The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

The Reality of Ireland's Cry for Hope, Freedom & Justice - 2016

7th January 2016 - The rain falling down - I am packing to go again but where do I go - the Irish Refugee on the Road again - where do I find safety, Asylum from Novartis Nazi control of Patients/Women in Ireland - They have plundered my organs/my glands/my cartilage bones and whilst US hold them as criminals Ireland treats them like Lords of Human Life - ready to torture -

2016 - 100 years since many died for Ireland's Freedom - We retained 26 counties and Human Life in Ireland was free for sometime again - the Old IRA - the Fenians had done their best and Irish children and Women could live for sometime - Oh but what fools, what fools Old Ireland is and was back then - Here they had the BloodStained Opportunity to love, respect their fellow man and Oh What fools what fools - When Pharma came from the embers of Auschwitz - The Catholic Church grovelled at their feet - Pharma had funds - Judas Purses were on every breath of Irish Satanic Cult - Governments convinced themselves they must not break their Catholic Faith - if Only they had turned to their own hearts - they would have found a God of Love - But No, Men and Women in long Black Dresses marched around our villages, towns and Leinster House - The Crucifix Dangling from their necks or swinging boldly from Unholy Nuns Waists and The Traitors of Human Life took control once more and Old England had given Irish Women and Children Freedom - which was quickly snatched back from the Cult that is the Irish Catholic Church-

Today Taoiseach Kenny is in bed with every Corrupt Pharma in our country - Archbishop Martin has stepped into McQuaid's shoes and has his unHoly unGodly tribe haunting every community throughout Ireland for bodies for Novartis/Amgen Trials - Gardai today are the Gestapo - hunting, torturing such women and I stand alone in a hopeless Ireland in 2016 -

I dispair for Ireland as Church & State trample upon mass graves appearing over the last year in many towns throughout Ireland - Mass graves with bodies of women, babies and children - many still have casts and bandages on their skeleton limbs - all fragments of life after Church & State had sold their bodies as human subjects to Novartis/GSK/Amgen and others. Irish Government after Government are not only shameful in this year 2016 - all of Leinster House Mafia for Pharma stand Charged with genocide of human life - Babies were sold to the US and arrived with bandages on their arms after Pharma experiments - this is beyond Nazism and all Politicians today stand accused of such torture for Pharma Blood Stained Profit Margins - Shame on you all - you not only trample upon those mass graves you also trample on the graves of all of those who gave their lives for Ireland's Freedom - All of Leinster House today are Traitors of Irish citizens and Gardai and Irish Psychiatry are the Gestapo who police and torture us all...

SF are as criminal as Novartis and the Leinster House cult show no mercy - IRA abducted, tortured and shot dead Jean McConville and I struggle every day to understand how in God's Name and all that is good How are they in Leinster House being paid thousands of Taxpayers' money to do their crimes from their vacuum of deceipt -

Instead of SF coming to the table with remorse and hope in Ireland's Future FG/Lab/FF and all Independents instead reduced themselves to the Criminal IRA Status for Pharma control of Irish citizens -
This is what NWO Nazism is and it is in full flow in Ireland today - Shame on you Taoiseach Kenny as you prance around The Hague and Amsterdam - You have no Mercy but your Legacy will fall hard upon Irish Citizens but what do you care - You don't! It is all about bodies for Novartis/Amgen Criminals in Ireland today - Now everyone watch the Hypocrisy unfold as Adams and Kenny pay homage to the Great Men of 1916 - Shame on them both - Irish Hypocrisy reigns supreme - Novartis criminals CEO Lorretta Callaghan and Dr Agron Hasani/David Epstein shame on you all - You criminals of Human Life for your Profit Margins of Billioins Tainted with Irish Blood...

The following quotes from back then stand More Powerful Today - because all Nations throughout the World need to take back their lives, their freedom from the Evil of Novartis/Amgen/ J & J/GSK - for they care for no man, woman and child as they build their empires on Human Life for PROFIT MARGINS tainted with Human Blood...Shame on Our Garda Commissioner and Justice Minister - both women who have sold Women and Children's lives to Pharma Evil - What a Legacy for 2016...

Now we stand up against Pharma Control of our bodies, our lives and our Country -

" Many suffer so that some day all Irish people may know justice and peace.." Theobald Wolfe Tone

“As well might you leave the fairies to plough your land or the idle winds to sow it, as sit down and wait for freedom.” - Thomas Davis

“The principle I state, and mean to stand on is this, that the ownership of Ireland, moral and material, up to the sun and down to the centre is vested in the people of Ireland.”- James Fintin Lawlor Yet Taoiseach/SF/Lab/FG and all in Leinster House have sold Irish Citizens to Novartis/Other Pharma and exchange jobs for Irish blood - What Nazis we have today in Irish Government!

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