The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

The Winds of the night-Controlled or Acts of God or Man....

Memories of August/Septembe 2015 - now to tonight 17th November 2015

A lot of upset on twitter and Facebook tonight - I tread carefully - or do I because when we speak out - many do not want to know - the picture here on my profile page is the last of Schevingden The Hague - Holland by the Sea - and what a beautiful place - wonderful people - and I thank them for their welcome, their kindness and their self when I stayed there on one woman's travel across Europe - as for France what can I say I need to write a tribute to that beautiful country such warmth that welcomed me as I drove across and up and down France - I will leave that for another day as we are all in mourning support for those so grieving - I pray that the family who befriended me in Versailles are safe - the husband worked in Paris - they have 3 teenage children who would go into Paris - I pray they are safe -

and as for the winds tonight across Ireland - what can we say - the controlled global weather goes on - such violence across our country tonight - at this time the winds have subsided and Please God all here are safe. - As I have stated so many times Novartis targeting/Garda criminals against me to cover up their bioengineering madness in Tullamore/Portlaoise Hospital has no bounds.

Tonight I listenened to Taoiseach Kenny speaking out in solidarity for Paris - everyone of us so tortured also live with that grief and are at one with Paris victims. Taoiseach Kenny speaks about democracy. Taoiseach Kenny is more at one with ISIS than with democracy.

How many hundreds/thousands of women has he sold to Novartis and other Pharma criminal Nazi crimes in Ireland - I am one such woman - as was Marion Rooney - so tortured as Taoiseach took the Judas funds of betrayal for Marion's life.

Irish Medical/Govt. Cartel gave me two choices - yet never had the guts to tell me directly but I knew by the madness in their eyes and their actions of brutality.   "Let us further use your body - you take drugs of control or we hound you to death" - there was no compromise - no mercy - "either give us your body for further research or we kill you - but first we torture you" - that is the madness I saw in them and they proved that in many ways - as did Garda Detectives/Inspector from Tullamore Station as they openly taizered me - as did two female Gardai Lucan two years ago.

Jesus Jesus Jesus - Taoiseach/Medical Cartel meant every word and I have no safety. I went out in the winds of Barney today about 2.30p.m. As I drove back the route I drove - 5.30 p.m and it was dark - I stopped to let 2 cars pass me - other traffic appeared in front - down a lonely dark route I went slow - two vans in front suddenly stopped and turned around - then I saw it - a "fallen" tree across the road - I turned too - I thought if I had not stopped to let two fast moving cars past me - would that tree have hit me - God help us all - and God Thank you - as I drove that road before I saw the fallen tree - with the wind rising and parts of trees hitting my car - I said that prayer - God you were with me over Mount La Jur in France, be with me now to be I drove slowly through this night of howling anger.  Into Tullamore - the blackened sky across my area was a strip of mounstrous evil - yet in God's love and name I went through it - as two moving "stars" followed me all the way - one on the right, the other behind me - always in the rearview mirror - what 2 stars would they be...and yet many of us know already.

God was with me tonight on that journey - God Bless us all - as we struggle to survive in an Ireland no one dares to speak of...

Blueball, Tullamore, Co Offaly, Ireland 17th November 2015

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