The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland


Dear PA to CEO - Hazel,

I refer to our conversation this week. I am shocked but not surprised to hear that you have been told that I got talking to a nurse on a ward - that is not true - I asked for Dr Michael Barry's nurse who does his appointments.

I did speak to someone briefly and she asked for my phone number and I gave it to her - the next day I missed two calls from my phone - each rang for just a few rings and then stopped - that was around 10.00 am and 12.00 midday - there were no messages and I did try phoning back but then no replies - it rang again around two - again only a couple of rings and stopped - yet when I rang back immediately it was answered on the first ring - I note for approximately a year now that seems to be the pattern with people ringing me - and even some ask me to ring back and tell me there is something wrong with their phone and that they have to answer on the first ring and will be sitting beside the phone - indeed this does seem to be the problem with Nurse Mary Wall's phone also.

Mary tried to tell me that she had never met me and did not know who I was - I had to remind her of who I was and that she had indeed met me and did my bloods "Research and gather information on me from other hospitals - three weeks before I met with Dr Barry - again I have been told that this is a pattern with clinical trials - I was not offensive to her - indeed it is strange how she had me on the phone for so long. Mary did say I should to to my doctor - and the cirlce of pass the human subject goes on...

My purpose of contacting your hospital was to point out that Dr Michael Barry did prescribe Aliskiren to me knowing well what it would do to my immune system and thyroid - You already have the history of that and I certainly do not wish to take up your time further -

I certainly know the pattern of others lying and trying to make me out to be upset for no reason -

Novartis have been found on CRIMINAL Charges in 27 States in the US - fined$3 billion dollars on CRIMINAL charges of covering up data on drugs and kickbacks to over 200 doctors/hospitals in bribery and corruption to hide the evidence of the side effects and data on Aliskiren and Valsartan - the same drugs which I suffered from and Aliskiren which Dr Barry prescribed to me - it is worrying that Dr Barry is not concerned with this up to date information published November 2015 although the charges have been investigated since 2013 - I know what Dr Barry has done to me - I know what Novartis have done to me and I know that all doctors in Ireland are covering up such data and crimes of Novartis in Ireland. Japan have also charged them with bribery and corruption to over 200 hospitals and suspended their trading for some days - China also are investigating them as France raided their offices in the last year.

Now what is St James's Hospital going to do about the cover up that Dr Michael Barry is doing and other hospitals who have violated my body for Novartis Trials on Menopausal Women.

I am sure your hospital is fully aware of the criminal lengths that Novartis and doctors/hospitals and the HSE have gone to in causing further harm to me in such crime coverup.

Angela Fitzgerald did her best to help me in November 2011 - from what I have suffered since it is clear that she was stopped - all to increase Novartis profit margins - This is the reality and to pay out 3 billion dollars in criminal fines they must pay out as much to own and bribe all hospitals, doctors, government and the HSE. I did not realise that covering up of data of Aliskiren & Valsartan was for doctors to actually remove the diseased cartilages/organs/glands - what criminality - yet I am the one targeted.

Whilst in 2011 three weeks following the breakdown of my immune system and forced breakdown of my thyroid - I was refused immediate medical attention - that is all in my original complaint to Angela Fitzgerald - I was not well enought to meet with Dr Barry and I was in fear of him - little did I know then what he is capable of - Doctors like Michael Barry are breaking down women's bodies - Aliskiren creates many diseases - I would recommend you to read up on Dr David Healy's blog - specifically pharmageddon and

which gives an expert's researched know how of exactly what doctors like Mr Barry are doing to patients - Dr David Healy is a Doctor, a Psychiatrist, an Expert Witness, a Researcher but he is also an Irish man who is not afraid to tell the truth in his attempts to save lives. What a contrast to Novartis owned doctors in Ireland...

The bruising below is what I suffer anywhere I go, even around my home - I know the cruelty of Govt./MedicalCartel/Novartis/Amgen torture to conceal the evidence - As CEO of a Hospital linked to a wonderful University like Trinity College - I wish to know what you can do about this or are going to do about this and please help to take hospitals back from vested interests that are destroying lives/torturing/killing patients for Pharma Profit Margins. I attach also an xray of how I have been used further in bioactive glass trials when doctors under anaesthetic in removing cartilage bones, lymph nobes made a NoConsent decision to use my body again - Dr Healy has another blog article titled "Pharmaceutical Rape" - there are no other words - as is the procedure and ongoing attacks on me I cannot attach the documents but I am sure have been given to Dr Barry - I had no problem with Thyroid before I met Dr Barry - he created the diseases for experiments - shame on him - both him and Dr Tony Holohan are playing pharmagods with many of our lives - I leave him to Karma and what is so evil as a doctor who should FirstDoNoHarm - purposely break down healthy bodies - I put him and all involved before the Higher Court of Justice. Miriam O'Callaghan on PrimeTime a few years ago asked Dr Barry "What price is a life" - the answer is obviously how much Novartis/Amgen are willing to pay - then he dares to call himself a Doctor - Consultant - I would mention here to you that I have been told to hang myself or be killed and it has been confirmed to me also that the son of someone who is known to me is deleteting my emails/post - this has been a marathon of perseverence to get this far on this...tonight...


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