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Pope Admits there are Child Rapists at Every Level in the Church

Pope Francis: ‘One in 50’ Catholic priests, bishops and cardinals are paedophiles

Francis pledged to drive out the 'leprocy' of child abuse from the Church

Adam Withnall

Published 13/07/2014|15:37


Pope Francis has revealed that “reliable data” collected by the Vatican suggests that one in every 50 members of the Catholic clergy is a paedophile.

Speaking in an interview with La Repubblica, the Pope said his advisors had tried to “reassure” him that paedophilia within the Church was “at the level of two per cent”.

He pledged that he would drive away the “leprosy” of child abuse that was infecting the “house” of Catholicism.

“I find this state of affairs intolerable,” he said.

Pope Francis said his advisors at the Vatican had given him the two per cent estimate, which included “priests, bishops and cardinals”.

He also warned of much greater figures for people who were aware of the existence of abuse – sometimes within their own families – but who stayed silent because of corruption or fear.

His comments came a week after the Pope met with six victims of clerical paedophilia to apologise for their abuse at the hands of priests.

The meeting, with six British, Irish and German Catholics, was designed to acknowledge the gravity of the Church’s guilt and complicity.

Despite Pope Francis’s popularity, there has been criticism of Francis for failing to take a high-profile stand against the global paedophilia scandal.

His predecessor, Benedict XVI, met with victims of sexual abuse by priests, in Washington in 2008. He then met with victims in Australia, Germany, Malta and the UK.

In February and May, critical reports released by two separate UN committees condemned the Church’s “code of silence” on paedophile priests. It said this silence was allowing known sex offenders to continue working with children.

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Comment by Kathleen O'Malley. on July 14, 2014 at 10:52

The Pope has admitted  this henious act so why is this organisation still up and running it should be closed for further investigation  let us get a Petition for this to happen.  Just because he has admitted it dosn't make iot stop.   Criminal convictions are what is required.

Kathleen O'Malley.  Childhood Interrupted".

Comment by Rob Northall on July 14, 2014 at 13:01

Official Denial Already! “Pope says 2 per cent of clergy are paedophiles, flags celibacy reform in article refuted by Vatican”

Comment by Kathleen O'Malley. on July 14, 2014 at 16:47

Thanks Rob.

Have listened in. I am giving a Talk on my Book tomorrow.

Kathleen.  "Childhood Interrupted.

Comment by Rob Northall on July 14, 2014 at 17:50
Good Luck with the talk tomorrow Kate.
Comment by pauline jackson on July 16, 2014 at 15:33

Up untill now thay have blamed homos victims fashion of th 60ths and now its celabacy. Thats not what its about. Its raping children beating them depriving them of basic needs and accepting to do this. Little children do not cross borders with priests. The pedophiles have been supported by the church. The victims have no one. A child with no one to turn to suffers alone. What about that.


Comment by Rob Northall on January 1, 2016 at 20:32

After posting this on Twitter via Shame of Ireland Twitter Account I received this

58m58 minutes ago

I had a heck of a time finding the right interview! Here it is translated FYI

It is 5 pm on Thursday, July 10 and is the third time I meet Pope Francis to talk with him. About what? Of his pontificate, which began a little over a year and that in such a short time has already begun to revolutionize the Church; the relationship between the faithful and the Pope who is the other side of the world; Vatican II ended 50 years ago only partially implemented in its conclusions; the modern world and the Christian tradition and especially the figure of Jesus of Nazareth. Finally our life, its sorrows and its joys, its challenges and its destiny, of what lies ahead in an afterlife or anything hoped that death brings.

Our meetings wanted them because Pope Francis, among the many people of all walks of life, of all faiths, of all ages who met in his daily apostolate, also wanted to exchange ideas and feelings with an unbeliever. And I have this; a non-believer who loves the human figure of Jesus, his preaching, his legend, the myth that he is in the eyes of those who recognize the humanity of exceptional depth, but no deity.

The Pope believes that an interview with an unbeliever such mutually stimulating and therefore wants to continue it; I say this because it was he who told me. The fact that I am also a journalist does not interest him at all, I could be an engineer, a primary school teacher, worker. He's interested in talking with those who do not believe but would like the love of neighbor professed two thousand years ago by the son of Mary and Joseph was the main content of our species, but unfortunately this happens very rarely, overwhelmed by selfishness, by what Francis called "lust for power and the desire to possess." The we described in our previous conversation, "the shame of the world of which we are all suffering" and is the other form of our humanity and is the dynamic between these two sentiments to build for better or for worse the history of the world. It is present in all the rest, in the Christian tradition, Lucifer was the favorite angel from God, light bearer until he rebelled against his Lord tried to take his place and his God rushed into darkness and fire damned.

We talk about these things, but also of the interventions of the Pope in the structures of the Church, of the hardships they encounter. I must say that over the extreme interest in these conversations, was born in me a feeling of affectionate friendship that does not change anything in my way of thinking but to hear, that is. I do not know whether it is reciprocated, but the spontaneity of this very strange successor of Peter makes me think so.

Now I'm waiting for a few minutes in the small room on the ground floor of Santa Marta where the Pope receives his friends and collaborators. He arrives punctual with no one to accompany her. He knows that I have had in recent days some health problems and in fact I immediately asked news about it. I put my hand on his head, a kind of blessing, and then hugs me. He closes the door system his chair in front of me and we begin.

Pedophilia and mafia are the two issues on which Francis spoke in recent days and that raised a wave of feelings and even of controversy inside and outside the Church. The Pope is the one that is sensitive to the argument and had already spoken on several occasions, but he had not yet taken so breast especially the issues concerning the behavior of some of the clergy.

"The corruption of a child" says "is the most terrible and unclean imaginable especially if, as is apparent from the data that I was able to look directly, most of these abominable facts occur within families or otherwise of a community of old friendships. The family should be the shrine in which the child and then the boy and the adolescent are lovingly well educated, encouraged the growth stimulated to develop their personality and to meet with that of his peers. Playing together, study together , learn about the world and life together. This with peers, but with relatives who brought them into the world or visas to enter the world as the report is to cultivate a flower, flower bed, guarding it from bad weather, disinfestandola by parasites, telling tales of life and, as time passes, its reality. This is or should be the education that the school complete and religion placed on the highest plane of thought and belief in the divine feeling that overlooks to our souls. Often it turns into faith, but still leaves a seed that somehow fruitful soul and turns toward the good. "

As he speaks and says these truths Pope approaches me even more. Talk to me, but as reflected by himself drawing the picture of his hope that coincides with that of all people of good will. Probably - I say - that's most of what happens. He looks at me with different eyes, suddenly dull and sad. "No, unfortunately it is not. Education as we understand it seems almost deserting families. Each is taken from their personal tasks, often to ensure the family a standard of living bearable, sometimes to pursue their own personal success, other times for friendships and loves alternative. Education as a main task to the children seem fled away from the houses. This phenomenon is a serious omission, but we are not yet in absolute evil. Not only the lack of education but corruption, vice, the abhorrent practices imposed on the child and then practiced and updated more and more seriously as he grows into a boy and then a teenager. This situation is common in families, practiced by relatives, grandparents, uncles, family friends. Often other family members They are aware of but do not intervene, ensnared by interests or other forms of corruption. "

To you, Your Holiness, that the phenomenon of frequent and widespread?
"Unfortunately it is and is accompanied by other vices like the spread of drugs."

And the Church? What does all of this in the Church?
"The Church is because the habit is eradicated and education recovered. But we also have this leprosy in the house."

A widespread phenomenon?
"Many of my co-workers who fight with me reassure me with reliable data that assess pedophilia within the Church to the level of two percent. This finding should reassure me but I must tell you that it calms me at all. I see this as very serious indeed. The two percent of pedophiles are priests and even bishops and cardinals. And others, even more numerous, but they know are silent, but punish without saying why. I find this situation intolerable and I intend to tackle it with the seriousness it requires.

I remind the Pope that in our previous interview he said that Jesus was the example of gentleness and meekness but sometimes took the stick to lower it on the shoulders of villains that fouled the Temple morally. "I see that you remember very well my words. I quoted the passages in the Gospels of Mark and Matthew. Jesus loved everyone, even the sinners who wanted to redeem dispensing forgiveness and mercy, but when he used the stick wielding it to ward off the devil He had taken possession of the soul. "

Souls - even this she told me in our previous meeting - can repent after a lifetime of sins even in the last moment of their existence and mercy will be with them.
"True, this is our doctrine, and this is the way that" Christ has shown us. "

But it may be the case that some last-minute repentance of living is concerned. Perhaps unconsciously, but interested in securing a possible afterlife. In that case the mercy likely to end up in a trap.
"We do not judge, but the Lord knows and judges. His mercy is infinite but will never fall into the trap. If repentance is not genuine mercy can not exercise its role of redemption."

You, Holy Father, however, has mentioned several times that God has endowed us with free will. He knows that if we choose evil our religion does not exercise mercy towards us. But there is one point I want to emphasize: our conscience is free and independent. Can in complete good faith to hurt convinced, however, that her disease will be born good. What is, in the face of such cases, which are very frequent, the attitude of Christians?
"The conscience is clear. If he chooses evil because it is sure that it will come good from heaven these intentions and their consequences will be evaluated. We can not say more because we do not know more. The law of the Lord is the Lord to establish it and not the creatures. We only know it is telling us to Christ that the Father knows the creatures that created and nothing is mysterious to him. After all, the book of Job delves into this topic. Remember that we talked about? We should look into the books of the Bible and the Gospel sapienzali when speaking of Judas Iscariot. They are underlying themes of our theology. " And the modern culture that you want to fully understand and with which you want to confront. "It is true it is a major point of Vatican II and we will soon face".

Holiness, we still have to talk about the topic of the Mafia. She has time?
"We are here for this."


"I do not know in depth the issue of gangs, unfortunately I know what they do, the crimes that are committed, the huge interest that the mafias administer. But escapes me how to think of the mafia, the leaders, the soldiers. In Argentina there are as anywhere criminals, thieves, murderers, but not the mafia. It is this aspect that I would like to examine and I will read the many books that have been written about it and the many testimonies. She is originally from Calabria, maybe you can help me understand".

The little I can tell you is this: the Mafia - both Calabrian both Sicilian is the Neapolitan Camorra - are not acolytes skids of criminals but are organizations that have their own laws, their own codes of conduct, their royalties. United State. It does not seem paradoxical when I say that they have their own ethics. It did not seem abnormal if I add that they have their own God. Is there a God mafia.
"I understand what he is saying is a fact that most of the women linked to the Mafia by kinship, wives, daughters, sisters, diligently churches in their countries where the mayor and other local authorities are often mafia . Those women think that God forgive the horrible misdeeds of their relatives? ".

Holiness, the same relatives often attend churches, masses, weddings, funerals. I do not think you confess but often communicate and baptize newborns. This is the phenomenon.
"What you say is clear and the rest are not lacking books, surveys, documentations. I must add that some priests tend to gloss over the Mafia. Of course condemn individual crimes, honor the victims, how they can help their families, but the complaint public and consistent mafias is rare. The first great Pope who had just talking in those lands was Wojtyla. I must say that his speech was cheered by a huge crowd. "

Do you think that in that crowd cheering there were mafiosi? As far as I know there were many. The mafia, again, applies his code and his ethics: the traitors should be killed, the disobedient are punished, sometimes the example is given with the murder of children or women. But these are not sins to the mafia, are their laws. God has nothing to do, let alone the patron saints. It saw the procession of Oppido Mamertina?
"There were thousands of participants. Then the statue of Our Lady of Grace stopped in front of the window of the boss who is in custody to life imprisonment. That's right, all this is changing and will change. Our denunciation of the Mafia will not be made ​​once but will constant. Pedophilia, Mafia: the Church, the People of God, the priests, the Community, will among other tasks the two most principal issues ".

An hour has passed and I get up. The Pope embraces me and wishes me to heal soon. But I do have one more question: Your Holiness, is continuously working to integrate Catholicism with the Orthodox, Anglicans with ... I stop continuing: "With Waldensian I find religious first-rate, with the Pentecostals and naturally with our Jewish brothers. "

Well, many of these priests or pastors are regularly married. As the problem will grow over time in the Church of Rome?
"Maybe she does not know that celibacy was established in the tenth century, that is, 900 years after the death of our Lord. The Eastern Catholic Church has the right as of now that its priests to marry. The problem certainly exists but it is not of great magnitude. It takes time but there are solutions and I will find.

We are now out of the door of Santa Marta. We hug again. I confess that I was moved. Francis I caressed his cheek and the car started.

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