The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

In order to look to the future, I need to reflect on the Past.


Why was the Shame Of Ireland Set up?


I know it says Private Members Website on the Home Page; but those of you who have been here from the beginning may remember?


The Shame of Ireland was born from Paddy Doyle Website “The God Squad”


I was Campaigning to “Stop the Statutory Trust Fund” and wanted somewhere “Private” where others could join me and Plan and Act on this!


Some of my Activity can be seen by Clicking this Link


I wanted somewhere “Private” so that it would encourage others to “Act” and help build “Confidence” and Nurture “Activism”.


To this Day ONLY THE HOMEPAGE can be seen by Non Members!


This means that everything you post is relatively Private; unless it appears on the First Page you see when you Land on the Website.


The rest of my time I have Spent Tweeting as the Shame Of Ireland; @ TD’s about our Cause; Trying to Build a Following; and Sharing things of Interest to Others. My main Focus has been on the Political Scene, Religious Orders and Abuse Issues.


I eventually managed to embed the Twitter Feed into the Home Page so that you can follow and read what I Tweet.


I have been at this for around 4 Years now.


As we all know the Statutory Trust Fund was Passed into Law. In spite of my best efforts and the Efforts of Others!


I have been active on Face book too and am a Member of the Face book Page that the Justice for Magdalene’s Group use.


I would like to think that by Highlighting the Abuses of the Redress Board and the Derisory Payments it made that this helped the Justice for Magdalene’s Campaign ask for a different form of Compensation?


I am still active on this subject and am also promoting the Plight of the Bethany Home Survivors.


Did I succeed in my efforts only you can be the Judge of that?


I would like to think that the Website has been a success on many level; even if my objective of stopping the Statutory Fund Bill Failed!


The Website has and will remain un-moderated; unlike Paddy’s Site.


I have always referred to it as “Your Website” and I hope you feel a sense of Ownership?


I have been personally threatened with Legal action because of this on one Occasion.


I feel the Website offers the Safe environment for Survivors Family and Friend; to express them selves (Even if the debate can be a bit heated at times?).


I also believe that offers Members:



a Sense of Belonging

and reduces the sense of Social Isolation that Survivors feel?


And Other Benefits?


I for one would like to the Website to go on forever, yet cannot afford the fees myself! Should this change I would gladly burden the cost myself!



I would also at some point in Future to open the Website so “All” can see; how survivors really feel?


I would also Like the Website to be a Permanent Record and Reminder. I believe this would be better than the Governments proposed “Monument”?


How much does the Website Cost?

For the Last 2 Years the cost of the Hosting and Software that is provided by Ning the Hosting Company has been £165 this year I envisage it being roughly the same?


To this end I have used a dormant Bank Account and Set up a Donate Button.

As soon as I have received the Access information to the Bank Account I shall let Members Know of the Current Balance.


I do not want to Charge a Membership fee as some simply can’t Afford it!


PayPal Charge a Small fee 3.4% for the Button.


If the Website cannot be funded from Donations from Members and Casual Visitors’ to the Website then the Donations can be Refunded Easily (within 60 days).


Statistics for the Last 2 Months Show we have many Non Members viewing the Home Page (for what ever Reason?). So We are A Monument of Sorts already?


Google Search

Jun 18, 2013 - Jul 17, 2013


May 19, 2013 - Jun 17, 2013


% Change

17.07% / referral


Jun 18, 2013 - Jul 17, 2013


May 19, 2013 - Jun 17, 2013


% Change

127.78% / referral


Jun 18, 2013 - Jul 17, 2013


May 19, 2013 - Jun 17, 2013


% Change

400.00% / referral


Jun 18, 2013 - Jul 17, 2013


May 19, 2013 - Jun 17, 2013


% Change

0.00% / referral


Jun 18, 2013 - Jul 17, 2013


May 19, 2013 - Jun 17, 2013


% Change


bing / organic


Jun 18, 2013 - Jul 17, 2013


May 19, 2013 - Jun 17, 2013



The Future

In order to look forward I have added 3 other Blogs; Click the Links Bellow to Contribute?:


1: About what you get out of “Your Website”?

2: About what you want out of “Your Website”?

3: My role in the Website and Promoting issues and the Use of the Name...

Your Opinion is Very Important because it is and Always has been YOUR Website!


I hope you feel the website is of Value to you; and that those of you who can afford to Contribute; however Small do so?

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Comment by Rob Northall on July 18, 2013 at 13:59

I have already Received one Donation via the Donations button, the Amount was for £10; it is resting in the PayPal Account until There is enough to cover the Hosting Fees.

A big THANK YOU to one of Our Members in Belfast

Comment by Úna Walsh on July 18, 2013 at 19:05

You asked what I get out of the website. I feel I get  sense of community, I also get information on all the scandals and more. I feel I can contribute by spreading the information among friends and family. All the best and thank you for all your efforts. You do make a difference.

Comment by pauline jackson on July 19, 2013 at 10:46

The last time i tried to contribue my euros could get there. If you know of a way let me know as this site is important to me and others outside the uk or eire. Its our only outlet . Otherwise we wouldnt keep in touch with events. The magdelaine laundrys wouldnt have had the same effect without all of us sticking together Thanks rob and how can i send you my pittance


Comment by Rob Northall on July 19, 2013 at 11:19

Thank you Una for your Kind words Glad you find the Site of Use and enjoy it.

Comment by Rob Northall on July 19, 2013 at 11:22

Hi Pauline, if you have a Debit Card/ for withdrawing money from your bank and paying for things in the Shops? you can click the Donate Button on the top Right of the Home Page.

In the page that opens on the bottom right of that page there is a pay with Debit/Credit Card Function.

It is run by PayPal and can be trusted!

Hope this helps and THANK YOU!

Comment by Rob Northall on July 19, 2013 at 13:15

A Cheque for £20 turned up in the morning Post.

I shall deposit it in the "Shame of Ireland" Bank Account when I next pop into town

A Big THANK YOU to one of our Members in London

Comment by pauline jackson on July 22, 2013 at 23:56

Rob can you put your postal address again as i cant remember where to look . sorry about that.  thanks again rob

Comment by Rob Northall on July 27, 2013 at 12:07

Hi Pauline, I will be going into the Bank after the Weekend.

There are limits as to the value of Foreign Currency Cheques they are prepared to handle.

I shall advise you of what they are when I have found out.

Santander charge £10 for Handling Foreign Currency Cheques

I will find out the limits for my personal account (Although I am trying to keep the 2 Separate??)

The UK Bank Account details are

Sort Code 09-01-28
Account No33520774        

Current Balance             £35.89
Amount in PayPal less fee 3.4%)     £ 9.46
Cheques as yet unbanked         £20.00

Total                    £65.35

To pay directly into your Shame of Ireland account from abroad, you will need to use.

Your Bank can help you?

    Bank Identifier Code (BIC) ABBYGB2LXXX
    International Bank Account Number (IBAN) GB14ABBY09012833520774

Hope this information is of Help?

Comment by Rob Northall on August 11, 2013 at 18:06

Hi those of you who are friends with me on Face book will know that I have been having a very Trying Time!!

I have Managed to find the time to go to my Personal Bank and they have told me that Foreign Currency Cheques will incur no Charges for me. Also Foreign Currency in whole notes can be be converted in whole note and paid in.I can then transfer the Money to the Shame of Ireland Account.

Don't really like the idea of Cash being sent??

My Home Address is

Rob Northall

14 Gonhill

West Cross



PS I have also deposited the £20 Cheque in the Shame of Ireland Bank Account

Comment by pauline jackson on August 11, 2013 at 18:39

Thanks rob. I have sent my contribution.


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