The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

Poisoning of Land..Patients who question..Birds and Fish - Tullamore Co Offaly

As many of you friends, trolls, stalkers and foe recall I planned to go on holiday - as the perps already know through every social media site I write on and indeed from my computer and phone and local "TextAlert" crew - I posted yesterday about the Nausea, the humming sound (known worldwide as the HAARP programme) and the Nausea and odours coming through the house here - I could hardly walk through the house - let alone get into my car to catch my holiday package - Tom, the inhouse stalker who returned to the other side of his house - had already gone "suddenly" on a mission the night before - Yesterday morning as I struggled through the house - he had to go somewhere - in panic on his return he said He had to go again on the train - of course, as the dizziness, the nausea was all over the house - he ran away to Dublin for the day - Believe me friends - the sky was full of chemtrail grids - the smudges were falling down all over my car and windows of this house - I sit here tonight trying to recover - and here is the evidence of IrishPharma Sponsored Poisoning - This river is within 2 miles of this house -
I noted today that the birds who were here two days ago are gone - obviously also poisoned - where many starlights, finches, willy wags and swallows and many more including blackbirds, robins flew around - I fed them - Since yesterday evening the loss of them is obvious - and so scary - and not one crow - All day today only one swallow flies over - at times in cirlces - flying back to the old barn shed on this land where I am - that lone swallow obviously distressed - at least three swallows and their new young had been flying in and out of that old shed - today one lone swallow circles around the land here at Blueball Tullamore - Read the following article - 3.700 fish in the river less than two miles from this house found Dead - The poisoning of me and this land continues and I miss the wonderful summer birds of song and flight....and I grieve for the Fish, the birds, the tortured animals around here as they are just in the way of the PharmaMedicalCartel and Government criminals targeting - torturing "The Patient" who has been used, abused and tortured in Clincal Trials for NovartisAmgen and Dr Eoin Sheehan's Nazi experiments of showing Pharma how to twist and turn a healthy spine and pelvic bones - The birds, the fish had no chance - What chance do I have - in the Chemical war against "The Patient"

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