The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

The Bethany Home is going to the Commission into Mother & Baby Homes on the 15 October 20 15 , & it has taking over 17 years

From my Personal Email Address

(for almost a week my PC has failed to recognise my keyboard, think I've cracked it? Normal Services will be resumed soon? I HOPE!)

The Bethany Home Survivors 98 Group

Against Our Human Rights

We Will be giving to the Commission our list of names of the 227 children who lost their lives in the Bethany Home through lack of care who are buried in

unmarked paupers graves in Mount Jerome crimes against children our Children

The State Commission Of 1999 Went Directly Against Our Human Rights

Survivors With A Protestant Background Were Treated Differently

That is what this Commission Has To Address

Catholics Homes & Named Institutions Were always In The Media

But The Only Protestant Home Was Not On The State Radar When The 1999 Commission Started

Why Were Protestants Late For All This?

The State Had A Duty To All Citizens

Protestants Survivors Like Me Knew This Was Just For Catholics And Not Protestants

Because of The Way It Was Set Up

We All Knew If You Want To Know What Recognition A Guy Like You Would Get

Just Say, "What School Did You Go To?"

In 1999 The Then Minister Dr. Woods Had A Duty Of Care To All Citizens

And More So To A Minority Group

And The Names Like 'Artane' and Places like 'St. Josephs' Were Always In The Irish Media

The Survivors Knew this Had Nothing To Do With Us Protestants

And Even Though It Is Now 17 Years Late

The State Must Have A Scheme Like "2002 Redress" Now

These Are Some Of The People Who Stopped The Bethany Home People From Getting Justice

Michael Woods: Then Minister, 2002....Mary Hanafin: Then Minister, 2004 2005

Heads Of Department: David Byrne and Jack Hogan and they were always Happy To Say NO!

The State Stopped The Protestants Getting Justice In 1999

The State Should Now Cover The Very Old People From The Bethany Home Survivors

In Two Parts: One For Those Who Only Have Proof That They Were In The Bethany Home

But Do Not Have Any More Proof - Fast Tracked to give a Lump Sum As Redress

And For Those Who Have Now Proof Of Harm Done Through Neglect

Should Have A Different Number From The Redress

And Because Of All That I am Still Being Contacted by Bethany Survivors

Looking For Redress For What Happened to them in the Past

And Now They Are 17 years older And Some of the ones that are left...

Some Of Their Minds Have Sadly Left Them As They Are Unable To Cope With This Life As It Is

But Now, The State Wants Them To Go Before This Commission in 2015

And Face Two Solicitors and Two Barristers

They Are Expected To Understand The 39 Pages of the Rules Of The Commission?

They Call This Justice In Ireland

For Protestant Survivors - Some Justice

This Is Making My Heart Bleed.

I Am So Ashamed That This Could Happen In My Ireland

And It Has Taken Over 17 Just to Even Get onto This Commission

Just Because We Are From Another Religion.

Some People Will Not Want To Believe That Could Have Happened In 2002

And Now Again In 2015

But If You Are A Survivor Who Has To Love With All The Pain

And All Of The Put Downs and To Spend Your Life Searching For Who You Are

And All That Goes With The Shame Of All That

No Health Records. No School Records. No Family Records. No Adoptee Records

The Departments and Civil Servants have No Idea Of Any Of This

It Was Like Being From Another World

The State Did Not Hold Records Of Protestants and Say That This Was Private!

Done By Protestants! And Did Not Come Under The Jurisdiction Of The State!

That Is When The Shame Would kick In

And Bring all Of The Shame That Was So Much Of My Early Life.

Now I Have To Live With The Health Problems That The Bethany Home Has Left Me With

And I Am Alive Only Because Of The Medicine That I Have To Take Ever Day To Keep Me Here

And Now With All Of The Work That I Had To Do To Get The Memorial Up

With 227 Names Of The Children In Mount Jerome Cemetery in Dublin

I have To Let Them Know Of This

As They Think That This Could Only Happen In Catholic Cases. Not Protestant.

That Leaves Me With More Shame.

That The Country I Love Could Let This Happen

We Have More Proof Than Any Other Home But It Was Never About Documents

It Was Always About The 18 Holy Orders And The Dirty Deal

The Minister Of The Day Knew The Bethany Home Was Protestant And Left Us OUT

Did You See The Prime Time Program "The Home The State Forgot" That Went Out in 2013?

I Sent All That To The Commission But If You Need Any More Documents Please ask. I Have:

My own Personal Records

Birth Certificate
Health Records (all that I suffered) obtained under Freedom Of Information
Pertussis - Bronchial Pneumonia - Diphtheria - Enteritis
Illegal Adoption Documents
Psychological Report
A Witness Statement Showing The State I Was in When I was Seven and A Half Months Old
Documents Showing What I Suffered As Child Through Lack Of Care

Minister Dr Reilly Was Very Surprised I Survived It

UK Medics Believed You Would Have To Be Abandoned On A Dung Heap To Be In Such A State

Bethany Home Records Now Held

2003 Docs

2007 Docs - The 101 Documents That Have made The Bethany Home Case

Better than any records supplied for any other home or institution to date

They prove that the Bethany Home was registered under

The Registration of Maternity Homes Act 1934

They prove the state paid money to it.

They paid 15 shillings per child per week for nursed out families

They proved it was inspected by the State

Up to then the senior civil servants had been telling me that they had

No records for the Bethany Home as it was Private

They were lying to me

They also showed up the terrible conditions that the children were left in

Without calling a Doctor or Hospitalising them

In my own case, at three years old,

I was left for almost dead before I got to Cork Street Isolation Hospital

With civilised care this was all avoidable

2012: Documents obtained under Freedom Of Information 284-2012

Records 311 -572 - McGuill & Linster;

Freedom of Information number 284/ 2012 Records; 1- 2 9 9

Held by our solicitor and us.

They showed clearly that The 2012 Meeting Was a Charade from one end to the other

And it was all about helping Minster Mary Hanafin Bend and Twist it to help the State work it

Against Our Human Rights

At all of the Departments of Government they had a lock down in not helping the Bethany Home

I was known as "The Constant Caller" and that is in these records. Their own records

And Senior Civil Servants were saying that they did want to include

the Protestant Home as it was very old

And as there would not be many living Survivors.

And that was their way of dealing with the Protestant Question

And that was in 2004 and 2005 and they are the State's own records

Shame on them and all added up to how I was treated for over 17 years

This could not happen in any other civilised State

No Irish Man should be treated like this and it has caused a lot of pain over the years

I hope that this Commission will ensure it can never happen In my Ireland again

In 2011 Minister Quinn put up €500,000 for

Another Catholic Memorial in Dublin For the Abused Children,

That Should Happen and I Back it All The Way

But I told him and his Department that there must also be

A Memorial for the Protestant Bethany Home Babies

And I was assured that this would happen but it never did

In October 2013 I knew that there was going to be

A lot of money spent on this new Catholic Memorial

I told the Department of Justice that I could take them messing me about no longer

As they said in the end, they would pay for a small Stone in 2012 but that went nowhere too

I told them in October 2013 that I would be putting a Memorial up on the 2nd of April 2014

And when the Minister's Department checked that I had found a place to erect the Memorial

and a Time Table to make it happen.

He knew that I was not messing with him.

And as he did not want us to do it on our own, he knew he had to put up €25,000

I put it up for under €16,000 and on Time and now...

And now it is a Memorial that the State of Ireland and it's People and..

The Bethany Home Survivors and All Survivors

Can be Very Very Proud of

And all the many years before

The State and the Church, Catholics and Protestant Church Leaders,

Never Did this for any Survivors since the start

This was the first time in our 14 years that any Department

Had ever given one penny to the Bethany Home 98 Protestant Group

To Catholics, the State has given many millions

To the Catholic groups, and most of it unaccountable

But no Department would give one penny to the Bethany Home Group in over 17 years

Why have these people treated the little minority Protestant people like this?

It is so wrong

The 101 Documents Will prove

that the 2002 Redress was a charade and corrupt,

and was never to do with any Home Qualifying or not qualifying

And was always down to do with what Institutions the 18 Holy Orders covered

Now See the mountain of Documents that have been compiled by the Bethany Home 98 Group

Of which there is no equal

The records of dead Protestant children were not in any records published by the state.

It would have to be a Catholic baby before that could happen,

It is because of these shameful records that we cannot get away from

The discrimination that was rife as was conducted by Archbishop John Charles McQuaid.

The Question of The Discrimination Must Be Addressed By The New Commission

Unlike the 2002 Redress Act 4.1 They Should Start Now

As They Don't Have To Look For All This Information

Because Of The Ages Of The last Few Survivors of

The Bethany Home in Rathgar in Dublin in Ireland

Derek Was One Of The First Survivors In The UK To Sign Up To The 1999 Commission

But Derek Was Never Never Called And He Has All Of The Documents To Back That Up From 1999

Derek Linster, Author Of: Hannah's Shame and Destiny Unknown

Covering The Shame and Neglect Of Derek's Young Life In Ireland

And The Life Time Effects Of all That Happened to the Protestants

The State Just looked The Other Way

This Commission Has A Duty To All Survivors

But This Commission Has to See To It

That This Applies To a Minority Group In Today's Ireland 2015

Yes Our Catholics Brothers and Sisters Too, Were Wronged In This

But To Have Our Discrimination On Top Of That

Is Beyond Any Words That Can Be Found

And The Pain Is Always There

The 1999 Commission and The 2002 Redress Act 4.1 in 2004, 2006, 2012

Were Not About Helping Protestants

But None Of This Matters.

It Was Always Going To Be To Do With The Recognition of the 18 Holy Orders and The State

While Survivors Aged and Those Who Have Had To Wait Over 17 Years

If Not, Then The Few That Are Left Will Not Get Any Justice

And now there are Not More Than 6 People That Could Go Through All This

You Might Say It Is a Bit Like The Days Of Archbishop John Charles McQuaid

Sad Days Not Gone Away

This would Leave The Shame On Ireland For Ever

That Must Not Happen

The Bethany Home's Solicitor and His Legal Team Of Barristers Have Made a Legal Submission

On Behalf Of The Bethany Home 98 Group Survivors To The Commission On the Grounds That

The State Treated The Bethany Home People and Protestant Survivors Differently

And Will Be Sending His Application To The ECHR, Irish Human Rights Commission

And the Commission and The Submission Is Almost Ready

On Behalf Of The Bethany Home and Others

We, On Behalf Of The Bethany Home Survivors, Would Like To Thank

Our Legal Team Who have Worked So Hard For All Of Us.

So Much work On all Of The Documents That Have Taken I6 Years To Gather

And The Paperwork that They Have Added To Our Case

It Has Now Taken Over 17 Years and Shown what we have always Said was always Right and

Against Our Human Rights

We Still Have Protestants Coming To See us to Find Out Who They Are

With Not One Bite Of Paperwork.

How Can That Be Right?

They Are Some In Their '70's and '80's With No Paper Work To Say

Where They Might Have Come From

This Is A Crime Against Our Human Rights

The Commission of 1999 was set up to deal with the Catholic Question

And was for the children's Abuse in their Homes

The Minister of the day Michael Woods and the 18 Religious Holy Orders did the Dirty Deal

They excluded the Abused Protestant Children and excluded them for 17 more years till now

That has left a lot of Pain and Hurt to us

And has made our abuse even worse than it was already

And now a lot of us have passed away

And some of us that are left don't even get it now or understand what is going on in our name

The 2002 Redress Act: 4.1 is a Catholic and Government Scheme

Redress 2002, 2004, 2005, 2012 Was Given To Others Without Proof

The Bethany Home Was Not Catholic

You Only Need To Look What Happened When The Tuam 800 Story Broke

Only Weeks After The Bethany Home Memorial was Erected On The 2nd of April 2014

Catholic mass grave on the front pages around the World

Protestant mass grave ignored.

The Question Of Protestants Homes and Inclusion

We Must Get Justice Now

The Last Commission in 1999 Was Not Set Up For Protestants Homes Or Protestant Inclusion

The Question Of The Great Wrong Done To Protestant Survivors Must Now Be Put Right

For This New Commission Of 2015

We Have All of The Documents and Freedom of Information requests

To prove That Protestants were Treated Differently And..


Derek Linster
Bethany Home Survivors 98 Group
October 2015

Thank You for Reading!

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