The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

Sorry I've not been on here for some considerable time. I'm still fighting the results of stomach cancer. It's a whole new lifestyle living with out a stomach: completely removed due to cancer. As if life was not challenging enough I've now got double vision! I've had two falls over the Christmas and New Year once when out on my morning run and just when I recovered I fell over on to the edge of a table and injured my arm and below my rib cage  when putting on my tracksuit bottom.

Presently I'm writing my life story as I've just now got most of the information about the parents and family I was denied contact with from the age of two. To some it may appear strange that I've waited till now at age 84 and a half to tell my complete story. The problem was when I left Ireland as a seventeen year old to join the RAF I just wanted to forget the fourteen years I spent in Industrial Schools from age two to sixteen. Luckily I managed to scrape past the entrance exam and became a 'messing orderly.' As I had no home in Ireland to go on leave to I spent my time off in YMCAs and bed and breakfasts through the UK. In those days there were signs outside pubs and lodgings: 'No dogs or Irish'.

My story is amazing enough in that I married a young girl from a coalmining town in Co. Durham. She worked in a clothing factory from the age of fourteen. By the time I left the RAF I was teaching logistics to students with good educational Qualifications. When I left the forces I was employed by BAC as a Speciality Training Supervisor. I took a year out of work due to the sudden loss of our 15 year old daughter. (killed by careless driver). My final job was as a Site Superintendent with Lockheed International. I retired at age 54 as I had achieved all the goals I promised my wife. In addition to my work I managed to win national title at sport and compete at international level.

Sadly my wife developed Alzheimer's and I chose to care fro her on my own in my own way till she passed away. As one expert remarked: "You proved us all wrong."

Now I'm having problems with coming to terms the way the parents and family were treated by the Irish Catholic State. The parents marriage was doomed from the start. He was Protestant and she Catholic and to make thing worse he married he when he learned she was pregnant. She was 24 and he 19! There are so many lies and inaccuracies contained in the official records relating to both my case and that of a sister I never knew existed, it's difficult to know whether to laugh or cry. In the final analysis all the evidence proves beyond a shadow of doubt I was wrongly convicted.

Had I had this evidence some years ago I would have taken legal action against the authorities. It is an iron clad open and shut case. Sorry for such a long post, but I feel the better for posting it.     

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Comment by jack colleton on February 12, 2016 at 20:17

Yes Indeed Pauline. In The Places I Was In It Was A Routine Practice To Employ Trainee Clergy And Most Were Abusers In Some Way Or Another. Years Later I Note Their Promotion To Canon Or Bishop Etc .. They Are Rewarded For Their Sins ... The Odd One Is Murdered Or Ends Up With A Criminal Conviction For The Usual Thing! 

Comment by Ken Doyle on February 12, 2016 at 20:34

Jack there is no justice for abuse survivors in Ireland. Some of us has been destroyed for life because of the failure of the state to protect the international rights to the child while we were all been abused. The only way Irish survivors of abuse can get any justice is if an investigation done on their case by an independent public review board. No matter how hard Irish victims fight for justice the harder they try to further abuse the victim. Their justice system is that of a banana republic.

Comment by jack colleton on February 12, 2016 at 20:40

Ken You Ring A Bell  ....  I Am Sure Many Survivors Of The Irish Abuse System Would Agree With Your Statement. 

Comment by jack colleton on February 12, 2016 at 20:40

We Should Be Thrivers!

Comment by Patrick Rice on February 13, 2016 at 14:25

The further I progress with writing my story, pieces of the jigsaw, as you mention Pauline begin to slot into place. I've ceased running from my past and now have time to reflect to make sense of the system of the Industrial School system. True enough it was an industry, it was one of the most successful industrial business in operation of its time.

The evidence that resulted in my incarceration proved to be false. The case was that: "The Father deserted the family and failed to support them." When her returned from work in England he was arrested and appeared in court. The main witness for the prosecution admitted under cross questioning she lied had at my original court hearing. In spite of that no action was taken against her. In fact she went on the tell many more lies and the authorities accepted her stories. Either they failed to check the facts, or it proved to be in the best interest of the industry to accept and record them as facts.

My Father managed to take his young daughter out of her Industrial school in the summer holidays, then refused to return her. A long battle ensued between the Manager of the School a Mrs. Anna Jennings,  my Father, an inspector from the department of education a Mr. W. F. Walsh, and the chief Inspector of Industrial Schools at the department of Education a Mr. Whelan. I have in my possession copies of all the letters relating to both my sister's and my detention. No matter how much they threatened my Father he refused to return the girl. Finally the Inspector instructed the School Manger to contact the Garda to take action to return the child. When the Garda refused to become involved the Manager of the School wrote to the Inspector: "Is there nothing more we can do to regain custody of the girl?"

The Inspector's answer to the problem I'll leave you to judge. He wrote to my Father to the effect: "You came to see me with reference to obtaining your son out of St. Patrick' in Kilkenny. You also wrote to the nuns there requesting his release. Until you return your daughter to St. Joseph's Industrial School we can not entertain the release of your son." He refused to hand over his daughter and hired a solicitor: a Mr Coulter to fight his case. In two years of fighting he never reached court, simply because the daughter had joined her sister at St. James's Protestant School. His legal team advised him to have his children educated as Catholics.

Now I realise the importance that was attached to retaining their work force in the industry. The most profitable labour was provided by children with no families or home to visit over the holidays. We were required to look after the livestock on the farms and poultry farms. They required daily attention, feeding, milking and eggs  collected etc. Christmas was an extra busy period. Just three of us worked on the poultry farm at Artane. There were, chickens, turkeys, ducks and geese to kill, pluck and ready for whatever use they were put to, we never tasted such food.


Comment by jack colleton on February 13, 2016 at 19:19

Wow.  So Many Complicit In The Abuse Of Survivors And Their Family's. 

Comment by pauline jackson on March 18, 2016 at 10:58

In France this morning a ex priest has come forward to explain how the Church reacted to accusations of pedephile. The Church sent him to rome for two years then gave him a job where he was in charge of kids. Of course he continued his vice and the perents started complaining about his actions. Even then he was left to continue. He finished in prison. A priest telling the Truth for once makes a nice change. He said that all that was done was another priest told him to be carefull that his actions could be a problem. It clearly shows the eyes shut of the Church leaders. The cardenial being questioned seems annoyed. But no pity for the victims. This idea that thay are above such things is fooling no one anymore.

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