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The Shame of Ireland

Philip Cairns - Who Killed Philip? - Garda & Govt Coverup as in Mary Boyle's Murder in Donegal

I have noted over the last 2 days Gardai stating they have now solved the murder of Philip Cairns by DJ Paedophile Eamon Cooke - Interesting!

They state a woman saw Cooke killing Philip in the Pirate Radio Station before "she" passed out?

Can any of Philip's family or friends state how a 13 year old boy from Ballyroan Rathfarnham could get to Inchicore to a Radio Station - no one has ever mentioned such before.

Garda coverup in this tragic case stinks all the way to corruption, collusion and coverup just like in Mary Boyle's case where FF Leader Michael Martin is confirmed as covering up the killer.

Why over the last 20 years or whenever Eamon Cooke was suspected of any involvement with Philip Cairns.

Cooke is now dead - just like after the murder of Veronia Guerin, Gardai "woke up" and went a hunting and found the killers. the Gardai knew for many a year what was going on - why wait for the murder of a Journalist before they moved themselves to do what they are supposed to do - they knew about Gilligan for over ten years before Veronica was shot dead - who but Gardai knew of her appearance on a speeding fine in Naas Court that day - Who was she talking to as she was shot dead - but Gardai.

I have posted on social media over the last months of the convicted paedophile who is more than a suspect in the abduction and murder of Philip Cairns - a convicted paedophile in the Rathfarnham/Dundrum area - who Gardai were informed about back since 2004.  Gardai now state this woman who passed out in Cooke's Radio Station whilst Philip Cairns was being killed is a credible witness.  Why wait decades?  Gardai know of the paedophile suspect from Dundrum who had already served time for molesting a 7 year old girl in Dundrum - yet they still protect the true killer.

Now with the death of Eamon Cooke - Gardai and Government want to lay Philip Cairns to they state the schoolbag may hold the DNA - Gardai already had DNA from Cooke back many years - as they had DNA from Philip's schoolbag - if Cooke was the killer - the DNA connection would have showed up years ago.  Garda Corruption in child murders is not tolerated, not now, not ever - but the evidence shows that Gardai are involved in child murders and coverup - People please speak up do not let the Mafia of Coverup of child murders get away with this propaganda.

The youngest child victim of murder and coverup by Gardai & State is Noelen Murphy - born and murdered with a knitting needle in one day.  Garda paedophiles are suspected of being involved in wiping away the blood and evidence of the murder of Noeleen Murphy Dalkey - born to her 11 year old mother Cynthia Murphy - Cynthia, a victim of satanic rituals of rape and torture since she turned 7 years old.

Cynthia's case has gone before the DPP 8 times and no recommendations For Trial.

Philip Cairns - Gardai were notified some years ago about Gerry Deehan 88 Sweetmount Avenue Dundrum as a very possible killer of Philip Cairns.  Deehan was always around the Ballyroan/Rathfarnham area and a member of St Enda's GAA - Following his conviction of child molestation of a 7 year old girl in Dundrum - St Enda's GAA barred him from their club.  On his release from prison Deehan because Gardai kept him off the Sex Offender's Register dared to apply to St Enda's GAA for membership.  He was refused. A Journalist from South Dublin wrote about this - he now covers up for Deehan.  

Who is Gerry Deehan of 88 Sweetmount Avenue Dundrum - he is indeed as he said himself "The last Swinger in Town" - He drove many people to and from Cheltenham over many years - the Elite of Rape Coverup - the Paedophiles of South Dublin....he has used his home at 88 Sweetmount Avenue Dundrum for Rape parties, the same house where he molested a 7 year old girl.  Deeham is paid to go out and find women - engage with them and seduce them to have a meal with him "as he doesn't like eating alone" through this with bribes to Chef of whatever restaurant he has drugs, the rape drug, mixed in with the innocent woman's food.  As woman collapses leaving Restaurant he has his heavies in place - woman carried into his mercedes - then her clothes taken off and WoW South Dublin Paedophile Rapists had gathered already - and rape rape rape for hours through the night - that is who Gerry Deehan 88 Sweetmount Avenue Dundrum is -

With information I have already given to Gardai since 2004 I know that Gerry Deehan Paedophile is a real suspect in the abduction, rape and murder of dear Philip Cairns.

If Cooke was the criminal of Philip Cairns - Why do Gardai now state they have solved Philip's murder when they would have already have had DNA of Cooke and Philip back decades.  Another Garda Coverup to protect the Paedophilpe Gerry Deehan who is still lurking around restaurants and bars to drug women for the South Dublin - Lein ster House Paedophiles for Rape Parties...

With all my heart I am convinced that Gerry Deehan 88 Sweetmount Avenue Dundrum, not alone abducts women for his rape parties but also little children from 7 years old - I believe without doubt that Deehan was involved in the abduction, rape and murder of Philip Cairns - Gardai have had this information since 2004/2005 - one of Deehan's friends in all of his crimes is convicted wife murderer - Brian Kearney who is still in prison for the murder of his wife Siobhán...Deehan was also seen in the company of Irene White's husband and girlfriend - Irene was murdered a short time later.

I declare all of the information I have written here is true and for over a decade has already been submitted to Gardai - most in a Statement that is still hidden today in Garda HQ.

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Comment by Eleanor on June 12, 2016 at 9:39
Very convenient now his dead. I personally wouldn't wait 3 decades to tell police had I seen a child attacked by anyone.after she fainted she should of gone to police! This is why and how perverts get away with it
Comment by Rob Northall on June 12, 2016 at 12:01
Comment by jack colleton on June 13, 2016 at 0:19

A Fascinating As Well As Very Interesting Post Teri!  It All Sounds Very Familiar. Indeed It Might Well Do To Anybody Who Has Experienced That World ie Abduction, Torture, Rape And Left (For) Dead. Victims Do Not Always Know At All Times The True Story Of Their Suffering. Certain People In Place To Keep The Misery Going. Reference The "Professionals" In All Fields Whether Social Worker, Psychiatrist Or Psychologist (etc). They Create Records (Files). These Are Shared Amongst Themselves And Are Used To "justify" Their Decision Or Treatment Of Their Victims. They May Not Have Raped But They Are A Block To Justice. Their "position"  Matters More Than Their Victims . They Get Moved About. Just Like The Priests. Unsuspecting People Duped. All Highly Organized. Some Really Good People Are Screwed In The System And Not By Accident But By Design. Targetted People. Indeed There May Well Be Claims Of "Mental Health Issues" .. Victims Suffer The Effects Of The Crimes Against Them And The COVERUP! 

Comment by jack colleton on June 13, 2016 at 0:38

And I Do Not Appreciate The White Coats Injecting Me With Brain Damaging Shit. I Do Not Care How Eminent They Were Or Became. Life Was Never The Same. What Sort Of Government (Political Organization) Allows That Crime Against a Child? A Child In 'Care' ( Of Course).  "Private"  'Care'.  Church  'Care'.  Abducted By The Church.  Family In Crisis Duped. Concealment Of Birth. False Details. Name And Birth Date False. The Irish Government Of The Day Pays Solicitors To Lie (Deceive) Their Victims As To "Trial".  Medical Trial. They Say You Were Not Subject To Trial In This Place Or In That Year. No Dispute There!  Just Neglect Mention Correct Place Or Year Used By The University Department Staff.  Doubtless These Monsters Had Attitude About Kids In 'Care' And Prisoners. It Is Very Hard To Survive Such Human Rights Violations. To Not Die But To Not Live. Some May Argue That Is The English For You But IRISH Approved!  Wellcome Welcome To Torture Children Affecting The Rest Of Their Lives. The "issue" Is Not Going Away. There Can Be No Peace Without Justice. All Ireland Needs Understand Now The Meaning. A Generation Thing. These Established Political Parties Need To End. Generations Of Irish People's Blood Is On Their Heads. Where To Hide From Justice?  Join Political Party! It Will Look After You!  Use You as Fire. Then When Done With You Like A Used Condom Discarded.

Comment by jack colleton on June 13, 2016 at 1:31

They Can Not Be All Dead Yet (The Paedophiles)?

Comment by Teri on June 13, 2016 at 3:37

Thank you Rob and Jack - it is criminal beyond belief..."Sure who would believe such a story" has always been the mantra of Irish Government, Medical Cartel with Doctor coverup and abuse of child/children/women for Pharma Profit Margins. I have been carrying that story of Philip Cairns inside for over a decade - all details of which have been with Senior Gardai in Harcourt Terrace - Sexual Assault Unit for over a decade - A signed Statement on Gerry Deehan 88 Sweetmount Avenue on what I know of that Paedophile has been covered up by Gardai.  From what I am still suffering today at the hands of Senior Gardai, I have no doubt that I am targeted to cover up and protect such paedophiles like Gerry Deehan as Deehan has served the Paedophile Community of South Dublin well...Taoiseach Enda Kenny and Justice Minister Frances Fitzgerald were sent all of this information in the last four years...Why are they silent on the abduction and murder of Philip Cairns, just as they are silent on the murder of Mary Boyle...Note this is Corrupt Government still covering up and protecting Paedophiles, child Murderers in 2016.

Comment by jack colleton on June 13, 2016 at 9:59

Many Cases Never See The Light Of Day. Just A Very Tiny %  Are Heard Out Of Court By For Example The Child Abuse Commission Or The Redress Board And Seemly Settled Not By Compensation But Award.

Comment by Eleanor on June 13, 2016 at 10:03
I don't know where to start. Only god forgives. How any of them sleep at night is beyond me; as much as how they get away with it.
Comment by jack colleton on June 13, 2016 at 15:26

They Would Need A Conscience.  Then There Is Protectionism.

Comment by jack colleton on June 18, 2016 at 2:00

Teri.  As regards information more can be sought as long as willing to comply, however more years can be gone by. As regards "help"  (for example what going through or suffering) any offered might be of the medical kind and dismissive of reported "facts".

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