The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

I find it very sad to hear doctors now talking about pallative care - there are so many whose health breaks done and need such care and they have no chance for recovery as against the thousands of patients suffering through clinical trials of abuse in our hospitals - what about those doctors who purposely give drugs to patients to purposely break down their health and create diseases - we hear about pharmageddon - the hidden data on drugs that create diseases and, in my opinion, and from my own personal experience it is true mostly here in Ireland. It is sad when patients have to take to social media to speak about their health breakdown - when the Irish Medical Council cover up drug side effects - Novartis Ireland and Switzerland knows the details of how a leading Consultant in St James's Hospital Dublin prescribed Aliskiren to me - a patient who only weeks before had had angiodema from Valsartan, another Novartis drug. Who was taking herbal supplements, who had low potassium and low sodium at the time who had only days before changed from a diuretic - I am listing all of these now to inform whoever is interested that Aliskiren should not be given to a patient with the above medical history. The forced breakdown of my thyroid, and so much more.

Aliskiren is like a code in any hospital - instantly the staff know that you are a patient who has been given a drug to create diseases - As dear Mary Rafferty said in the abuse of children cases "They think we are eegits" and it applies in this case also whereby doctors believe they have ownership over your life. I want to thank the Irish Medicines Board who told me to go immediately to A & E or get medical help urgently - The IMB also pointed out to me that they had put warnings in place on patients who had previously suffered Angiodema against Aliskiren - that was published by them in 2009 and sent to all Healthcare professionals. IMB confirmed to me that they issue the warnings but that they cannot enforce those to go by it. The same as Novartis says that doctors in Ireland do not have to report drug side effects because it is not compulsory to do so. Even on Novartis webpage it states the same to go to A & E or a POISON Centre - but, of course, Novartis although they state on their webpage that they will go to the latter of the law to help and look after any patient who suffers side effects of their drugs - in Ireland they state that they are prevented from getting involved - yet "Follow the Patient" to pursue the thyroid breakdown is every doctor's pursuit in the name of Pharma. Hospital after hospital turned me away, shouting at me that there is only dust and dirt on my eyelsahes - in one Eye Clinic as a doctor looked in my eyes I told her that my left eyeball was hopping up and down - she said she could see it - she said she had never seen anything like it and that she would send me an appointment for an eye scan - that was in 2011 - I never got that.

There followed so many further wrong medications - after one cocktail of injections and "drinks" I felt my face stiffen instantly - I ended up in another hospital for five days where I was told I had suffered a bleed to my brain - The Irish Medical Council, the Health Department all ignored me - I had swelling under my heart and all a doctor wanted to do was show the swellings and the burning heat from my body to a Medical student - as the doctor stated to him to test for nodules in my neck!! The consultant contacted me for a meeting - three weeks later - by then I felt so broken - my immune system totally down - Had he waited the three weeks so that the other diseases would manifest or was he worried that Novartis would find out??

Two more consultants stood looking in my eyes - they talked over me and looking at the torn cornea - I was now the human guinea pig who these men of medicine wanted to get hold of - to see the breakdown - I was their prey -

In 2012 when I spoke out about the domino effect of doctor after doctor giving further wrong medication, lies, apologies, more harm - I had five European cars and vans around my home - also a garda riot van - I had items thrown at my home and my electrical items blowing, electric bulbs exploding. One of the items thrown at my door had the words "Le Mans" - printed on it. Is it a coincidence that Novartis had a Lab in Le Mans in France doing clinical trials on post-menopausal women - I rang Novartis and asked them what was going on and why were French vans around my home - the Director, of course, stated that he did not even know that Novartis had a Lab in France, at the same time he asked me to go into A &E - I said if it takes me to go to A & E for my home and my family to be safe I would do so - at this stage a car ambulance and Garda Van had gone up and down outside my home at least five times - Pharmageddon at play - a few days later the Director asked me if I was going to A & E - I asked him then why did he want me in A & E - Another Novartis Director told me that he would do both ethically and morally to find out what was going on -

I have had three hospitals apologise to me...and there like a lamb to the slaughter I trusted them again only for them to have the opportunity to harm me further.

Everything for months was done to try to force me to A & E even down to rocks thrown at my car on Mother's Day 2013 - A GP told me that I needed to have a 24 hour BP monitor. The nurse placed an elasticated bandage on my upper left arm beneath the cuff of the monitor and told me not to take if off for 24 hours. I woke up in the middle of the night with pains in my head and stomach. Later that day I rang the Irish Heart Board and asked a general question of what if an elasticated bandage was placed beneath.....the Nurse told me never ever to do that - that it would only cut off blood supply to my brain - such was the reality of my situation - ignored by the Department of Health. Irish Patient Association - funded by Pharma - all groups funded by Pharma. Irish Medicines Board funded by Pharma (80%) - the IMB told me to write to the Irish Medical Council - I did but this was also covered up.

By September 2013, I was forced to A & E after a foot accident - the following story (I have already posted that part of story here) will show details of what happened to me and why would I have scars from surgery to my neck, throat and chest, under arms after a foot operation? The Taoiseach (Prime Minister) and Deaprtment of Health are covering up the adverse side effects of Aliskiren - and now the further clinical trials to my body - This is Enda Kenny's example of human trafficking - Aliskiren has been on recall in many States in US and Canada - in Ireland - No Side Effects reported - I know that it was not Novartis who gave me the drug but once they knew about it the concern then for all here was to "hide the evidence" sadly I am the big part of that evidence - It is no longer frightening to me what doctors will do to protect Pharma drugs - I know what they have done to me - I am not safe with them - what is frightening is that a whole country, Society, Irish Government and Police come together to protect the drug and torture the patient. Sadly, a patient's life has no value in Ireland. Good doctors are silenced. This sadly is in contrast to the plea of a woman this morning who was on radio asking for dignity to die because of the late stages of MS as against patients like me who are not "allowed" to speak out and plead for safety to live with dignity and freedom!

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Comment by jack colleton on November 25, 2014 at 9:40

shared on facebook. too long for twitter.

Comment by Teri on August 12, 2016 at 19:28

Thanku Jack...

Comment by jack colleton on August 12, 2016 at 20:58

I Ask  Did The Patient Die Of Cancer Or The Treatment?

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