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The Shame of Ireland

This is what passes for an advisor at caranua

My email to caranua,

to Complaints
6 days ago
Hi the middle portion of your message is blank so i dont know what your saying, every complaint i made is a valid issue to me, so prove me wrong by answering the following for me,
Was i discriminated against in regards to housing help by virtue of living in privated rented housing?
Why am i  treated different to the survivors who leave comments on your website?
Is it right that you would refuse me dental treatment without giving me a reason?
Is it right that a non medical person can make a decision on a medical issue relating to me and ignore the advice from a medical professional a decsion which impacts me and damages my health and well being?
What is the reasoning behind the idea that we cant handle paying providers ourselves? Do you see any human rights issues here?
Is it right that staff are playing fast and loose with our right to privacy?
How can you advocate for me when it is caranua who first needs to learn about us?
Have you forgotten what all this is supposed to be about? Helping survivors any way you can, to be fair you get paid well enough to do this.
Where s my voice in caranua? Am i not entitled to some say in how things are run? It is after all our fund.
Do you think even unintentionally that caranua mislead my appeals officer in relation to the special needs function of legislation?
Do you think caranua has gone against its own guidelines in denying me dental treatment?
Should we not be able to query the funds spent on wages and act accordingly as you do in relation to us?
Is there some type of grading system in relation to survivors who apply? And can you understand why i might ask such a thing?
This is the reply from advisor,

Dear Michael,


Thank you for your emails. As advised any contact I have had with any practice, on behalf of Caranua have been to make general enquires at no time have has any applicant been mentioned therefore please be assured there is no data protection issue.

I have also requested that you are furnished with an unsuccessful letter which will include information on the independent appeals process, there is nothing further I can do on this matter.

Your current application as advised is completed as there is currently no needs identified that we can meet.

Kind regards,


Application Advisor

This is the only written response i have received, still have not received reason for refusal or appeal details despite asking 4 times, this is what they are be paid by survivors to do, ignore us, refuse us all but needless tokenism and just not giving a toss about us, i dare any one from caranua to come here and tell us different.

Heres my reply,

1 day ago
Do you not see how Ludacris this is, i have made a serious of valid complaints, no one has resolved these, i have needs here, do you realise i keep getting abscesses behind my teeth because some are broken off at the gum line, not one person in caranua would ever leave the house if they had teeth like my mine, yet i have an advisor who is paid from my fund who just wants to be rid of me despite never doing a thing for me.
Also any calls made in connection with survivors the survivor should first be informed and the call should be recorded, with the amount of misinformation caranua puts out it is hard to believe you. Why can david duffy agree with my points over the phone, in fact told me up to six implants would be ok, agreed on the discrimination and human rights issues yet refuses to put it in writing so what conclusions am i to draw from this. I am suffering quite badly here because of my dealings with caranua and no one in caranua cares, so how have you helped me as my advisor?. Then to leave me in limbo over the reason and appeal form is disgraceful, i try to make my points in a fair manner but no one cares.

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Comment by Marylou on May 25, 2016 at 18:21

Forward your email and their response to the minister


Caranua are implementing the legislation as laid down by the government the government allowed caranua to set the limits and criteria  


Role and functions

The Board is responsible for ensuring that Caranua (RISF) is successful in improving the quality of life of former residents and implementing other functions as set out in the legislation.

While the Board sets the scope of the assistance to be provided including criteria, the executive will be responsible for assessing and making decisions on applications.


All draft legislation is examined by the Office of the Attorney General to ensure that it is, inter alia, compliant with the human rights provisions of the Constitution and international human rights obligations. 22. Ireland is committed to continuing to provide support for human rights education and training domestically in order to enhance awareness and respect for human rights.


  • Wonder did they run the legislation by European International Human rights which they signed up to?

 Complaint form for International human rights link attached



Comment by micheal on May 25, 2016 at 18:42

I would think not Marylou, i think the came into operation after this legislation was passed,  i think what we are seeing in caranua is an agenda driven by mary higgins,  i have read the legislation and it seems to me there is a flexiblity within it for caranua to provide survivor centered help rather than than one fits all template currently applied to survivors, so the mind truely does boggle as to why caranua continue with a system that discriminates and abuses the human rights of survivors, i dont remember the legislation saying no grants must be paid to survivors in fact it says the oppiste, so it is caranuas preconceptions of survivors is at the root of this problem, yes i would like to see the legislation changed to enforce or human rights we also need people in caranua who will follow through on it and not just service there own agenda, Michael

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