The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

World Wide Web - Wake up and Speak up for the ongoing Holocaust in Ireland today 2015...

The following is a comment I did on St Annes...St Annes is now under investigation for cruelty to vulnerable residents - nothing has changed...

This is in no way a smear on this lovely soul, Philomena Lee, as I sat in Sean Ross Abbey (now known as St Anne's) the evening before the event on that Sunday - I had spoken to Philomena - and the sadness, the heartbreak at what happened to her and her son Anthony/Michael Hess is still there - I could see that - I could feel that - later that Saturday evening, I sat in front of Sr Margaret - I asked where in England are you from Sister - Hesitantly she answered "Oh around the London area" - the coldness from that woman awoken me to the horrible fact that nothing has changed - I told her that I would not attend the event on that Sunday as arranged by Mary Lawlor from Tullamore - as this is their time, all the Philomenas and the stolen children coming to reconcile themselves with the nameless children and mothers lying in unmarked graves and being grateful that somehow they survived - I appealed to Sr Margaret to help bring safety for the women of today who have been abducted 2013 and the trade of human life for pharma profit for church and state - is ongoing today - I gave her some leaflets of The Marion Women and showed her bruising and medical injuries - her reply as always from the Liars "I can see nothing, I don't believe that" - I asked her did she hear of Mary Raftery who was the first journalist to write about the abused and tortured children of Church and State - her reply rings still in my ears "Never heard of her" -

Mary Raftery said some years back before she died at 54 years old from cancer - "They think we are egits" well Mary Raftery may you Rest in Peace - because I have exposed them as Liars....but as back then who cares - "All it takes for evil to flourish is for good men to do nothing" and sadly the evil is still there because no one gives a damn at the ongoing holocaust - Medical/Pharma/Church/State corruption and the genocide continues into 2016 - what a legacy for Taoiseach Enda Kenny - the puppet god of Pharma...and I Thank Philomena for being brave enough to tell her story and that is all Philomena could do - it is up to the rest of Ireland and the World Stage to now get involved - write write, ring ring, everyone you can in Church and State - the US and many countries stepped in to bring about safety in Ireland for the Good Friday Agreement - this was getting terrorists on both sides of the divide in Northern Ireland to come together for peace -

Why in anything that is good and true is the US and the Worldwide countries not getting involved to stop this holocaust of Irish women - so many unmarked mass graves being discovered since 2013 - The Marion Women now enslaved either in their own homes or in hospitals throughout Ireland - women dying - too many lost young men and women to suicide - I believe that many of those suicides and lost missing people in Ireland - Today I tell the World Wide Web from my own research, my own personal experience I believe that without any doubts that the Irish Government/Church/Medical/Pharma cartel of shame are abducting people and are harvesting and selling throughout the world organs from the missing people they have abducted. I am grateful for so many things - but most importantly I am grateful to God and all that is good for being born with a Social Justice heart aches for so many still being abducted for the Church/State/Medical/Pharma crimes - as one lovely woman I happened to meet yesterday who was born in the Bessborough Home - said to me that there were so many dead babies and that the little dead babies organs were then taken from them and sold on to Universities in Ireland - and that many of those organs are still in jars in those Universities - Please wake up Ireland - just think on that - the little dead babies even tortured after death....

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