The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

Pharma abuse of power in Ireland

Why will no solicitor in Ireland take a case involving medical malpractice in relation to clinical trials WITHOUT CONSENT, Patient Harm is covered up in Ireland - I am waiting now to hear from Human Rights Ireland - they have the case but is Pharma manipulation and bribery so strong in Ireland that there is not one solicitor or one Agency who will stand up to Pharma and Doctors who harm and who lie - HSE manipulation and control bow to Pharma gods of power - I have said many times that any doctor is a Pharma doctor - it is the same with solicitors in Ireland - any solicitor is a pharma solicitor -

The Irish woman who is CEO of Novartis Ireland must be very proud of herself as she has a whole Society in Ireland running around and torturing patients to cover up the dangerous drugs that her company are selling - Shame on Dr Michael Barry, pharmacologist, Consultant, Spokesperson for the Department of Health on public health, who is using Rasilez Aliskiren on patients in Ireland, who is covering up the adverse reactions and who is prescribing such poison to patients who are at risk patients for such a drug...Shame on Dr Eoin Sheehan, an Orthopaedic Surgeon, pharma doctor who violated and mutilated a patient to attempt to cover up the damage that Rasilez Aliskiren has done - and then we go back to - the Irish Woman as she sits on the Prescription Board panel of the IPHA - the CEO of Novartis who decides on Novartis dangerous drugs to the Irish Public - and who is genuflected and bowed to by the HSE...the HSE who has a Doctor Philip Crowley as the Patient Safety Director...takes part in the illusion and praises the Empress's New Clothes - as he joins in the collusion of cover up and betrayal to Irish patients....Sure who would dare write the Truth and tell the Empress that it is all not just an illusion - it is bribery and corruption and betrayal of her fellow citizens for greed, for bribery as she clings to the illusion...Charlotte's Web will be the follow The Empress admits that illusion is actually a Myth...a Myth for profit, a Myth for greed...

The conclusion will be when Charlotte's Web comes to play....How many Emperors and Empresses then will be exposed as Charlotte crushes the Web of Lies....

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Comment by jack colleton on March 29, 2015 at 20:56

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