The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

Taoiseach Enda Kenny trafficking human subjects to Pharma - The Traitor of Irish citizens Exposed!

I only note now that I have notifications and friend requests - Trolls Perps had me frozen all day - giving me a facebook page with no updates etc...Thank you all for staying the pace in a very oppressed Ireland - so much torture to women - how brave the Pharma mafia are - how cowardly they show themselves - sadly our own Gardai whom I knew and respected many because of their courage at speaking up for citizens - as the Clown Squad have exposed themselves to me this week -

Commissioner O'Sullivan increased her attacks/violation/crimes against the innocent but we must remember that Taoiseach, Justice Minister and Garda Commissioner work first and foremost to coverup the crimes of Novartis and Doctors who do harm - as for the innocent sure what can we do...we are the Bobby Sands left struggling and hoping - We are the Jean McConvilles, we are the Men of 1916 and 1922 murdered for their love of Ireland, we are the mass graves appearing throughout the State of Ireland, we are the remnants of life that our corrupt and Judas Government have sold out - and Gerry Adams exchanged the bullet and the bomb for the Pharma corruption in Ireland - 

This time no one can blame Old England as the crimes of today against Irish citizens like you and me are the crimes of Taoiseach Kenny, Joan Burton, Gerry Adams, Michael Martin, Joe Higgins, Senator John Crown, Senator Katherine Zappone, MaryLou McDonald, Mick Wallace, Luke Ming, and all of Leinster House in their traffiking of human life to bioengineering trials throughout Ireland for Novartis/Amgen and all Big Pharma -

The HSE killing machine of human life - Shame on them all - Ireland has threatened to take the UK to Human Rights Courts because of electromagnetic torture to IRA victims in Northern Ireland prisons - Irish Govt. today use electromagnetic torture, rape, medical and pharmaceutical rape on Irish citizens - This is the war against innocent trusting women and men who innocently trusted Gardai and Doctors and Solicitors - many of whom and communities of Text Alert criminals - this is a war -

Therefore, Taoiseach you will allow me to defend myself in such a war and speak out against your violation of human rights for many citizens - Taoiseach Resign Now - you are already shamed throughout Ireland - I repeat again Taoiseach go before someone drags you from Leinster House - you have so violated my life and so many others - Taoiseach go you are a criminal exposed...Protecting criminal Pharma and Protecting criminal paedophiles throughout Ireland - What a Legacy you leave - Go and take the traitor Gerry Adams with you...6th November 2015

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