.

Comment by Ash Banks on October 14, 2021 at 9:42

Not in Tullamore. I was employee of Tullamore Court Hotel and was drugged as joke and quite heavily injured, so it made me evidence of such a kind of activity. Later psychiatrist Daly started to chase me and even told me it was ordered by politician Brain Cowen, as he wants to liquidate me, so better for me to leave town until not to late. 

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