The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

Sorry I've not been on here for some considerable time. I'm still fighting the results of stomach cancer. It's a whole new lifestyle living with out a stomach: completely removed due to cancer. As if life was not challenging enough I've now got double vision! I've had two falls over the Christmas and New Year once when out on my morning run and just when I recovered I fell over on to the edge of a table and injured my arm and below my rib cage  when putting on my tracksuit bottom.

Presently I'm writing my life story as I've just now got most of the information about the parents and family I was denied contact with from the age of two. To some it may appear strange that I've waited till now at age 84 and a half to tell my complete story. The problem was when I left Ireland as a seventeen year old to join the RAF I just wanted to forget the fourteen years I spent in Industrial Schools from age two to sixteen. Luckily I managed to scrape past the entrance exam and became a 'messing orderly.' As I had no home in Ireland to go on leave to I spent my time off in YMCAs and bed and breakfasts through the UK. In those days there were signs outside pubs and lodgings: 'No dogs or Irish'.

My story is amazing enough in that I married a young girl from a coalmining town in Co. Durham. She worked in a clothing factory from the age of fourteen. By the time I left the RAF I was teaching logistics to students with good educational Qualifications. When I left the forces I was employed by BAC as a Speciality Training Supervisor. I took a year out of work due to the sudden loss of our 15 year old daughter. (killed by careless driver). My final job was as a Site Superintendent with Lockheed International. I retired at age 54 as I had achieved all the goals I promised my wife. In addition to my work I managed to win national title at sport and compete at international level.

Sadly my wife developed Alzheimer's and I chose to care fro her on my own in my own way till she passed away. As one expert remarked: "You proved us all wrong."

Now I'm having problems with coming to terms the way the parents and family were treated by the Irish Catholic State. The parents marriage was doomed from the start. He was Protestant and she Catholic and to make thing worse he married he when he learned she was pregnant. She was 24 and he 19! There are so many lies and inaccuracies contained in the official records relating to both my case and that of a sister I never knew existed, it's difficult to know whether to laugh or cry. In the final analysis all the evidence proves beyond a shadow of doubt I was wrongly convicted.

Had I had this evidence some years ago I would have taken legal action against the authorities. It is an iron clad open and shut case. Sorry for such a long post, but I feel the better for posting it.     

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Comment by Teri on February 9, 2016 at 18:27

Patrick - what a wonderful man you are - you got on with your life and now you are part of the Jigsaw that was smashed for many all those years ago - Thanks to this great website all of you have an opportunity to bring that Smashed Jigsaw together again.  In this centenary year of 1916 - when Ireland struggled to find Independence from Britain - it is Britain that gave thousands of young broken men and women from Ireland - a home - a career - dignity far more than they were ever allowed to have in the Isle of Saints & Scholars.  I wish I could say that Ireland is now a good safe country and  abuse/rapes/beatings/murders by Catholic/Medical/Government have long stopped.  Dr Noel Browne in his Autopbiography "Against the Tide" tells a true story of the link between the Medical Cartel, Government and The Church - sadly nothing has changed - The bounty hunters for Pharma are still hunting down women and men in Communities for Pharma experiments - but that is another part of the Jigsaw that is being written by many in different way.

Thank you Patrick, take care. 

Comment by Catherine Roberts on February 10, 2016 at 14:28

Hi Teri yes it was Britain who gave us a chance to make a life that Ireland could never offer us.I for one will always

be so grateful to Britain for the opportunities I have been giving.

Comment by William Delahunty on February 10, 2016 at 14:48
Yes we owe so much to Britain where we be came refugees without even knowing it Ireland classed Industrial schools victims as the lowest of the low.I to joined the British Army Irish Guards but with so much baggage behind me I only could stand it for one year Our brothers in Ireland fared far worse unemployed uneducated and the shame of the industrial schools left many broken men and women it was not easy for me as I could not read and write but the British Army sent me to school.sometimes I still wonder if I can read or write as I don't have a cirt to my name and some would be happy if I never learned to read and write haha
Comment by Patrick Rice on February 11, 2016 at 11:04

In my day, Ireland was a very cruel cold country to live in. Families abandoned their daughters if they became pregnant outside of marriage. That was the time to show true love and compassion to the vulnerable of society and to question where they failed their daughter.

 My biological mother landed up in that situation, her parents, Hugh and Catherine Doyle along with her brothers and sisters refused to have anything to do with her for the remainder of her life. She had four brothers and two sisters. There is little doubt that they in turn will have had children to whom I'm related. On my Father's side he had four boys and one girl, in addition to two daughters by his first 'wife' one of my sisters had three boys and a girl to the best of my knowledge. 

In recent weeks a 32 year old woman in Dublin with the sir name Rice made contact with me to mention that I was her uncle. It appears I'm the mysterious uncle her father, grandfather and members of the family talk of.

I'm sure there are many like me who feel embarrassed when they visit a doctor and are asked: "Is there a history of this kind of illness in the family?" Over the years I've learned to shy away from lots of questions such as: "You're Irish, where about do you come from?" No doubt some will question, how come I have an Irish accent after 66 years living in the UK. The answer is simple: I keep my own company for fear of showing my ignorance of some socially acceptable behaviour. The Americans use to say of me "Paddy tell it how it is." That can be can often be construed as offensive on occasions when it's not meant to be.

There was so much basic human rights denied to so many vulnerable children that effected them for the remainder of their lives by a Church State led by donkeys Worst still, they failed to encourage children in their custody to reach their full potential to contribute as useful members of society. Instead, the best brains were lost to other countries. During my time in Artane there were in excess of 800 boys. There is little doubt that amongst those there was a wealth of untapped talent. There was never a truer saying: 'What a bunch of wasters.'     

Comment by jack colleton on February 11, 2016 at 16:53

I Found The Protestant Church In Ireland No Less Abusive In All Ways.

Comment by William Delahunty on February 11, 2016 at 17:14
Jack is quite right Religion what ever it's called is abuse it all comes from the same book. Religion is based on power and control
Comment by pauline jackson on February 12, 2016 at 15:30

this kind of thing happens in all organised religions.Its the power over others that thay like. So religions draw this kind of pervert.I know how you feel Patrick about relitives. I dont know mine or very few. Without a base there isint any family. Thay became strangers to me and I to them. I feel like its a bit late now. I had a stroke and have differculty walking . I have been having problems all my life because my ear drums burst while a nun was beating the devil out of me. Had any of these priests or nuns been perents thay would have been sent to a psy. But the black robes gave respectability to people who deserve prison.Of course it doesnt matter which religion thay follow. Its the right to abuse and lie that thay have in common.

Comment by jack colleton on February 12, 2016 at 19:59

Yes Indeed William . The Pope And The "Queen"  Are Bed Fellows!

Comment by jack colleton on February 12, 2016 at 20:00

Patrick I Seem To Recall You Mentioned Boley Once?  (The Children's Fold).

Comment by jack colleton on February 12, 2016 at 20:05

Yes indeed agreed Ken the pen can be mightier than the sword! I have no doubt we can all relate to Patrick‘s story in some way or another as Rob suggested! We are all the pieces of the jigsaw! Our's is a shared drama .. Story! We absolutely need to and must get our say out there loud and clear and heard .. Understood! Really there can be NO real peace without justice for anybody in Ireland ... Jack

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