The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

Dear Deputy O'Caolain,

Thank you for your response to my "Dear Marion" story and for you
thanking me for same - You ask if you can help with anything at
present -  Out of all the politicians in Leinster House - including
the Senate and Irish MEPs who all received my letter - you are the
only one who replied - I thank you for that.

That "story" is precisely what I want you to help with - do you not
understand what trafficking of women for torture is - Pharma and HSE
may refer to it as science and research - it is not - it is criminally
and unlawfully colluding with pharma and Government in criminal
activity.  It is wrong - it is torture and all of the political
parties are shamefully involved as Omerta is the code of the Pharma

Novartis is charged with bribery and corruption in over 27 States in
US, China and at present suspended from working in Japan - fined for
kickbacks to over 200 hospitals - in Ireland HSE state they are not
concerned what Novartis is charged with even though in some cases
involving the same drugs being prescribed in Ireland.

IPHA - IRISH Pharmaceutical Healthcare Association has the CEO of
Novartis, Lorretto Callaghan on its primary prescription medicines
board - Novartis sponsoring many clinical trials throughout the
country - this is called kickbacks to doctors and hospitals in US.

Johnson and Johnson have recalled worldwide their power tools known as
Morcellators - the HPRA (IMB) have informed me that Johnson and
Johnson Ireland have written to them (as HPRA had written to all
doctors) telling them that such morcellators are different than the
ones sold in Ireland - are we to believe that the whole world is on
recall of morcellators - and that Johnson and Johnson Ireland make a
one that is safe for Ireland - it does not need recall - if the Irish
ones are safe why can J & J not do the same for all countries... -
perhaps J & J could not find Paddy the Leprauchan's address.

Excuse my quip here - sure what else can I say as Novartis and Johnson
and Johnson use Irish citizens and patients, the most vulnerable of
all as human subjects without any thought or concern for their safety,
their human rights, their dignity - in my opinion, they are certainly
infidel with regard to the sanctity of human life.  -

The facts speak for themselves - we are the abducted, we are the
tortured, we are enslaved in a control of abuse and power, we are the
hunted prey for a Pharma from hell - it is evil, it is wrong - it is

I would call on the HPRA to write to the FDA and inform them that J &
J have "safe" morcellators in Ireland and that female patients are not
at risk...surely this would be the right thing to do!  What does the
Women Council of Ireland have to say about Risks to Women in Ireland.

Now we have the Pharma abuse, lies, collusion and corruption and the
Irish Medicines Board HPRA are being manipulated by pharma and the
Irish Healthcare is obviously been controlled by Novartis and other
pharma - is it not enough that they have very low taxes in a country
where the working class are penalised in every way as they struggle to
live.  Greedy Pharma want human subjects for torture also!

I would ask you please to request from Novartis the follow up studies
they have done on my body under guise of foot operation - in their
studies to check the breakdown of my glands, thyroid etc., from their
drug Aliskiren - the data of which Novartis Ireland will go to
frightening levels to hide - Tullamore Hospital is also covering up
the data, the evidence etc., of Aliskiren dangers.  As is the
spokesperson for the Department of Health - Mr Michael Barry
consultant together with Dr Tony Holohan, Chief Medical Officer who
have not reported the adverse side effects which they have the
evidence of have colluded with other doctors and hospitals to cover
up.  Dr Philip Crowley of Patient Safety and his advocate department
for safety for patients are involved in this cover up also.  A whole
society partaking in such cover up shows that Ireland is oppressed and
that patients have no rights, no safety and no freedom.

Morcellators recalled as risk of cancer is happening - has happened -
Johnson and Johnson state Ireland safe???

 As for all of you in Leinster House - it is of concern to the Irish
Public that you are all party to this ongoing Pharma oppression of
patients and doctors.  Is this why the surgeon in Letterkenny
resigned?- as he stated there were vested interests involved - How
many women have died or suffered cancer (one of the reasons why FDA
has spoken out) because of morcellators.  How many paid pharma doctors
are doing unnecessary hysterectomies, removing ovaries under guises of
other operations by the criminal keyhole cartel of Pharma with their
power machines.

HPRA accept J & J's reasoning because HPRA are funded 80% by pharma -
yet it only takes a few seconds on google to find the true tragic

You, with respect, Deputy just like all of your party and all other
parties are colluding with this oppressive government on trafficking
of patients in Ireland for pharma bribery and corruption - that is
what it is called in the US, China, Japan, France also are doing
investigations with the US calling for a Global investigation - this
is something that the Irish Government are party to.

When will all parties come together for the citizens in Ireland and
patients for safety, transparency and truth...When will all political
parties Stop allowing Pharma who harm dictate to doctors to sell their
harmful questionable drugs and barbaric clinical trials.  When will
patients who suffer pharma drugs and barbaric clinical trials WITHOUT
CONSENT be allowed to have free speech instead of being hunted down by
Pharma mafia and targeted with whatever pharma weapons create the
following bruises - shame on all of you in the coward's army - how
brave you all are - against one older woman who suffered pharma drugs
- the ghost of Jeanne McConville will never rest as long as women are
being abducted for torture and mutilation.  God Bless you Jean!

Yours in prayer for safety for women and patients in Ireland...

For transparency Deputy I am sure you will understand that I post this
publicly also.  More bruises again just coming through - following
trip to shops last weekend - Corporate Crime funded by pharma and
sanctioned by all political parties in Leinster House today - Why are
Irish Newspapers not reporting this?

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