The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

Pharma bribery/corruption covered up by European Union...

Good Morning Citizens of Ireland - how many of you still believe that the non-stop cloud making rockets through our skies are contrails - they are chemical poisoning of our lands and our people - 3,700 fish dead in one outburst of poisoning in August - The Fisheries Board state it will take ten years for recovery of that damage - The "story" goes that a factory leaked chemicals into the river - That same area was covered non-stop with heavy planes spraying chemtrail poisoning all over Tullamore - Blueball area - the same area where the fish were found dead - how many people in Tullamore suffered that week - how many died - The chemtrails of poisoning are happening all over Ireland and Europe - it is Pharma sponsored and EU funded - it is the "secret" that MEPs such as Luke Ming Flanagan and Marion Harkin are silent on - It is the "secret" that every member of every party in Leinister House is involved in "denying".  The refugee crisis is a distraction from what is really going on - The water crises is a distraction from what is really going on - Big Pharma need bodies - live bodies - With the closing of the Industrial Schools, the Magdalene Laundries and Mental Institutions Big Pharma are worried about their Profit Margins -

The Catholic Church and Taoiseach Kenny have been working with Pharma to devise a way to "traffik customers to Pharma".  How many Mental Health groups have been formed in the last year - Just look at the people involved in promoting Pharma and their pills of Poison - such as Majella O'Donnell - Bressie - RTE and Fair City writers - Joe Duffy with his HSE/Pharma picked doctors who promote "needs for hospital beds for young people" hospital beds so the poor youth of today can be drugged with suicide ideation drugs - Would Joe Duffy/RTE have Dr Peter Goetsche on - No they would not have some of the Honest Doctors/Psychiatrists who are helping save lives and who tell the truth about the carnage of suicide ideation drugs.  In the European Union of which we are part of - we, the people, the patients, the innocent are already enslaved, sold to Pharma for increasing Profit Margins - Council of Europe tell the truth - I have driven through thousands of kilometres across Mountains and Glens and I have witnessed and suffered the chemtrail poisoning that can be directed at anyone person at a time - and what kind of pellets were fired at my windscreen?  Thank God for today but please Europe and Ireland tell us No More Lies....for many of us suffer it already!

Dr Terry Lynch has written a book naming all of those new "helpers" of Mental Health groups.  I will add a few more - The Women's Refuges, Women's Aid and Rape Crises Centres, Women's Council of Ireland, Colm O'Gorman of Amnesty, Emily Logan of Human Rights Ireland and the Council of Europe are all involved in promoting the industry of Pharma - in supply and demand of human life for barbaric experiments and all are complicit in the Medical Torture of removing cartilages, twisting bones, inserting computer tips into patients so that any GP can twist and turn the bones and increase the torture - The poisoning of the skies and the lands is to create illnesses to people - and sadly those of us who have experienced such torture are hounded by communities from Tullamore to Switzerland - From Geneva to many cities throughout France and from Belgium to The Hague in Holland and beyond - Every Corporation such as UPC, SKY, RTE, Dunnes and every Department Store, the GAA, and even Stena Line Ferries - every hotel, every café throughout Ireland and EU are involved in hunting and poisoning the prey for Pharma and that is the shame of it all...The cowards' war against the innocent continues...Taoiseach Kenny's Legacy to Irish citizens...

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The Pink Ribbon?

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