The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

Up date letter to Public Accounts Committee on ongoing HSE cover up & their Response by Bullying Tactics of Patrick Fannin

Attention of Secretary of Public Accounts Committee

Dear Ms ....
Further to our recent telephone conversation I confirm that there is new evidence to add to my PAC submission.
June of this year I had reason to attend the Princess Grace Hospital in Monaco.
The doctors there told me that when I got back to Ireland I was to show my Xray & hospital report to my GP and to ask for an MRI and it was very important for me to have this done.
I am waiting since July 2018 for my doctor to clear safety questionnaire for a PRIVATE MRI and to date he has had excuse after excuse as to not fill in that questionnaire - most of his excuses were lies.
He is also ignoring a report from a Private consultant in Ireland who has recommended an Orthopaedic & Gasteroenteritis reports to be done on me - this all falls into line with the Monaco Hospital.
HSE John Connaughan and Trevor O'Callaghan of Midlands Hospitals are aware of this new evidence - Note I was told by Tullamore & Portlaoise Hospitals that there was nothing wrong with my spine or bowel area - this has been proven now to be lies and cover up and further risks to my life by the HSE and my past and present GPs.
In good faith I brought the new evidence to the attention of the HSE, Minister for Health Simon Harris and Chief Medical Officer Dr Tony Holohan and instead of them vindicating me and assuring me of safe healthcare I am again even being denied Private Healthcare because of failure of GP and HSE clarifying covered up evidence in my files at Tullamore & Portlaoise Hospital.  Trevor O'Calllaghan & John Connaughan have directed parts of my file in Portlaoise Hospital to be edited & fasified.  This is in line with Gardai editing my statement where they removed the names of the two consultants Dr Eoin Sheehan and Dr Dermot Hehir in 2016 - this is perverting the course to Justice and is a criminal offence.
I ask you, please, to have the PAC commiittee deal with this as my health deteriorates.  I am writing to the Medical Council on this new evidence follow up on what Monaco Hospital referred to as Urgent medical matters.
I am also writing to the Princess Grace Hospital to let them know that despite their report & xRay I am still waiting for that MRI.  I will send you a copy of the Medical Council letter in a cc form but please note the contents.  I recall Paul Hoey's Tony O'Brien's Asssistant's words to me in 2016 that it is up to me to get a legal team and take HSE to Court to get HSE to confirm what was done to me and to prove HSE lies - Nothing has changed under Minister Simon Harris nor under HSE new Directors.
I confirm that I was used in covert bioactive glass trials in Tullamore Hospital by Dr Eoin Sheeehan & Dr Dermot Hehir in 2013 - Dr Dermot Hehir is a Bowel Surgeon who cut two incisions into my bowel - why would such a doctor do that during a foot operation.  They also used some kind of a Novartis Patch to my heart area as my aortic arch had unfolded due to adverse reactions to Rasilez Aliskiren Drug which was prescribed to me in 2011 by Professor Michael Barry.
I trust the PAC committee will now look at this, add it to my submission and please raise it.
As all matters relating to Public Safety and Transparency of Patient Safety are well hidden in Ireland in the HSE & Government I make this public as I do all of my writings, letters for safety.
Thank you for your time,
Yours sincerely
Teri (Teresa) Byrne
Just like HSE, Medical Cartel, Novartis and Gardai I have today 5th December 2018 discovered that Public Accounts Committee in Leinster House Dublin also have their bully boys waiting to belittle, ridicule & cross examine me to silence
I hold Deputy Sean Fleming Head of PAC on Health responsible for having set his Bully Boy on me - Lies & corruption are in every corridor of Leinster House including PAC - Shame on you Deputy Fleming you have joined the PACK of Wolves of cover up of Novartis & HSE crimes in Ireland.  Now let us talk about bully boy Patrick Fannin Government shameful bully Ireland 2018.
Very abusive Attack by Patrick Fannin 5th December 2018 in reply to the above.


I am very upset just after talking with Patrick Fannin who quized me and said he had read my submission but he said he finds it hard to believe that 4 doctors were looking after me during foot operation - I told him the names of the four again he stated he finds it hard to believe a Bowel surgeon would be in on the operation.  I told him that he was questioning me as if I was on a witness stand - he made little of "My story" even with the evidence I have from Monaco - he said a few times YOU have that Xray & Report - several times I have told him yes

I told him how another doctor GP asked me when did I have bowel surgery - I said never but that GP after xrays confirmed that I had two incisions in my bowel.  Who is this Patrick Fannin - a bully boy to push people away - Did none of you believe my submission

It is exhausting to be ridiculed like this from the very people who are to seek transparency and justice - He went on about no way would a doctor go ahead with inserting anything into my body without prior agreement with me - that is the point of the reason for my submission - It was July 2018 when Netflix brought out the corruption in the Medical device industry by their Bleeding Edge Documentary - yet you have my evidence prior to that - Panorama also have done a documentary only days ago on this same issue - Clare Daly raised this issue on my behalf in the Dáil in 2014.

I do not know Patrick Fannin but prior to him I spoke to a Sarah who was pleasant but kept asking me to wait while she found the email and then asked me to wait further whilst she acknowledged same - Are the PAC team now a set of bullyboys to frighten people away - the reason I believe that the Public Accounts Committee exists is to clarify matters that are done badly - I was surprised but grateful to hear Alan Kelly speak up on Claire Byrne Live live recently on the importance of equality for everyone - I know that you cannot speak to everyone yourself but Please confirm to me if the PAC team/committee do not believe what happened to me - even with the evidence - I have had such bully boy tactics from Gardai HSE & Medical CartelI certainly do not need it from staff in the PAC Office.  

Take for example the Cervical Check Scandal - over 201 women's Medical Doctors via HSE were NOT told about the wrong diagnosis for at least 2 years - when admissions were then decided by HSE many of those women had cancers at critical levels, many had died - Hey Presto HSE have a new cancer drug awaiting - some women it worked for some it did not whilst some women are denied the drug - if you all please research how clinical trials work that is how it is done - it is Murder and that is how Emma Mhic Mathúna stated it as before she died so young leaving 5 young children left behind.

We have had the Symphysiotomy women where Ireland was told by UNGeneva that Doctors in Ireland have to be held accountable for torture to those women.  Yet NOT one was.

We have had the blood scandal where one man who broke the cover up walked into a newspaper's office stating "Please help me, HSE are trying to shut me up" 

Your staff need to do their research - I am very upset at the tone and the accusations of Patrick Fannin telling me more than once NO WAY would I have had 4 doctors treating a foot operation.  The evidence is clear two consultants and 2 doctors - 2 consultants names were edited by Detective John Doran Tullamore Station from my Statement and he then got a Promotion - such is the pattern in Gardai.

Now all of this is supposed to be Fiction according to the bully boy comments of Patrick Fannin who you directed me to. Truth does not change and I am concerned as to why PAC members or staff have not told me before that this is their view.  When I noted Tony O'Brien stating again and again what he said was the Truth, several times he was brought back to clarify issues and stated "he was mislead" even over the rape and abuse to a child with disability in Foster Care.  That is what Liars do.

Are HSE going to be questioned again on their set up and torture to Maurice McCabe and also Tusla saying they got it wrong.  I told Patrick that the first people I contacted with the evidence I had when I returned to Ireland were the HSE & Regional Midlands Director Trevor O'Callaghan where foolishly I thought I would get an apology and safe healthcare from then on but sadly matters have got much worse by corruption in the HSE.

Remember Surgeon Consultant Dr Eoin Sheehan contacted Gardai in 2013 when I had written a detailed letter to the Medical Council with copy Xrays of what he had done to me - even though I was the one with scars to my hip area  tummy - tops of my Thighs - stitching in the most private area of MY BODY - Thyroid Bone GONE and cuts all over my body that criminal Sheehan told Gardai and stated that I had accused him and his team of Sexual Assault under anaesthetic - I had not I simply asked the criminal (Note: I call him a criminal and Liar because that is what I have come to know him as ) why do I have so many surgical scars across my abdomen and throat with cuts around my heart area.

Shame on the Public Accounts Committee allowing a member of PAC Patrick Fannin whom I had never spoken to before abuse, accuse & ridicule - he is clearly a bully and a Misogynist - Patrick Fannin 01 6184123.

Yours sincerely,

Teri (Teresa) Byrne

Again I confirm to you that this is Public for transparency.

On Wed, Dec 5, 2018 at 11:33 AM Kieran Lenihan a href="">> wrote:

Hello Teri

You called this morning. I was trying to return call as promised but I must have a digit wrong. Please contact Patrick Fannin to deal with your query on 6184123


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