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Support body to be in place by end of year

VICTIMS: A STATE agency that will provide compensation as well as support services to victims of abuse will be up and running by January, Minister for Education Ruairí Quinn said yesterday.

It is hoped legislation to set up the statutory fund to provide support for people abused as children in residential institutions will be enacted in the autumn, said Mr Quinn.

Speaking to victim support groups, representing people who had been in residential institutions as children, he also said the Government had decided to enact legislation to close the redress board and that the memorial to abuse victims, recommended in the Ryan report, “is to advance to competition stage”.

Set up in 2002, the Residential Institutions Redress Board, offered compensation to abused former residents of 139 industrial and reformatory schools, orphanages and children’s homes linked to the State. Since its establishment it has received 15,173 applications and has finalised 14,645 cases, of which 925 were either refused, withdrawn or resulted in no award.

Mr Quinn met the victim support groups at the Department of Education. He told them the statutory fund would focus “solely on former victims of abuse” with eligibility “confined to those who received an award from the redress board”. It would provide services or commission public agencies to do do. These would include counselling, psychological support and mental health services, educational and housing services and others as required. Funding for victims’ groups, provided by the department, for the provision of information and referral services would cease and it would be open to the fund to consider financing services to abuse victims including those provided by the support groups.

To ease access, the redress board will supply details it has of award recipients. A total of €110 million will be available to the fund with €20.05 million paid over by the congregations to date. He told the groups he would work with them so all could say “that we have made a tangible difference to the lives of a great number of survivors.”

Speaking afterwards John Kelly of Soca Ireland said the Minister had been “very supportive and listened very attentively”. Every group “expressed heartfelt feelings at how the new Government behaved” where the abuse issue was concerned, he said.

Michael O’Brien of the Right to Peace group said it was “brilliant now to see a Government prepared to work with survivors and help with their needs”. He praised the Taoiseach for his Wednesday address and the Tánaiste for calling in the papal nuncio. The church, he said “has not produced one penny where survivors are concerned”. He is seeking to meet Cardinal Brady to discuss this.

Tom Cronin of Irish Survivors International was “optimistic, cautiously optimistic” after the meeting, while Paddy Doyle felt the Minister was “a very good people person” and “determined to get things moving.”

Mick Waters of Soca UK had “great confidence . . . this Minister and Government will do whatever they can”.


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Comment by Maurice Heaphy on July 24, 2011 at 16:21

"Funding for victims’ groups, provided by the department, for the provision of information and referral services would cease and it would be open to the fund to consider financing services to abuse victims including those provided by the support groups."


Am i reading this above statement correctly.The Government will cease funding to these groups who purport to look after the interests of Survivors? If this is correct, then this statement is music to my ears. All of these Groups need to be cut off from Funding with Immediate effect, and not next January.


They are doing absolutely Nothing whatsoever for Survivors, and drawing Funding from the Government, and the HSE on False pretenses. One Group in particular, (Right of Place Second Chance) held a meeting in The Imperial Hotel in Cork last Friday the 21st. One controversial issue which was raised at numerous occasions during this meeting was, the issue concerning (The Data-Base) which this group claim their funding from The Government and The HSE from.


It was put to the Chairman of Right of Place, Mr Walsh, by a Survivor, as to How he received an invite to the meeting, how his name happened to be on The Data-Base of Right of Place, Who put his name on The Data-Base, as this Survivor, never contacted Right of Place to be a member.


Having to have to ask Mr Walsh several times to explain how this could be, the reply Mr Walsh gave was, Ok i will have your name taken off the Data-Base, the Survivor replied, That is not what i asked you, i asked you, How do you happen to have my details on your Data-Base, i did not sign up to Any Data-Base, now explain how you have my details. Mr Walsh finally said, Ok i will look into it.


This is not good enough, he will look into it. Noel C Barry, the previous Chairman of Right of Place, used to say the same thing, when he was put in a tight spot, but Nothing was ever done. I think a case should be made to the Gardai, and this, ( CONTROVERSIAL) Data-Base should be investigated Immediately. It's  gone on now for far too long.


The meeting was a total failure, and i would safely say, the organizers were damn glad to see it finish up. They got more at that meeting than they Bargained for.

Comment by Rob Northall on July 24, 2011 at 18:46

Most Survivors Groups are against the Statutory Fund?? or so they say????


Midland Survivors Services (Coventry UK) State it Clearly in their April 2011 News letter that they are awaiting for the Second half of this year Funding from the Statutory Trust Fund!


There must be others???


Still no News from this Secret Meeting with Those who Purport to represent Survivors, except for the Joy expressed in the above article?


They are eatring out of Ruairí Quinn's hand.


What has he offered them?


How Long had Midland Survivors Services known their future funding would come from the Statutory Fund?


Midland Survivors Services News Letter can be found at


If you read “Summary of Main Provisions of the Statutory Fund” from the “Press Release from Minister for Education & Skills – 5th July 2011″


You will find what it pays out for as stated bellow


Functions/Provisions of the Statutory Fund

The principal function of the Statutory Fund will be to make arrangements for the provision of approved services to support the needs of former residents and to pay grants to former residents to assist them to avail of approved services.

Approved services will include such counselling services, psychological support services and mental health services, and such health and personal social services, educational services and housing services as the Fund may determine.

The Fund will also promote understanding of the effects of abuse on former residents among service providers and will evaluate the effectiveness of the approved services in meeting the needs of former residents.

The Fund can consult with former residents as it considers appropriate.


Education Finance Board

The Education Finance Board will be dissolved and its functions transferred to the Fund.

The Education Fund currently take 6 month or More to pay out! Survivors in Crisis could not be helped anyway!!


No Money from the Fund will go to Survivors!


Counselling Services (already funded by the H.S.E.) YES


Education YES


Housing Associations YES


Survivors Groups YES


SURVIVORS a very big NO!!!!


The Education Fund Currently Pays the “Service Provider” not the Survivor!


This is a ZERO more forward for the Benefit of Survivors directly and will only benefit those who provide Services for Survivors!

Comment by pauline jackson on July 26, 2011 at 21:48
How can someone living in dublin understand the situation in other countrys. the needs of many of us are everyday problems. and if the peole who do the referring dont understand the laws how can thay know whom to refer to..does that mean that we can just read about things concerning us all now and again in newspapers. that is anything but helpfull. As for the established groups i do hope that stops its not fair to the ones on the outside.
Comment by Rob Northall on July 27, 2011 at 10:10
I Hear you LOUD and CLEAR Pauline!!
Comment by robin ohn on June 15, 2012 at 16:31

we being sold down da river bloody hipcrisdt we shall have to live with the abuse of yesterdays so much for trust in a nanny country

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