The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

The Roman Catholic Church Taught only Fear.

There are many Survivors who fled  Ireland their OWN Country out of Fear of the Roman Catholic Church State which ruled Eire with a Sadistic Iron Fist their whole Grip on Ireland was Punishment and fear indeed they destroyed so many Irish Lives and carried on the Sadistic Job for the British who tried for so many years to Ethnic Cleanse Ireland of the Irish people But then in came the Roman Church who did their worst Who Invited them? ,Now there are Irish people abroad many Die with a broken Heart abroad many ,Many are Alone and suffer for the Huge Loss inflicted on their own Homeland where their Spirit Cries out in Pain but the present Politicians or the Roman Church couldn't care Less nor did they ever care for Ireland's Children who were detained in Slavery by the State into Brutal Dark Sadistic Industrial Hell Schools ,and yet still the Greedy cold politicians and the Roman Church are still covering up the Disgusting Inhuman Treatment of Ireland's Children  while they laugh all the way to their Banks , A Curse on all of them. 

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Comment by Geraldine Jackson on February 13, 2019 at 12:35

The worst mistake I mad was allowing my very good friends both Doctors one a Surgeon his wife a local Doctor invited me to go on Holiday to  Ireland,  I had not been there for many years  indeed  I'd  never even mentioned my own  Irish History or Background not even to my own children On the way there I heard another talking about something on the new's about a Industrial School called Goldenbridge and a woman who had been there they described the Person I straight away knew who they were talking about I asked them about the program I rang the TV Company they told me where I could get in contact with her which was the Aislinn Centre > That was my downfall the place was miserable I was aware not one of the people who were getting paid to run the place were not interested even in talking to me they were Hostile Cold and rude toward me, what was to folloe was shocking treatment, 

Comment by Geraldine Jackson on February 13, 2019 at 12:37

Every Human Being of all ages and creeds need a sense of Belonging, ,The Irish State even stole that, 

Comment by Geraldine Jackson on February 15, 2019 at 18:22

Imagine a Bully who must have been a friend of the state actually  shouted at me that they had 3 Uncles who were priests one  of them left the person an Estate which was a beautiful though Very Old  Manor House  in bad condition though the person still lived in it that must have been amazing in its day and 120 acres in an expensive part of Ireland held the person held a Gun to my head and screamed in my face >How dare you come back to Ireland bringing down the Catholic Church with your filthy protestant name , this person was very disturbed Mentally they knew who I was as I grew up in GB through the 1950's  , from 1940 -1960, were the worst years to have been  detained  in I was on a Cancer drug as only two weeks before I went over to Ireland I had an operation for Cancer I thought I was going to die so I took the chance to try to find my Family like any cousins or other also my Roots and History where my DNA came from and any records I could get ,and to visit my Past including my grandparents home where I and my siblings were stolen and forced out of their house and driven to the Four Courts to be charged with been destitute which was a total Lie, I wanted to see the sadistic Nun's face to Face ans ask for an apology, >>> more to come later

Comment by Geraldine Jackson on March 6, 2019 at 8:54

I drove all over Ireland and became deeply upset and angry because I was denied any chance of seeing my beautiful Country I couldn't believe how beautiful it was and yet in those Beautiful Parts of Ireland Dark Clad  sadistic Monster's were  creeping about looking to steal and Lock up and Rape, Starve, Neglect  children , even Sell Irish babies ,They detained the children in several parts of Ireland in Dark Industrial Schools where Fear and Abuse was the staple diet where no names were allowed No Birthday's either, The Abuses inflicted on the little children was beyond Human >how on Earth were those who survived childhood in those detention Slave Camps expected to grow into stable educated Adults and become ,Doctors, Nurses, Lawyers,politicians, Explorers ,Writer's, Artist's, Athletes, how could they even Cope with the outside World have been locked up all or most of their childhoods in Dark Child reformatory Industrial schools run by Dark Hateful Perverts who seem to have enjoyed destroying Beauty , But the Government and Roman Church all in Bed together to change the face of Ireland and Bury the Dark Brutal past by opening the Borders and allowing Migrants Immigrants ,anyone from anywhere to flood in as long as the Past gets buried the State didn't care, Now Irish People cannot afford a home and many are being Evicted to live on the streets the Property's are sold to WHO?? Irish who tried to buy a property back in their own country cannot find a home even to buy unless it might be just a site, Shame on the Government ,All those who survived the Hard work and Abuses in Industrial Schools made the Fortune for the State (Roman Catholic Church and Politicians) so all the Property really is owned by the Slave workers,and all must be handed deeds of a property in their own names in the areas if Ireland where  their Roots are,  LEO V have you no heart?? do you not know what awful abuses happened to Ireland's children so you can now use the word DIVERSITY????  That was the plan to ethnic cleanse all irish people out of Ireland, 

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