The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

Vatican was the first Global Corporation in existence and the model for all subsequent Global Corporations., in the language of globalisation, the first 'product' to be 'marketed' at a global level was a belief in the one god of Moses. This belief was wrapped in the Christian message and 'advertised' by Christian missionaries who were willing to travel anywhere and give everything for the cause.

From the 4th century CE the Christian church of Rome began building itself into a global corporation. When one looks at how global corporations operate today, one can see how their structures and operations mimic in many ways those developed over centuries by the Roman church.

In order for the Roman church to remain in control of its global operations, it had to insist on uniformity in its 'products' and 'services'. This led to the removal of local and diverse expressions of Christianity. One of the many casualties of this globalisation process was Celtic Christianity.

The second half of this book traces the history of the conflict between the Celtic monastic movement and Rome. The story demonstrates that what the Roman church did then and what multinational corporations do now is much the same.

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Comment by pauline jackson on July 18, 2012 at 15:28

In the north of france yesterday a priest was arrested for sexual abuse on young boys. He pleaded guilty. the church leaders who seem to want to believe that it is harmless will proberly want to send him away to pray for himself. But that doesnt work here because the separation of the state and church means he will have to face things just like any other man. yesterday i saw a program about theself appointed queen of spain. her name was Isobel the catholic. thay say she will be canonised This is the women who started the spanish inquisition. If thats a saint well no wonder thay are so out of touch with reality


Comment by Catherine on July 18, 2012 at 15:48

Pauline The inquisition was begun by the Jesuits- the military wing of the Vatican.

The Hammer of the Witches was the first book on torture, written by the jesuits and used all over the world and still is

Torture Chambers

' For 1500 hundred years, the Christian Church systematically operated torture chambers throughout Europe. Torture was the rule, not the exception. Next to the Bible, the most influential and venerated book in Christian history was the Malleus Maleficarum (Hammer of Witches), which was a step-by-step tutorial in how to torture "witches' and "sorcerers".
David Mills (Science Shams & Bible Bloopers, p361)
Read the best-selling horror for yourself: Malleus Maleficarum

Comment by Catherine on July 18, 2012 at 15:50

Child Molestation (to “Molest” also known as Pedophilia) is when an adult engages in intimate sexually related contact with a child under the generally accepted completion age of puberty. It is also one of the oldest and most sacred rituals of the Roman Cult since the 14th Century in enabling the “sacrificing of innocence” of children to Moloch without having to physically kill them as had been the tradition under the worship of Cybele and Moloch.

  Etymology of the word “Molestation”  
  The words Molestation/Molest come from the 14th Century religious term “Mollista” created from Moll (from Latin Mollis meaning “soft, weak, young child/boy) and Ista (Latin suffix used to indicate adherence to a certain doctrine or custom).  
  The original official and religious meaning of Molest (Mollista) is “the adherence to the doctrines and customs (of the Roman Cult) concerning the soft, weak, and young child/boys to Moloch by Priests and Clergy.”  
  The common definitions ascribed to “molest”—from late Latin molestus meaning
“troublesome, disagreeable, annoying” are deliberately misleading and designed to hide the religious origin and religious significance of the word.
  For example, the Latin words laedo/ledo which mean “strike, hit, hurt, damage, offend, annoy, violate” were in historic use for hundreds of years to defined the exact same claimed meanings of molestus –defying a rational explanation why a new word like “mollista” (molestus) was needed, unless it had a different implied meaning.  
  To add to the confusion, the word Molestation was again altered in its apparent “common” meaning by being introduced into Scottish law by 1456 to mean “the harassing of a person in his possession or occupation of lands” as well as English common law as "injury inflicted upon another."  
  As a sacrifice of “innocence” to Moll (Moloch)  
  In spite of the deliberate efforts to confuse both the origin and key original religious meaning of the word “Molest”, there exists strong evidence of a second important meaning of the word in relation to the common meaning of Moll in the 14th Century onwards.  
  In England, the word Moll by the 16th Century became a common euphemism for “criminal” and prostitutes became commonly known as “Molls”—the claim it is a shortened version of Mary a ridiculous diversion.  
  However, prior to the word Moll becoming associated openly with the notion of criminals, it appears the word was used at least from the 13th Century as a shortened version of the name of Moloch and actions undertaken in the name of Moloch, or “Molls”.  
  This gives us then a second important and credible religious meaning associated to the word “Molest” being “the adherence to the doctrines and customs (of the Roman Cult) concerning the soft, weak, and young child/boys and a sacrifice to Moloch.”  
  The modern clinical term Pedophilia  
  The term Pedophilia (first recorded in 1951) is a modern term created from the Greek words (gen. paidos) "child" (see pedo-) + philos "loving."  
  Contrary to public belief, the term Pedophilia has the unfortunate literal meaning of “loving children”, than the criminal action of child abuse. While Pedophilia has absolutely no religious significance as a word, its continued use as a term to describe child molestation and child abuse is misleading—implying those branded as “pedophiles” have some emotional empathy towards their victims (implied by philes/philos-love).  
  The history of religious and systematic abuse of children  
  To date, the Roman Cult, otherwise known as the Vatican is the only organization in history to orchestrate as a “sacred” religious ceremony the systematic and widespread encouragement of its clergy to abuse of children from as late as the 14th Century.  
  The physical and mental abuse of tens of millions of children for 700 years by the clergy of the Vatican is the largest unbroken “child abuse ring” of all time, still in complete operation througout its priesthood today.  
  The motivation for such evil remains the dedication of the innocence of children to the demon god of sacrifice- Moloch either consciously or unconsciously by the Roman Catholic clergy and some Christian clergy.  
  Due to the lack of understanding of religious terms and the true meaning of words, some parents with children under the care of Catholic clergy mistakenly believe that the Roman Cult of the Vatican have openly repudiated the “sacred act” of molestation—a false assumption.  
  The Vatican – always precise with their words—has condemned pedophilia which is a modern term and has absolutely nothing to do with the ancient worship of Moloch, nor the religious term molest/molestation.  
  No parent who values the sanctity of the innocence of their children should ever believe that their children are safe in the hands of Catholic Clergy until the Roman Cult and Vatican is disbanded. Until that day, all children in the care of Catholic Clergy remain at extreme risk throughout the world from ongoing, encouraged molestation.
Comment by pauline jackson on July 18, 2012 at 18:45

This is terrable because the idea seems to be that its between themselves and god. So no attention has been given to the victims in all these years. all over the planet thay have destroyed the origanal cultures. Now because of religion women cant axcess birth control. Rape is a war tool used to humiliate her husband. but the women lose everything. its vey cruel. and of course these missionerys abuse too.that its between them and god has cost so many lives in all senses of the term. The good work of the catholic church is a mythe thay keep saying this as if it was true. i have never seen it with my own eyes.

Comment by Catherine on July 18, 2012 at 19:04

Yes, Pauline- these men see themselves as men of god- higher than all other people- rather than being servants of the people.

Yes, the church went on a crusade to destroy indigenous cultures  like the Irish one too.

Rape is a tool of war- yes- and rape of children is  war on children.

Most people do not understand rape and abuse of children on a soul level- rape and abuse is theft of the light- soul and fragmentation of course.

Rape and abuse also cause disassociation in most cases, with these children living their lives in fragmented bits, unless they meet someone who is able to help with the soul work.

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