The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

Rape, Abductions of Women in Ireland Ongoing 2015...

Prayers for safety through the night at Holmshill...
Where Pharma Bounty Hunters prowl about..
Sure who would believe that in the King's County
That once was - That the blood sport for decades
Was to hunt down women, Rape them, demean them,
Then torture them with weapons' for Pharma's Lab
Where the Mafia brethern named Scientists..
Believe they have the right to cut and mutilate...
Dr Jekyll and Messrs Hyde take bones for
Pharma at the quick slit of the knife -
Women raped in their homes
And Medically Raped in the Theatre
in 2013, 2014 and the evil
Dr Jekyll and Messrs Hyde are impatiently awaiting more
Female parts as their mafia prowl at night...
The good Samaritan who helped last night
Was clearly a good working man who did what
He could - But of course he couldn't resist to
Show his true markings as the Bounty Hunters
Always show their masonic signs to Pharma's prey...
Inside or outside this Pharma prison of mine
I suffer their weapons and their lewdness
In all places I go
Selling women to Pharma for torture has been
The Irish trafficking of many of us and God love
Us all, if we don't go in peace they not only stalk
They torture us with weapons, hypnotise us
As they use some acid, poison or trickery of sorts
To break us down, nerve by nerve..
Remember my friends in 2015 the Irish
Blood sport for women's bodies is on the increase
By those, who stand in God's house but
Clearly one can see it is only the manmade gods of
Pharma who are on their minds...and in their purse
Holmshill - Tullamore - Co Offaly 2015.

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